Lookin Good Chucky @chuckschumer

Between DisruptJ20 trying to shut down the Inaugural Parade,the Democrats boycotting Trump’s inauguration,the riots and vandalism,Woman’s March being led by  Madonna-who thought about blowing up the White House now that Trump is President-and your failure to confirm only 2 of Trump’s nominees when the Republicans gave Obama 7(6 if you don’t count a hold-over);your party is really shaping up for 2018.
When the Democrats are in power there are calls for Unity and Compromise.Now that Trump is President and the Congress is Republican ,it’s all bets are off.

These anti Trump images should help you out-just keep adding fuel  Schumer.




When God Chooses a Leader – Dr. Jeffress Inauguration Day Message · First Baptist Dallas

When God Chooses a LeaderNehemiah 1:11Message at St. John’s Church, Washington, D.C.Inauguration Day – January 20, 2017President-elect and Mrs. Trump, Vice-President-elect and Mrs. Pence, families and friends, it’s an honor to be with you on this historic day.

Source: When God Chooses a Leader – Dr. Jeffress Inauguration Day Message · First Baptist Dallas

Making Moonbattery Great Again… | The Last Refuge

Most of America knows the organizers of the various “Women’s Marches” today did not construct women’s events, they constructed events for women who are anti-Trump and voted for Hillary Clinton, ie. liberal women. After all, billionaire George Soro’s financing is behind more than 50 groups who organized the various events.

Source: Making Moonbattery Great Again… | The Last Refuge

How MB Obama’s CIA Manipulated The Corp Media | Reclaim Our Republic

Special Report from AIM’s Center for Investigative JournalismThe CIA and its media allies have thrown everything but the proverbial kitchen sink at President Donald J. Trump. Media bias, anonymous sources, and intelligence “garbage” have been on display. But the 25-page Intelligence Community report on alleged Russian hacking activities deserves special consideration, since a significant part of it relied on analysts hard at work watching broadcasts of Russia Today (RT) television. You wouldn’t know it by reading the report, but RT has historically been a mouthpiece of “progressives” favorable to the Democratic Party. Indeed, the Obama administration saw RT in the past as part of the “progressive” media organizations supporting left-wing causes.

Source: How MB Obama’s CIA Manipulated The Corp Media | Reclaim Our Republic