The Real Stephen K Bannon

BIOGRAPHY: PRIOR to taking over at Breitbart and joining the Trump campaign

Stephen Bannon was born in Virginia and earned his undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech in 1976. After graduation from Virginia Tech he joined the U.S. Navy, serving on destroyers and then as a special assistant to the chief of Naval operations at the Pentagon. (While there he earned a master’s degree in international studies from Georgetown University in night school.)

Leaving the Navy, he entered Harvard Business School in 1983 and after graduation landed a job with the investment bank Goldman Sachs. He then started his own media investment firm, Bannon & Company; while there he served as a deal maker for the sale of Castle Rock Entertainment, and in return received royalties from the TV show Seinfeld.

It’s REAL(Bill Maher)

“Democrats keep losing elections because they’ve gone from the party that protects people to the party that protects feelings”Bill Maher of Real Time

Well,Mr Maher,your monologue was 100% factually accurate.You get an A+ on the facts.

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Your analysis?

I noticed that all of the comments you quoted came from various [liberal]celebrities.

It had nothing to do with Trump winning the election.You see,Joe and Jill “Average” really don’t give a flip about those celebrities. Not to mention when those celebrities were chastised for offending certain people-those weren’t people we lose any sleep over. When we’re offended by celebrities on a regular basis  and never get an apology, who cares?

We can be offended all day long and they would have no idea why.

Joe Average is a husband/father more worried about getting a good job so he can take care of his family,raising decent kids and going to church on Sunday.You’re automatically going to assume that by Joe Average i mean some white nationalist. Joe Average who is a black husband/father is worried about getting a good job so he can take care of his family,raising decent kids and going to church on Sunday.That’s all the average person cares about these days.

It’s tough out there.The life and values of Joe and Jill “Average” are under assault. BTW. What the media totally missed* was a vote they didn’t see.I reluctantly use the word average because the American people are anything but. The folks out here are the backbone of what made our country great at one time. When we were not ignored and trampled on.

There are people out there who voted for Trump who had never voted at all or hadn’t voted in a very long time.They’re people who don’t much care for politics or at least politicians.They are people who just wanted to live their lives(many were Christians) and kept hoping the government would just stay out of their way.People,like the rest of us,who turned on the TV and all they could see out there were kids who knew little to nothing  about civics and no appreciation for the country they lived in.You can only watch people destroying property,vandalizing businesses,burning up cars,assaulting Trump supporters,burning OUR flag,waving the flag of a foreign country for so long before you decide enough is enough.The media didn’t see them coming. 

Liberals lost because they had 8-10 yrs and anarchy was the end result.Trump won because we’d had enough of both parties bowing at the altar of failed liberal policies;people making promises they didn’t keep so they could win their own re-election.Liberals lost because they think America First is a radical idea.

Trump is NOT a ‘mad man’ but your calling him one is the very reason we elected him.
George Soros IS  a mad man but his day is coming.

* the media missed a lot of things.They’re still totally clueless.Besides,the media had  themselves so convinced that their candidate couldn’t lose, they didn’t see her losing.
They deliberately hid the crowd size at the Trump rallies and gave the Progressives the idea that nobody was supporting Trump. I watched all the rallies at and they showed the crowd size and enthusiasm for Mr Trump.The crowds were HUGE and wildly enthusiastic. It didn’t match the narrative the Clinton networks were putting out or the bogus polls.I’m from Pa. Trump was our pick from the beginning.Clinton got the big cities like Philly but that leaves an awful lot of territory in between. Just sayin.