Well, well, well, look at all of the pots calling the kettle black!

Mr. Erickson Rules!

Our collection of “pots” in this case would include former CIA Director John Brennan, Senator John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Senator Upchuck Schumer, all of the rest of the democrats, and our usual cast of “swampy” republicans.

They are claiming President Trump’s comments regarding the U.S. Intelligence Services and Vladimir Putin and Russia are “treasonous,” “disgraceful” and “shameful,” among other things.

All I can say is they should all be familiar with that type of behavior.  They complain about what President Trump SAYS, while they were, and are, actually DOING this other disgraceful stuff.

Gee…, I wonder why The President would be leery of trusting our wonderful “Intelligence” Agencies, like the CIA and the FBI?

Could it be that THEY were caught spying on him and his campaign?!

Could it be that members of these agencies openly texted and emailed their disdain for him and their “plans” to either keep him…

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