The Night Owl Edition


It’s 4:21 a.m. I shouldn’t be up.Anyone this age(64 and going),should be in bed,right?

Not tonight folks. I’m psyched about the upcoming Inauguration of Donald J.Trump and 

fit to be tied about the people waging war on him.

First there’s John Lewis and his foot stomping,i’m not going to the inauguration of an illegitimate President and the sheep gathering around him.

i get the media bringing up the Birther issue. Note: I was never into all that.There were people who honestly believed  Obama may have been born in Kenya-or somewhere other than the U.S.-but i didn’t go down that road with them.If they wanted to believe it,fine.

Just don’t expect me to join you.Respect your opinion,yes.Join the club,no.

So Donald Trump as a CITIZEN requested he show his birth certificate.He did.End of story.EMPAHASIS MINE:Trump was a civilian at the time and entitled to his opinionjust like any other private citizen

There were plenty of good reasons to oppose Obama. The Birth Certificate issue wasn’t one of  them and i felt it DISTRACTED from issues we should have opposed him on. It never got anywhere and he ended up serving 2 terms didn’t he?

The media seems to be playing it as a way to say that Trump didn’t considerObama a legit President. He said Obama was incompetent(he was).He never once called Obama’s presidency illegitimate. I KNOW Trump didn’t oppose Obama as vehemently as these LOONS do  Trump.

First they tried the recount-FAIL.Next they tried persuading even THREATENING the electors-FAIL. They rioted,attacked Trump supporters physically, shut down at least one of his rallies-FAIL.Last but not least the bogus dossier-FAIL .Now they think if they don’t attend the Inauguration on the 20th that will do it. I guarantee failure.We’re going to celebrate.The CONGRESSMEN and WOMEN can go home and whine.I want to emphasize they ARE Congressman and Trump was elected President. They have no business calling Trump illegitimate and it’s terrible that they won’t at least honor our peaceful transfer of power.If you can’t celebrate Trump you should at least love this country enough to participate in one of our time honored and majestic traditions. Yes,Lewis is a Civil Rights Icon. It doesn’t excuse his attack on Trump and Jeff Sessions.He falsely accused Sessions of being a racist.

Chuck Schumer put it out there they were going to give Trump’s nominations a rough time.

I’m sorry people.This is not what you do,this is now how you act and if it weren’t for the fact you have no power in Congress it would actually matter.Disrupt J20 is every imaginable radical group you can imagine.Obama should address it.He won’t. Chances are they are Soros funded;who also funded Obama and Clinton.There’s your answer.


Here’s another doozey;the director of the CIA(for now),Brennan. He’s a winner. He lied for Obama and Clinton. You can’t trust anything he says.Remember how he  pushed the talking points for Obama and Clinton re the attack at Benghazi:

While at the NSC, Brennan also was involved in editing talking points drafted by the CIA on the 2011 attacks on the U.S. consulate Benghazi which said, contrary to available intelligence and State Department reporting, that the attacks were in response to an anti-Muslim video and were not a pre-planned terrorist attack.



Fortunately,his time is up soon.

Donald Trump’s nominee for CIA director is  Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo. You couldn’t have anyone worse than Brennan;unless you’re a President with the goal of politicizing every government agency [including the CIA],like Obama did.


The media is flipping out(again)because the Trump appointments don’t all agree with him on some policy.Good-he told them to be themselves and he has not picked a crew of ‘yes’ people.

We may have more than one night owl edition before Friday.I doubt I will be getting much sleep now that Inauguration day is getting closer. We’re going to switch focus too.I’ll be darned if i’m going to spend every night covering the lame media and outgoing administration. We can celebrate;after all it’s been a 2 yr fight to the finish and a major victory.Later today I will post up some Twitter Inauguration banners you can share.
Meantime,words to the wise: