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NO, PRESIDENT TRUMP IS NOT GOING TO RESIGN. NO, HE IS NOT GOING TO BE IMPEACHED. You can tell a lie to  the useful idiots all day long,but most Americans are smarter than that. 

We know that the media supported the election of Pres Barack Obama. The American people decided to elect him.They also loved him. They liked Obama so much they elected him twice. Note that i did NOT vote for Obama but i got up the day after the election and poured my morning cup of coffee.Life went on. I did not protest in the street,riot,have a temper tantrum or  demand his resignation and impeachment. The people elected him.

Did i oppose his policies?You bet. Did i think he was bad news? Sure did. So what do you do? You go to the ballot box and vote for the people you believe will represent you.You move on.It’s a Republic. We don’t tear down our country because we don’t like the outcome of an election. When he took his oath of office the Republicans and Democrats BOTH attended his inauguration. It’s called the peaceful transfer of power and even if we loathe the  person who proceeds the last President we admire how the country transfers power from one administration to the next.Not a bullet is shot,not a person is harmed. Our  military salutes their new commander in chief swearing no allegiance to either party.

Most Americans-even some of those who DIDN’T vote for him-were willing to give him a chance.We certainly knew the media was going to give him glowing press coverage-even when the news was not so good.

The GOP gave us 2 of their preferred candidates. We ended up with McCain in one race and Mitt Romney in the other.I voted Huckabee over McCain in the one primary;Herman Cain over Mitt in the other. When it came to the General Election i reluctantly cast my vote for both because i felt they were at least better than Obama. I felt ANYONE would have been better than Obama.Still,I accepted the results.I knew one day his presidency would be over. I didn’t expect the Republicans to sit out his inauguration or protests to tarnish his swearing in ceremony. The folks who elected him got to rightfully celebrate.It’s how we do it and we don’t wish the other side ill.

Fast Forward:Obama’s term is coming to a close and the 2 party’s start ramping up the rhetoric. Remember how the media swore it was going to be a Clinton/Bush face off;that is, between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.Two of the most establishment candidates on the planet. They made a big deal of it. A lot of people figured it’d be Clinton/Bush.It’s as if we stare at the boob tube and reality is whatever they feed us.

Donald Trump steps up to the plate and announces his candidacy.From that moment on the escalator,the folks perked up and the media started to trash him.He had just announced and he was already deemed a horrible person.

He got it from the left and right both.There were Never Trumpers on the Republican side who wanted Jeb or a Jeb clone. There were operatives willing to meddle with the electoral college and delegates.Hard to believe people would actually try and meddle in our election process to take away our vote.The delegates cast their vote at the Convention. I know there were operatives trying to screw that up.They failed. I remember Ted Cruz coming to the stage with his refusal to endorse the legitimately elected candidate. There were rumors he might do that and he did.

The big day came anyway. Donald J. Trump was going to be sworn in as the 45th President.There was a whole group of people who sat out his inauguration-Democrats-and some Republicans who threatened to or made it known they weren’t pleased. I will give former Pres Jimmy Carter kudos-he was a decent enough man to honor the moment.More than i can say for some.There were protests. The media made much of the crowd size, to let it be known it didn’t size up to Obama’s crowd size.A day that should have been a day of celebration, for the people who elected him,  trashed.What kind of people do that?We’re not going to forget.

How about election night when the media painted his election as a terrible event.He was Hitler,a facist,  turd(as i heard one news anchor) and bigot.No wonder there are violent groups springing up against him and his supporters.The Clinton camp soon put out the word to the media; push the Russian collusion narrative.A few weeks into his presidency he was basically accused of being  just short of a Russian agent;a Putin puppet.Remember the media pushed whatever narrative the Clinton’s wanted out there. Now that he had won, they had to go for broke.The Democrats have called for his impeachment or resignation since his first month in office;i can check,but i think even his first WEEK.What kind of people do that?

The media doesn’t report news. You can’t trust them anymore. They’re supposed to serve the American people but they don’t. A very few do. Hats off to Sean Hannity,Tucker Carlson ,Mark Levin,Wayne Dupree and provocateur Greg Gutfeld.

Ok.Where’s the Republicans standing up for him? 


You  know what we’re going to do when it comes time for their re-election? We’re going to turn into crickets and vote their challengers in.We’re going to expose every rat on BOTH sides of the aisle;especially the fakes who’ll have these about face conversions.
What i love is that Stephen K. Bannon has left the administration and is now FREE to expose every single rat on BOTH sides of the aisle as well as the CORRUPT media.He will be more dangerous to the alt left and the lying media than he could ever have been in the White House. He will be able to lead the charge for the man WE elected President.When 2020 comes around  we really  get to celebrate and make up for everything they think they ruined for us.

You see when WE get to pick our candidates, we win.When the establishment thinks they get to pick for us, we lose with our tails between our legs. No more.Trump is a fighter and we will fight for him.We love our country.






@Varneyco Trump’s negotiating skills are just fine



Stuart Varney made the claim that the negotiating skills of Donald Trump have not worked out as expected(paraphrase).Well,Mr Varney, it’s a little hard to negotiate with a Congress that isn’t interested in passing your agenda;let alone the agenda THEY ran on.Wouldn’t ya know it, just as they wrapped up doing absolutely nothing, they took off on a much needed vacation from working so hard.You know what they’re going to do when they get back? Nothing.Will they pass Trump’s agenda? No. Do they want Trump to succeed? Nope. There is a handful of people in Congress that actually support the President.

Question: Who were the Republicans standing up for Trump when he was accused of colluding with Russia? Where are the Republicans when he’s accused of anything,including the recent charges of racism? Did Speaker Ryan come out and take his side? Did Mitch McConnell come out and stand up for him? 
So Mr Varney don’t go on Fox  Business News and disparage Trump’s negotiating skills when the Republican party is made up of swamp creatures-not giving ANY cred to the Democrat party either. They’re far worse on a number of levels. The problem is the Republicans are SUPPOSED to be the ones supporting our President.

Too many Republicans are  afraid of what the media will say about them.They have no spine. The establishment Republicans worry about one thing-who is going to butter their bread. Follow @Deplorables4US on Twitter for a roster of some terrific PRO TRUMP candidates ready to challenge the incumbents. Also follow @WayneDupreeShow  & get the inside story of what’s really going on in the swamp known as Washington DC.