“Blessed, thankful, grateful…”

now you’ve got me thinking about a year round tree but not sure husband would be sold on the idea. Love the pictures,the cheerful tone of your entry (in spite of circumstances)and your description of autumn-my favorite season too.


On and on I could go…I could talk endlessly about Alzheimer’s and what it is, what it is not, and the affect it has on people. But dang, I feel like it is ALL I talk about, all the time. And I realized it is because there is little else. LOL. Soooo….

It is now September. To welcome Autumn/Fall or ignore it? So many memes to choose from! LOL! My son’s girlfriend was mortified when she walked in and there was a turkey on the windowsill, Trick or Treat clings on the window, an adorable ghost by the TV, and random, fake pumpkins here and there. To be fair, it was the last week of August. But, when you live with Alzheimer’s, you just have to do it when there is a moment of downtime for decorating. Like I told her, I finally got to my filing pile on my…

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