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Baking & Spices
1 Whipped cream
3/4 cup Milk
2 1/2 cups Vanilla ice cream
Pink, purple and blue sprinkle

Nothing accomplished today but i did get a new keyboard. That’s something to cheer about. I watched the White House Press Briefing.The press is absolutely hostile.They went from messiah worship to let’s take the President out no matter what.Shameful.Journalism is so dead now even CPR wouldn’t revive it. It’s dangerous for our country.I can’t believe people would think this is ok.I’m not buying the idea that it depends on your filter. When people are actively trying to overthrow a legitimately elected President we have a problem. A BIG problem.I have faith in God-it’s people i don’t trust.

It really was a wasted day but i still feel grateful. We don’t always have to be busy.I’m thinking of going back to the old hometown for a day just to make sure i get to visit the cemetery and pay respects to our parents.There’s days i miss them incredibly.I’ll be thinking, i wish they were here to see this-or  i wish i had told them that while they were living.I’ll always wish i had been the daughter they deserved to have.

There’s days i think about ALL my family members,meaning the ones that are still here included.It doesn’t mean I’m dwelling on it.After all,you can’t force people into decisions they are adamant about not making.They have a right to see things the way they do.For example;my husband has 2 sons.One that forgave him and is making an effort at a relationship.The other that will probably never forgive him so he has grandkids he’ll never see. Husband is realistic about it and we’ve gone on.It doesn’t pay to analyze people. Everyone has their own way of looking at relationships.

I don’t talk to my own son or see my own grandkids(Alexa Marie being one of them). I got past it years ago. It’s not as if anything ever really improved.You can’t lose what you don’t have.It’s not as if we’re here forever.I wake up grateful for what i DO have and hope for the best for them.Period. Everything is in God’s hands- that’s the final destination (especially) when you hit 65.I wear my heart on my sleeve most of the time and the rest of the time you’ll know exactly what i’m thinking.There are a few other things i keep totally to myself and will go to the grave with me. They involve other people who are ENTITLED to confidentiality. If i brought it up it would be calumny or detraction.

In politics it’s known as a leak and it’s usually meant to damage the person or party you are spilling the beans about.Sometimes it’s not even true.I have never divulged the few conversations i had with my son with anyone.Not a soul. I hope that my husband has the decency to keep what i want to be private,private.If he’s ever said anything to another person he’s going to get an earful. 

A few days ago i ran ESET FREE ONLINE SCANNER and cleaned up an infected file.The damage had already been done so i formatted and re-installed Windows. Seems to be ok now. I wanted to try doing a periscope again but that put a damper on it. Now i’ve got quick time installed and we’ll see if the phone will work with the computer.The phone has no volume (I’m slightly deaf )and the screen is too small for me to see, (poor vision)even with glasses.If it turns out it won’t work with the desktop i will forgo doing periscope at all;at least until they make an app that works on a desktop.

The best periscopes i’ve watched are from Scott Adams. I hope to learn the ropes from him.I may try bluestack also.It’s supposed to work  with periscope on desktop. It wouldn’t be the first time i’ve heard something is SUPPOSED to work and doesn’t.Periscope is one of the best apps i’ve seen in a long time;but i’m partial because it fits Twitter like a glove.
Sorry-am a Twitter addict. Have to admit it’s mostly because President Trump is there. LOATHE Facebook.I don’t know why Zuckerberg became a millionaire.Is he a billionaire at this point? Doesn’t matter.Million,Billion. He’s got more money than most of us put together.I see no upside to Facebook other than  making Zuckerberg rich.It stinks. I won’t get into detail on why i think it stinks.I would bore myself to tears with it and it doesn’t really matter anyway.

With that we’re rolling out of here to replay the Press Briefing and check out Twitter. Then i need to get some fresh air outside.Maybe tomorrow i can get something done around the house.Tucker at 8,Wayne at 9,Hannity at 10.News junkie schedule.