Newt Gingrich: Mueller’s fatal mistake | Fox News

There is now no excuse for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to ask to interview President Trump.

Source: Newt Gingrich: Mueller’s fatal mistake | Fox News

Look at the outrageous abuse of Paul Manafort. Manafort had been campaign chairman. He had ties with foreign businessmen. He had done extensive business in Ukraine. I’m sure the Mueller team believed if anyone was the obvious entry point for collusion, it would have been Manafort.

Yet, they found nothing.

Let me repeat this, because it is so ignored by the daily media headlines: The Mueller team found no evidence of Manafort colluding with any foreign entities on the 2016 election.

Manafort is being tried over tax and banking issues that have nothing to do with Russian collusion or any election.

One Day You will wake up @alexa_wotus

One thing I really do know about people-with certainty-is that we have a terrible habit of taking too much for granted,especially other people.We’re so used to them being there and accustomed to our routines that we’re shocked to find out they’re
no longer there.It’s why death always seems unexpected.It shouldn’t be.We should treat each other as if each day is our last.We probably don’t because we would have to admit it to ourselves.

One day you will wake up

and there won’t be any more time

to do the things you’ve always wanted.


~Paulo Coelho