Sen Graham Calling for Investigation, from this week ABC

Re the Testimony of Christine Blasey Ford

One caveat before we look at the sworn testimony of Christine Blasey Ford;the one thing i will NOT do to Ms Ford is drag up her past history of relationships that are totally irrelevant. She did not have a squeaky clean past. It doesn’t matter. A woman can have 100 consensual relationships and encounter 101 can be an assault and rape if she’s forced against her will/does NOT give her consent.You can be a prostitute and be sexually assaulted or raped.No means no.

I will give you that Ms Ford sounded credible and was definitely a sympathetic figure.You have to do more than sound credible and look sympathetic-you have to BE credible.I had a problem with some of her statements.

You can recall that one of the reasons Ms Ford gave for not being able to testify in Washington D.C. was a fear of flying. She wanted to testify according to her statement;she just couldn’t fly to get there.Ok,that’s possible.I bought it.

During the hearing it was revealed Ms Ford had extensively traveled to Hawaii, Costa Rica, South Pacific Islands and French Polynesia as a hobby.

Mitchell asked Mr Ford about those travels, “Have you been all to those places?”

Ford said, “Yes,” and admitted it was by airplane.She didn’t doggy paddle there.

What was really odd-stood out to me-about Ms Fords testimony is her terrible memory when it came to critical key facts about the event.You can take into consideration it was 36 yr ago and that she would have been very traumatized but her memory seemed to be selective. She couldn’t recall the key facts;facts that would lend themselves to investigation but she COULD remember incidental facts.She could remember having 1 drink, when Mitchell asked if she had been drinking at the alleged party.

However,when it came to where and when the attack took place she couldn’t remember a thing.She couldn’t even remember how she got home.Stranger still is, that since this attack became public knowledge, not one person has come forward to say they were the driver who got her home that day.

You can investigate time,place and location.How do you investigate 1 drink from 36 yr ago? She was willing and able to bring up irrelevant details;but none that could be looked into.

The biggest problem with her testimony was the fact that NONE of the persons she said were at this alleged party could or would back up her story and they did so under penalty of perjury. That was the single most troubling part about her allegation.Of course it’s possible that these people claimed lack of memory to spare getting themselves involved but given the seriousness of the matter you would think at least one of these people would have spoken up.

You have to consider 3 very similar statements from all of the people Ms Ford claimed were at the alleged party.NONE back her up.

It may not matter and i could be off base but she seemed very stressed and uncomfortable,short of breathe and trying to hide her nervousness. That could be for a lot of understandable reasons but my  impression -sizing it up-she had just walked into a situation where the gravity of the situation finally hit her.

I don’t think Brett Kavanaugh was  a choir boy  as a teen either.He seemed like a good responsible kid overall.I took him as your average kid without any troubling problems but definitely not a choir boy.On the other hand it’s not a question if he was a choir boy;the question is whether he was capable of sexual assault or not. It’s not fair of the media or  Democrats[one and the same]to refer to the alleged assault as rape either.Ms Ford herself  was making no claim she was raped.How did the alleged incident jump from sexual assault to rape? The media is now trying to paint Brett Kavanaugh as a rapist.One print outlet is even trying to paint him as a pedophile.

It is obvious what is going on here.I  honestly feel for Ms Ford. She strikes me as someone with a very troubled past but i have no sympathy for her in what she has conspired with the Democrats to do to a good man.I have no time for the Democrats and what they have  done to due process.

The next blog entry will be Re The Testimony of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Dabney Friedrich refutes mother’s anonymous accusations against Kavanaugh sent to Senate – Washington Times

A woman who dated Brett Kavanaugh in 1998 has told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he never mistreated her, as alleged in an anonymous letter sent to Sen. Cory Gardner, Colorado Republican.The former girlfriend found the charge “offensive and absurd.”The anonymous letter writer said her daughter “occasionally socialized” with Mr. Kavanaugh in Washington while he was part of the Ken Starr prosecution team.

Source: Dabney Friedrich refutes mother’s anonymous accusations against Kavanaugh sent to Senate – Washington Times

Only the naïve would have no suspicions that a trap lies behind the demand for a renewed FBI investigation of the charges against Kavanaugh

Only the naïve would have no suspicions that a trap lies behind the demand for a renewed FBI investigation of the charges against KavanaughBy Thomas LifsonRoger L. Simon of PJ Media raises an excellent question about the now-requested FBI investigation of the charges of Prof. Ford against Judge Kavanaugh: Can We Trust the FBI?Roger wonders, as I do, if Lisa Page, Peter Strzok. Andrew McCabe and James Comey are the only members of that agency with a covert agenda, willing to sabotage people with whom they politically disagree. There is certainly no reason to assume they are unique. …can we trust the FBI with this when the institution itself is so tainted and deeply in need of reform? This is the stuff of totalitarian cultures. If things were different, we could applaud an investigation into Judge Kavanaugh’s activities and, I would imagine, so would he. It would clear his name once and for all and he could go on with his life. But no one would suggest an investigation by the NKVD or the Stasi would be fair. What can we say about the FBI, given what we already know?Because a false narrative was created, and evidence planted of Russian “collusion” with the Trump campaign, it is certainly not beyond the realm of consideration that some sort of bogus “revelation” has been planted and evidence salted, of some sort of untoward behavior of Judge Kavanaugh in childhood. Or maybe something created that seems to prove some aspect of his testimony was untrue.

Source: Only the naïve would have no suspicions that a trap lies behind the demand for a renewed FBI investigation of the charges against Kavanaugh

We’re on the rollercoaster.One more trip up.

The general process for filling vacancies on all of these courts is the same.

The president’s nomination is sent to the Senate and referred to the Judiciary Committee.

After evaluation of the nominee’s record and legal career, and a background investigation by the FBI, the Judiciary Committee holds a hearing at which a nominee testifies and answers Senators’ questions.

We are here->The Judiciary Committee then votes whether to report the nomination to the full Senate with a positive, negative, or no recommendation.

The full Senate then debates and votes on whether to give its consent and, if it does, the president signs the nominee’s commission and the new judge takes the oath of office required by federal law.



1.It wouldn’t have mattered who Pres .Trump nominated to fill Justice Kennedy’s seat the Dems were going to oppose it and vote no.In fact,they made it clear they would do whatever it took to stop the nomination.If they figured out they couldn’t stop it they would do their utmost to obstruct and delay it.This is NOT a conspiracy.They made it very clear themselves.

2. The accusations against Brett Kavnaugh were sprung on the committee at the 11th hour.We were sure that we would have been at the final step by now.

3. Ford and Kavanaugh testified before the committee. They were going to take the vote after this hearing. We expected that.Like trained seals the Democrats demanded an FBI investigation. They hardly  asked a real question of Ms Ford and few of Mr Kavanaugh. The special prosecutor-who was widely criticized in the media-actually did a good job. I intend to work on a blog entry about the information she was able to glean from her inquiry.She did pretty darned good for not having much to go on.She had a very pleasant demeanor;absolutely critical for perception of Ms Ford’s treatment.

Think  you have seen one of Christine Ford’s lawyer somewhere before.You probably have.

The Gargoyle, the alumni magazine for the University of Wisconsin Law School, profiled Katz on August 9, 2018 and found her to be just as committed to fighting the president as she was at the 2017 protest.

“The resistance is not going away, says Katz, and she is committed to being part of it,” the Gargoyle wrote.


4. As of Friday they voted to take the report to the full Senate. Again,we thought we were finally going to get the vote. They were prepared to vote. The last hold out was Senator Jeff Flake.We knew he was going to be a problem. He actually said he was going to vote yes,as were Murkowski and Collins.We thought this is it-after everything we’d been through;after everything Judge Kavanaugh and his family had REALLY been through.Meanhile,Flake is cornered by Sen Coons and  convinced to go back on his word.This gave Murkowski and Collins cover and they joined him in calling for an FBI investigation.Needless to say Sen Grassley/Majority Leader McConnell  should never have given the Democrats an inch in the first place.We got the shaft not once but at least 3 different times here due to that first concession.You think they would learn, but if they don’t know now they never will.

Bet you were livid and ready to head with the pitchforks to Washington DC.We don’t do that though;the liberals do.We’re law abiding citizens and we try to do things the right way.

I blamed the Republicans,the Democrats & Republican leadership. I even decided there was no way on earth i was going to vote for either party in November. Why bother was my first thought.We vote them in,give them the majority and they don’t do what we elected them to do.They acquiesce  to the other side every time.

Pres Trump fights for us but he’s only 1 man & he is restricted in what he is able to do on his own.He has certain authorities. There is a system in place.Unfortunately, right now it’s broken.

So here’s who we should blame.The Democrats first and foremost. They bear nearly all the responsibility. We can also put a small part of the  blame  on SOME of the Republicans including the leadership.

Jeff Flake really owns the recent delay.He gave his word when he said he would vote yes.He didn’t keep his word. A man is only as good as his word-if his word is no good,he’s no good.You can still blame the Dems but he was THE deciding vote here.

The Republicans were all good to go.McConnell and Grassley deserve credit for finally getting us a vote away from confirmation.Flake,Murkowski and Collins(no shock really)did it in.Here we were again.We went up to the top of the roller coaster & flying back down again, all in the same day.

I had some time to settle down and think it over. Do i really want to stay home and let the Democrats get elected? If this is what the Democrats do when they’re not in the majority, I  dread the thought of what they would do if they were back in power.

No thank you.

We have some up and coming MAGA candidates. They will support the President. We have some not so great candidates but the not so great aren’t terrible candidates either. We know one thing for sure:they are better than the Democrats.
We fought like hell to get this far. We fought like hell to get our candidate Donald Trump elected. We’re probably getting battle weary over the  confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh with so many ups and downs. Remember though; this is what the Dems do.They brow beat you into giving them their own way. It’s not over yet but we can hang on,we’re almost there.

Pres Trump is standing by Kavanaugh.We know he won’t give in and quit.Kavanaugh himself told the Democrats flat out he would not give in to them and quit.

Let’s give it one last round.[More on that later today].

Mr. President, tear down the wall hiding those FISA abuses | TheHill forget the Brits and Aussies-this is for the AMERICAN people. @realDonaldTrump @POTUS

Every president faces moments where the risks and rewards are uncertain. Perhaps public sentiments are fuzzy, advisers are risk-adverse, or the enemy seems poised to pounce.In those moments, a president is left to rely on gut instinct. Ronald Reagan did it at the Berlin Wall. Bill Clinton did it with the Rose Garden handshake between the PLO’s Yasser Arafat and Israel’s Yitzhak Rabin. And George W. Bush did it when he grabbed the bullhorn and mounted the smoking pile of rubble at Ground Zero.Donald Trump faces such a decision: whether to declassify the documents showing what the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) really did to start and then sustain the Russia collusion investigation two years ago.The president’s instinct, as he told me in an Oval Office interview last week, is to side with transparency and release documents he admits he has not been allowed to read. Some of his Justice Department advisers are dead-set against a release. And so, too, are a couple of allies — Britain and Australia, to be specific — who seem to fear what the documents might say about them.

continue reading here: Mr. President, tear down the wall hiding those FISA abuses | TheHill

The New and Improved Bucket list

from time to time i regroup this.It tends to get shorter. Imagine as time goes on it will get down to 1 or 2 things to get done.So here goes the most recent one:

1.Vote Republican in Nov(do my part for the #RedWave)

2. Vote Trump 2020.

3. attend a Byzantine Mass.

4. Reconcile with my son.

The most likely,God willing,to be accomplished is no 1.

The least likely [since i don’t have any say about the choices of the other party]is no 4.

Do you have a bucket list? IF so,what’s on it and if not what would you most like to accomplish in your lifetime-or have you already?