WATCH: Missouri Senator — I Hope Trump Is Assassinated ⋆

It is not clear exactly what prompted Chappelle-Nadal’s comment. But it was likely made in response to a discussion about the ongoing controversy over Trump’s comments about the violence in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend.

Source: WATCH: Missouri Senator — I Hope Trump Is Assassinated ⋆

Take A Deep Breathe.Trump won(get over it) #MAGA

1.Hate speech is protected speech as long as it doesn’t incite violence. It doesn’t mean we approve of  everything people say-we protect their right to say it. 

This is why Pres Trump condemned the violence on ALL sides. 

2. Don’t confuse white supremacy with nationalism. Nationalism is a love of country(in our case the United States).White supremacy is a false ideology that claims superiority for a class of people based on race.Nationalists and white supremacists are 2 different groups. 

3. the KKK,Neo-Nazi’s,Antifa, BLM et al are fringe groups that the MAJORITY of Americans have no desire to join.The fringe can do a lot of damage though and gets lots of news coverage.The coverage is deliberate. Remember, they’re not journalists.They have an agenda.

4. I’m sick of the left and their temper tantrum over the Trump election. He’s our duly elected Pres. It’s over. Grow up and move on.There is a lot of work to do to get the country on the right track and the economy working for everyone.Sorry,but i don’t have any patience left for these people anymore.They’re nasty.They get in your face.They call you racist and nazi. They get away with everything. Had it. It does no good to try and have a discussion with them. You get in my face-I will get in yours.It’s that simple.In some instances I will just ignore you.We don’t have to take up every battle.

5.I’m sick of the Republicans plotting against the President. BTW.Let’s get some HUGE voter turn out in Alabama for Judge Roy Moore and send McConnell’s lap dog packing.I know Trump endorsed Luther Strange. He’s probably trying to keep the peace in Congress and you can’t fault him for that.I doubt he’d be disappointed if Judge Moore won(wink) though. Think about it and you’ll figure it out. We have to have huge voter turn out in 2018 too!! The only way we lose is to stay home and not vote. Let’s send pro Trump Republicans to Congress. There’s some good candidates out there! McConnell and Ryan have to go-along with McCain,Collins,Murkowski-and some other Never Trumpers.They’re in there and we know it.Keep an eye on them,hold them accountable,vote them out.There’s too much at stake this time.We can’t afford to re-elect these incumbents while they help the Dems obstruct the President’s agenda.Let’s make sure Congress knows we want McConnell and Ryan out of there. The squeaky wheel gets oiled.

Make some phone calls.Let your Congressman/woman know exactly what you think. We got Trump elected(WINNING).We can make sure the agenda gets passed.It’s going to take all of us backing our President(nobody else is)and letting the lawmakers know they better get on the ball.

6.The media knows there was no Russian collusion.The media knows Trump is not a racist. They’re feeding the sheep and keeping things stirred up.They’re a bunch of liars. Unfortunately for them,they looked the other way when it came to Antifa. Wait till these thugs are at THEIR door-and they will be one day.

Sometimes it’s hard to sift through all the info we get from social media but it’s better to get it there-even if some of it is also questionable-than the DESTROY TRUMP media.Eventually you’ll figure out the accounts you can trust .It took me awhile and i still get snookered from time to time. However,I have learned to be more cautious.

7.Keep in mind that the left,the Dems,media and Never Trumpers are going to try and destroy Trump’s base.They KNOW we have his back and if they can get to us-they can destroy his presidency and stop our agenda. So be careful about what you hear and read. Let Trump make the cabinet decisions on who comes and who goes.The only one’s who focus on those kind of munitions are the pundits in  the media.Stay focused on the agenda.There’s the end goal.Who comes,who goes is small potatoes. Whatever might drive a wedge in his base or cause us to lose faith is what they’ll go for. Avoid it like the plague.

8.There was  a terrible tragedy in Charlottesville.A young lady there lost her life.Her parents,friends and family are grieving. The media has lost sight of that.Let’s not lose sight of that.You can also  be sure the residents of Charlottesville did not appreciate these out of town groups [and in some instances out of state groups]coming into their city to raise hell.Nobody likes that.


still fiddling with Periscope TRYING to get it to work through phone connected to computer.The phone has too many shortcomings(no audio on this end,can’t see comments,camera won’t flip etc).I’ve been running tests. Need to get it to work through computer.Sure there’s a way.


CBS Interview with Trump Voters After Charlottesville BACKFIRES! – TruthFeed

WOW. A producer is surely going to be in deep trouble after this FIASCO at CBS!After the Charlottesville incident CBS interviewed 3 Trump voters, all women and 2 of them black.OF COURSE they were hoping the women would say they are having second thoughts about voting for Trump but then…

Source: CBS Interview with Trump Voters After Charlottesville BACKFIRES! – TruthFeed


Once again the liars shouted loud and lied about what took place in Charlottesville, and lied about what took place while the media lied about the facts and tried their best to make President Trump…