The Reception for Obama;compared to Donald Trump @oreillyfactor #SorosForPrison


can you imagine being Donald Trump and having this terrific Inauguration celebration only to know a short distance away there are riots-intended to disrupt the Inauguration.
It was known as DisruptJ20 and its leaders called for violence.

Just days after Trump’s Inauguration-i think it was even just the day after- the Women’s March was held.The March was basically a protest against the election of Donald Trump.Nothing more.
By this time during the presidency of Barack Obama he had 12 of his nominees confirmed.Sen Chuck Schumer and other Democrats have made it clear they intend to stall the nominations of Pres Trump. It’s deliberate.

The Republicans did no such thing to Obama and in fact confirmed all of his nominations for Attorney General.These people are calling Sen Jeff Sessions a racist.They KNOW it’s a lie.

Now there’s protests re Trump’s  REFUGEE BAN when Obama (and several previous Pres)had  own refugee ban when he was in office. Anyone protest? NOPE.Crickets.

Here is the statement from Donald Trump. There isn’t a single mention of religion.


Here is Obama’s ban on Iraqi refugees:


Previous Visa Restrictions:Homeland Security Act 2015 

How about that movement called RESIST,meaning resist our newly elected President who’s been in office less than 1 week.

None of these movements are spontaneous home grown groups.They’re not just suddenly springing up. Look behind the curtain and you will find George Soros-who also funded and supported BLM.


Soros is no benevolent philanthropist donating to good causes.His goal is to take down our Republic and destabilize as many countries as he deems necessary. Soros is evil.Soros is a threat to our country,PERIOD.Soros will make the next 4 yrs for Pres Trump hell-if Soros  doesn’t totally destroy our country before then. It won’t be for lack of trying.

Did anyone notice the unholy alliance at the Woman’s March? The only thing they had in common was their hatred of Donald Trump.The other common denominator is George Soros.







[I’d also be keeping an eye on some weak kneed Republicans. When the going gets tough they run for the hills.]
So when is anyone in the media going to introduce the American people to George Soros and fully expose him?

The Trump administration should arrest or extradite Soros. Soon! 






Soros fingerprints all over #NotMyPresident protests

Soros fingerprints all over #NotMyPresident protests, Through his philanthropies, George Soros gave at least $33 million to Black Lives Matter-related activist groups that generated and exacerbated the civil unrest that rocked Ferguson, Missouri, and the nation after the August 2014 death of Michael Brown

Source: Soros fingerprints all over #NotMyPresident protests

ASK FATHER: Varia concerning today’s problems in the Church | Fr. Z’s Blog

Since I am on the road and busy with many times, but since these are pressing issues, allow me to respond, but collectively.From readers…QUAERITUR:Given the rate things are going for this current pontificate, would it be sinful to pray that, if it be God’s will, that the pope either abdicates or dies and a new pope of a more conservative leaning is elected?I get this often.No.  It is not necessarily sinful to pray for the end of a pontificate, one way or another.

Source: ASK FATHER: Varia concerning today’s problems in the Church | Fr. Z’s Blog