We Can’t Takes it No Longer

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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

When his turn came to talk, had Brett Kavanaugh walked out to his desk, sat his notes down, then walked around the table and walked up to Dick Durbin and popped him square on the nose, he couldn’t have made his case more masterful.

He took off the gloves, which in the Republican world of Washington, no one ever considered an option anymore.

It’s Thursday, October 4. and the shock of the way Brett Kavanaugh made his case on Thursday, September 28, has still not worn off.

By Sunday, the Democrats were clearly no longer on offense. Kavanaugh was no longer an attempted rapist, a serious felony offender justifying many years in prison, (I’ve defended just such cases) but now a drunk…including some talk of being a bar brawler. Without using a shillelagh (stick) or driving a car recklessly, we’re now only talking about a misdemeanor, where jail time is…

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