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Recent storms devastated the electrical grid of Porto Rico.  Virtually the entire island is without power.  That’s over 3 million people without electricity, water, etc…. for months to come.Consider what life would be like for you were that to happen

Source: Devastated Porto Rico makes you ponder. PREPARE and GO TO CONFESSION! | Fr. Z’s Blog

WH To Cabinet: No Private Air Travel Without Secretary Kelly’s Approval | One America News Network

OAN NewsroomThe White House is giving Chief Of Staff John Kelly authority to approve the travel of Cabinet members on government owned or rented aircraft.The new policy comes after Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigned; following backlash over his use of private jets for official business.White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney issued new guidelines, reminding agencies that every penny they spend comes from U.S. taxpayers.Mulvaney went on to say commercial air systems used by millions of Americans every day are an appropriate choice, even for senior officials.

Source: WH To Cabinet: No Private Air Travel Without Secretary Kelly’s Approval | One America News Network

Here is Obama’s legacy @TuckerCarlson (edited)

 Let me be clear at the outset;i do NOT hate former President Obama.Did  i vote for him?

Nope. It wasn’t his race.It was his ideology and associates. Believe me,i wasn’t thrilled with the Republican candidates at the time either.McCain and Romney were nothing to write home about but it’s who the elites picked FOR us.We all thought we picked them.We always liked to believe that. Trust me,we’re going to talk about that in the near future. When Obama won-both elections-i woke up the next day and did what i always do,grabbed a cup of coffee and started another day. Didn’t riot in the streets,didn’t join a resistance group,didn’t protest his inauguration,didn’t throw myself on the floor and hold my breathe.

You get the drift. Life went on.

We had a legitimately elected President and the peaceful transfer of power.I didn’t like the choice but that’s the way it goes.

I enthusiastically voted for Donald Trump in the primary and general.So did my husband.I couldn’t wait to vote. We-meaning we the people-actually had a choice this time and I’m convinced we made the right one.

The media-especially the cable news networks-were convinced they had it in the bag for their candidate,Hillary.

She thought she had it in the bag.Obama thought he had it in the bag FOR HER when he set the intel agencies up to destroy Trump.The FBI,under Comey,even tried to cover up her law breaking so she could win.

Unfortunately the secret Tarmac meeting made it out to the public and WIKILEAKS revealed her campaign secrets.

She was so sure of a win she didn’t think she had to work for it. She even figured when Comey exonerated her,she was good to go.Who could lose with all the forces arrayed against Trump? Hillary was so sure of  a win she asked the question,why aren’t I fifty(50) points ahead?
Trump did win but even the inauguration celebration was tamped down by the same forces that were trying to keep him out of office in the first place.

The media convinced some of the public that Trump is a sexist,racist,dictator,Hitler,Nazi sympathizer & Russian agent.When Trump stepped into office the racial divide in the country was already set into motion by Obama himself. The war on police and ALL legitimate authority was also set into motion by Obama and the Democrats before Trump was sworn  in. The intel agencies were set up to cover up for Obama and Clinton;ultimately they had to cover for themselves when Trump won-something they would never have had to do if Hillary had won. Loretta Lynch even made a bizarre ‘call to arms’ video,after his election, saying there would be blood and people might have to die.

So who’s shocked that Kapernick wore socks depicting the cops as pigs? You see the NFL teams taking the knee or locking arms-that’s about Trump.It has nothing to do with the first amendment. Why is it about Trump? He is the legitimately elected President of the United States and these people  will do anything to delegitimize his election. It’s an attack  on our Constitutional Republic. They want Obama’s socialist country.Trump stands in the way.As for the intel agencies and DC establishment they have their own agenda to protect,as well as some lawless,corrupt acts to cover up.They each have their own reasons to want to destroy Trump but to the extent they both oppose him they don’t even have to collude. The goal is the same. There are always some useful idiots too. People who just didn’t want him elected and think they can get him out if they resist enough;either by impeachment or driving Pres Trump to resignation.Neither of which are going to happen.It’s delusional.The Deep State i worry about.The useful idiots are just that.They can wreak havoc though.They help the Deep State without having that intention.You see,to the degree they can possibly weaken Trump that gives the Deep State more power.Maybe some in these groups know that but overall i think the foot soldiers remain ignorant and useful.So who’s behind the groups like Antifa and the Resistance?

I would say Soros,Obama  & the Clintons for certain.

It’s ominous and unless someone in the intel agencies decides to whistle blow on the corrupt soon, it’s going to continue to be butt ugly in our country.I am convinced because of the good people of the United States and the Trump movement we’ll prevail but not without a 4 yr battle. The WORST part of all this is the anti American movement opposing us.There are people in our country who have been indoctrinated to hate our country.Remember Obama saying the police acted stupidly BEFORE he had all the facts? Tells you all you need to know.

POST SCRIPT: Our MAGA movement is the birth of a new party