Why Liberalism is the antithesis of Liberty(and the enemy of common sense)


Liberty:freedom from captivity, confinement, or physical restraint:freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control.


Anyone who thinks freedom is the right to do whatever we want ,whenever we want is badly mistaken. We would be living in a social construct that would be impossible to live in. Might would  make right;only the strongest would survive it. 

We are never free to commit a morally evil act.The only way you can argue for that kind of ‘freedom’ is to justify murder,robbery and assault.

Our country has been dominated by a world view or political view called Secular Liberalism for a long time.It’s why we elected Pres Barack Obama. Secular Liberalism tends to favor a Socialist government. We were marching that way.Between the loss of jobs,the lawlessness in our streets,the attack on our  freedoms and lack of real leadership at the top, the MAJORITY of the American people had had enough.Remember when Obama said we were days away from the “fundamental transformation of America”? What do you think he meant?  They will never give up on their liberal ideology even if it’s wrong for the country or fails miserably. Secular liberalism or even liberalism doesn’t work.It ends up taking away the freedoms it promises. It chokes off the incentive of the individual and calls it ‘compassion.’.They don’t get the true meaning of freedom.Socialist Democrat (or Progressive) is just a nice way of dressing up communism.If you think the Democrat party represents the common man these days you better take a good look around.What happened in this last election?The Democrats cheated,rigged their own primary and crowned a corrupt political dynasty called the Clinton’s.


Do you think they’re going to give up their power without a fight?Not after having a grip on it this long.They will bully,intimidate,attack you verbally and physically if they must.

They are going to try and delegitimize Pres Trump for the next 4 yrs.We elected Trump not because he was a liberal or a conservative.We elected him because he was NEITHER.

We just wanted someone to protect and defend our personal freedoms and turn our economy around.

The American people are a very compassionate,generous people but we will be darned if we’re going to be forced to give government in taxes, what little is left,to be used for the so called compassion of the Federal government.Hint;Compassion by its very definition means free of compulsion.We didn’t ask for  a government that’s squandered all the tax payer dollars its collected. 

We had to witness the Women’s March after the election of Donald Trump.The point of the March was to delegitimize Pres Trump and support abortion.It really wasn’t about anything else.

TRUTH:They were mad because Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected and some really unsavory,anti-American groups latched onto it. Be careful people. You don’t know what you’re getting into.Liberalism is open to some very destructive,dark forces.

On a positive note they weren’t violent like the DistuptJ20 group. They just shared the same goal with more subtle intimidation tactics.They were ALL funded by George Soros.

Most of America is fair minded though and uses common sense.We’re willing to give the new President a chance and will support him if he’s looking out for the best interests of the country. We KNOW we can’t go down the same road we’ve been on.
We don’t care about your ideological battles. We just know what’s good for us and what isn’t. We’ve gotten a pretty good idea that the media is in the tank for secular liberalism and doesn’t want anyone-especially our new President-to get in their way. They’ve gotten away with too much for too long and they’re not going to give it up for anything.The only way to stop them is for us to stand up for ourselves. They’re not used to our fighting back. If they ridiculed us,we took it. If they intimidated us,we tried to get along. If the government thought it could get one over on us,we tried to get by.

No more.President Trump is on our side and he’s not going to put up with it.He’s the right person at just the right time. We’ve elected a fighter. We’ve elected a person who likes to win.He is willing to win for us. It’s his smallest flaw and his biggest asset. 


He won,fair and square.They had to cheat,lie and steal.It just didn’t work.Stay alert though. They’re just as conniving now as they were a few months ago.


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