It’s open war between the media and Donald Trump | New York Post

An old proverb sums up how Donald Trump handled the last two days: “The dogs bark but the caravan moves on.”The dogs of the Democratic media were absolutely howling yesterday over sordid, unverified allegations involving Russia, but the president-elect and his team put on a master class in self-defense. They hit back forcefully, with press secretary Sean Spicer calling publication of the allegations “disgraceful” and Vice President-elect Mike Pence calling it a case of “fake news” that aims to “delegitimize the president-elect.”It was a strong warm-up, and Trump then took the stage to completely deny the charges, and repeated the denials in response to numerous questions. By the end of the press conference, he had managed to turn the spotlight away from himself and on to the lack of integrity in both the media and government intelligence agencies — where it also belongs.That was no mean feat, and his performance was a reminder that Trump is not and never will be a pushover. He fights fire with fire and is getting increasingly more disciplined in making his case.

Source: It’s open war between the media and Donald Trump | New York Post

Schumer and Booker to oppose Sessions nomination.What a disgrace!

Cory Booker Praises Jeff Sessions for Civil Rights Work

As legislators, we should work to strengthen the appreciation for this fundamental governing principle by recognizing those who make extraordinary contributions towards ensuring that all American citizens have the opportunity, regardless of their race, sex, creed, or national origin, to enjoy in the freedoms that this country has to offer,” Sessions said, before calling Parks a “living embodiment of this principle.”

A year later, Sessions attached an amendment to an appropriations bill that gave $1 million to Alabama for the Rosa Parks Library, Museum and Learning Center at Troy State University Montgomery Campus as a way of memorializing the Montgomery Bus Boycott, for which Parks’ protest was the impetus.

In 2005, after Parks’ death, Sessions gave a passionate tribute to her on the floor of the Senate, saying “history will remember Rosa Parks for shaking America’s conscience and changing the course of our Nation for the better.”

In 2012, Sessions introduced a resolution to the Senate floor, along with Michigan Democratic senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow, to observe the 100th anniversary of Parks’ birth.

“Her courage ignited major changes in our nation and lead a revolution in race relations. Mrs. Parks will always be remembered as a courageous individual, who confronted injustice head-on and, in so doing, changed our nation. Her legacy continues to endure,” Sessions said.  

“[Sessions] filed a number of desegregation lawsuits in Alabama and he also voted in favor of the 30-year extension of the Civil Rights Act,” communications director Jason Miller said in a conference call. “He also voted to confirm Attorney General Eric Holder…” 


Notable endorsements of Sen Jeff Sessions

His former colleagues in Congress and others who have worked with Sen Sessions through the years had nothing but high praise for him.

Sessions was the ONLY Republican to vote for Obama’s appointment of Eric Holder for Attorney General.

Suddenly he’s a racist and the devil incarnate.

Furthermore,the false charges of racism against him were also used in a Senate Judiciary Committee to keep him from the nomination for a federal judgeship.It seems he’s only accused of racism by people who oppose him at opportune times.


Sen Jeff Sessions

Let’s compare Sessions with Hillary Clinton.


Byrd wasn’t just some rank and file Klan member either.He was an Exalted Cyclops.Funny,how associations like those are excused.It depends on who you are & what party you belong to.

What Schumer,  Booker and other Democrats are doing to Sessions is shameful.They know very well he’s a good man not deserving of the accusations against him. Ironic,that he voted for the nomination of Eric Holder-that makes their opposition even MORE shameful.We won’t forget.

Justice Department to investigate Comey’s handling of Clinton email probe | The Independent

The Justice Department will review the allegations that its chief, James Comey, mishandled the Hillary Clinton email investigation, the department’s inspector general Michael Horowitz announced on Thursday.Last July, Comey was criticized by Republicans for declining to recommend charges related to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state. Just days before November’s presidential election, he wrote a letter reigniting the controversy. Now, the department will review both incidents to determine if the actions were l

Source: Justice Department to investigate Comey’s handling of Clinton email probe | The Independent

Defund Planned Parenthood

I am deliberately leaving the name off a tweet i picked up to PROTECT the privacy of the person who put it out there.


You can assume a young adult wrote this. It’s nothing that hasn’t been stated a 

1k times in defense of Planned Parenthood.

1.nobody is trying to ruin anyone’s life.The reason some people want Planned Parenthood de-funded is because the money to support PP comes from tax payers.Some of these taxpayers support abortion but it also uses taxes from people who oppose abortion [as well as some of the other services PP offers.] They object on religious or ethical grounds.If you support Planned Parenthood then donate to Planned Parenthood.There is no reason for them to receive government funding.When you hear something is “government funded” perk up.The government doesn’t fund anything.The Government collects TAXES from the folks and THEY fund it.The government only disperses the taxes it collects,k?

Planned Parenthood gets plenty of monetary support from donors and makes enough money from abortions to support their own services.

2. I live in an area that  has never had a single Planned Parenthood Clinic.Not one.

I can get cancer/std screenings through my primary care physician.I don’t use birth control so it’s never been an issue. For those that do, you can get birth control from a primary care physician or over the counter products from any pharmacy or drug store. It’s readily available. BTWabstinence works 100% of the time in preventing pregnancy and 100% of the time against contracting STD’s. It seems worth it,doesn’t it?

Abortion more than ruins a life-it takes a life. It takes away a future husband and wife and their children and grandchildren.Multiply that times  the 53 million abortions that have taken place since it was legalized in 1973 and  that’s a whole generation.If you were born after 1973 consider yourself fortunate. 

Let me give you a heads up;i had a baby out of wedlock when i was 21 yr old.I’m going to guess that’s likely the age you are now.It’s a guess-could be wrong. There is a friend you have on Twitter that you probably love very much(I won’t mention names to protect THEIR privacy).If I had aborted that baby(never,but this is hypothetical)you would never have had  that friend.

3. Did you follow the news reports on Kermit Gosnell? If not,pls do some research.

4. Sex Ed? How about Relationship Ed? Don’t you think we’re lacking more in one than the other?

5. Finally,since abortion has been legalized in the United States  i have witnessed a total lack of regard for human life that you wouldn’t  have seen prior to the legalization of abortion. I attribute  it directly to the legalization of abortion.If you can kill an unborn child you can do anything-and if a society can accept the murder of the unborn it’s also capable of anything.

6. I’m not trying to preach to you.I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my own life-have no room to write to you as if i am a better person than you.You should know that i’m not(trust me on this)but when you wrote,”stop ruining our lives” it caught my attention.Ironic.

Thank  you for stopping in.Feel free to leave any comments.

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