The Year of the Whacked(Democrat Party has Deep Sixed)

The Inauguration of  President of the United States isn’t just a celebration for the party in power-it’s a celebration of the  majestic peaceful transition of power.It’s a moment for ALL Americans to share in, with pride, regardless of party. We’re one unique country with  a rich history to be studied, even with our flaws. It’s a sad day when people in high places look at this event as if it’s about them.

I’m sorry but you can sit on the sidelines if you want.Cry,whine,boycott and threaten violence. You are NOT going to take away this moment from the rest of us.

Does anyone else remember hearing how the new President should reach across the aisle? It’s a little hard to reach across the aisle when the people on the other side aren’t extending a hand.NOTE: I love the calls for compromise and unity when a Democrat is elected;not so much a conservative. BTW.i don’t trust the Republican establishment much either.I’ll save that blog entry for another day.


He has tried to reach out to anyone who is willing to work with him. Look what happens to anyone who even dares.If you’re with the boycott gang you’re just peachy.

I’ll be frank here.I’m not a party kind of person.It’s never mattered a lot.My folks were dyed in the wool Democrats;although they admitted to voting for Eisenhower. I registered Democrat when they passed the amendment to allow 18 yr olds to vote. Anti-war too, though i confess it was due more to naivete than conviction.( I  ended up dating a Vietnam Vet).

We talked politics around the dinner table but the folks made a point of never divulging who they voted for,other than the aforementioned Eisenhower.The vote was one part of politics that was private.It was between you and God.I recall how people were going to the crazy station over Kennedy being Catholic.I recall how sad we all were when he was assassinated. Our class stopped to pray.It was a Catholic school. You could do that.Martin Luther King gave his monumental speech,I Have A Dream. He was assassinated.

It would soon be a time of  changes. The words of Bob Dylan rang true for the time. He wrote,The Times They Are A Changin.

Enter  SDS,Weather Underground, Bernadine Dohrn,Malcom X, William Ayers,Watergate, Nixon,Black Panthers,Timothy  Leary,Abbey Hoffman/Jerry Rubin and the whole anti war movement.

Malcom X was assassinated. Robert Kennedy Jr was assassinated. They were dangerous times.

The names i want to emphasize are William Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorhn;the leaders of the Weather Underground.Underground with good reason.


Wanted Poster for Bernardine Dohrn

It’s why Barack Obama distanced himself from Ayers when he was running for President.It’s the same crazy Ayers that’s involved in the anti Trump movement now-and it’s exactly where the Democrat party has gone.

It’s un-American and i’m just not there.I voted Trump.Husband voted Trump. Talked to people we knew and persuaded them to vote Trump.


It’s the most recent call for the assassination of our soon to be President.I’ve sent a whole slew to the FBI on a regular basis.

If you’re on Twitter and you’re a Trump supporter I know you’ve seen plenty just like this one.Evidently these snowflakes don’t realize that a threat on the President elect is equal to a threat on the President of the United States.It’s not how we do things in our country but this is exactly where it’s gone and it’s shameful.The whole narrative about the Russian hacking has deep sixed the media with their cohorts in the Democrat party.

It’s convoluted.Even if the Russians hacked into the DNC it had nothing to do with the election. We didn’t vote for Trump because of Putin or the Russians or some clandestine plot-all that is FABRICATED.We voted Trump because of Trump and what he stood for.PERIOD.End of story. The Democrat party doesn’t want to face the facts. Hillary Clinton was corrupt.The policies of Barack Obama were a disaster and we rejected them. The Democrat party is deep sixed. They are now revealing just how whacked they are and that’s part of the reason Trump was elected. The Republican party doesn’t totally escape scrutiny. They have some problems of their own but the Democrat party refuses to do any self examination. They have driven themselves into the crazy station.





Thank God!