Fr. Z’s Predictions for 2018

1. Pres. Trump will acknowledge North Korea a nuclear state to diffuse the military option.
2. The building of The Wall will begin.
3. Justice Kennedy will resign from the Supreme Court, and Pres. Trump will get another pick.
4. Pope Francis – still Pope – will beatify Pierre Teilhard de Chardin with the intention to canonize him and declare him Doctor of the Church.
5. The Synod on Youth will discuss “viri probati”, which will be approved as a step to making clerical celibacy optional.
6. The Holy See and Palestine will establish full diplomatic relations, Nunciature in Bethlehem.
7. The number of places with Holy Mass ad orientem will grow quietly but significantly.
8. Card. Sarah will be transferred to Propaganda and Archbp. Roche will takeover at CDW.
9. Doctrinal evaluation of professors and theological writings will be devolved to local episcopal conferences.
10. Fr. Z will still not be a Monsignor.

How did I do last year? HERE

1. ObamaCare (aka “Affordable” Care Act) will be repealed. [+0 – Sort of… the mandate was.]
2. Construction will begin on The Wall. [+0 – Prototypes were made]
3. Pres. Trump’s first international trip will be to Jerusalem. [+1]
4. Pres. Trump will appoint two Justices to the Supreme Court. [-1 – Alas, he only got one]
5. Pope Francis will not respond to the Dubia and will, in fact, double down. [+1]
6. Card. Burke will emerge unscathed from the Knights of Malta controversy. [-1]
7. Curial reform will still not make significant progress. [+1]
8. The number of places in which Extraordinary Form (TLM) Masses are offered will continue to grow. [+1]
9. Applications to seminaries will continue to drop. [+1]
10. Fr. Z will still not be a Monsignor. [+1]

Source: Fr. Z’s Predictions for 2018

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