How did we get here?(we’ve ALMOST survived)Part I.Background

In 13 days we will be witnessing the Inauguration of our 45th President of the United States.

I hope the next 13 days go smoothly but I’m not holding my breathe,are you?

We’ve gone through the recount(several of them).

There was the futile effort to get the electoral voters to go unfaithful. There were only 2 that refused to vote Trump-Hillary lost 5.

THEN in a last ditch effort some ppl barnstormed the certification in Congress. You have to know it’s all  nonsense when even crazy Joe Biden says it’s over.

Finally,if you have watched any news at all for the past year right up until today 1.8.2017 it looks like the whole United States is in meltdown-except in ‘flyover’ country where there has been a lot of disquiet this past  year and a collective sigh of relief that our current President’s term is up.

Witness Chris Wallace going into full ballistic mode with Reince Prebius over Pres Elect Donald Trump today on Fox News Sunday.Holy Crow! What was that?

I don’t want to digress too much.I am going to take up that “interview” in a future blog entry.In fact very near future.I want to examine how we got here in the first place.

See this:


You may ask;what are we looking at and why?

The flag in the background is revolutionary/murderer Che Guevara.


The office the flag is hanging  in happens to be an Obama campaign office from 2008 or 2012.Yes,that’s also the image of Che on the building;though Obama probably didn’t have any control over being pictured there.He was in Cuba at the mercy of the Castro regime.I will give him the benefit of the doubt, considering the circumstances.The office is another matter.

I don’t doubt you’ve seen that image on clothing from time to time in the United States-usually worn by young people. Most older folks know better or aren’t into wearing images on their clothing anyway.

The Democrat party is also known as the PROGRESSIVE party. Progressive is a more palatable name than socialist/communist.

You can’t get it over on some people if you call it what it actually is.

Let’s be honest.Communism is godless and godless is chaos.

See This:


You might ask,who is that and why does he matter? That’s the same guy as this one. 

Domestic terrorist and Obama chum William Ayers who was photographed standing on 

an American flag and who considered cops ‘pigs’. He was the leader-with his wife Bernadine Dorn-of the Weatherman or Weather Underground in the 60’s. 


Bernardine Rae Dohrn is a former leader of the Weather Underground, a group responsible for the bombing of the United States Capitol, the Pentagon, and several police stations in New York, as well as the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion that killed three members of the Underground.



While some of our young people were drafted back then and fighting in VietNam;some of our generation were back here smoking dope and living the high life.You could certainly have Conscientious Objections to the war(many did)-you also had a subversive element in the anti war movement.

Ayers,from Chicago,went on to teach at University.Obama went into activism as a “community organizer” ala Saul Alinsky tactics in Chicago and eventually won a Senate Seat for 2 yrs.Basically the inmates took over the asylum.

They are driven by one thing:IDEOLOGY

They really believe all this crap is going to work out.

You have a media that is simpatico with these ppl [and their ideology }and you’ve got one billionaire-George Soros-willing to throw money and support behind any group that undermines our Republic.Now that they have gotten power,they are going  to fight tooth and nail to keep it from slipping out of their fingers.Why not? They’ve had a firm grip on it for so long that to see it slip away and possibly die has to be infuriating to them.

TRUTH:They are the enemy.We have Republicans (a few)who don’t share the ideology but who have their own power base [fueled by their own donors]who are also clinging to power.

So you have two rigorous groups both clinging to power who are fighting the Pres Elect tooth and nail.In different ways,with different methods of course.

The left is THE most dangerous and the anti Trump Republicans are only a danger in that they actually help fuel the left.

Look at our country.It’s no wonder Make America Great AGAIN became the slogan of the movement against these 2 groups.
The millennials voted in large numbers for Obama. Some get his background;some have no idea. They IDENTIFIED with him. They don’t connect the violence,racism,chaos in the streets with Obama and his ideology. All that is someone else’s fault.He’s the guy trying to fix it,in their minds.

The media,academia and Progressive Party don’t care about the chaos,violence and racism because they believe it’s caused by those who oppose them on their journey to Utopia.They can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s probably because they refuse to.Although it would not surprise me that some get it but would rather lie.


Now we have this Russian hacking story-all else has failed-to delegitimize the Presidency of Donald J.Trump before he takes office and everyone on that side is jumping on the bandwagon.You can hear the echo in the echo chamber.

See this:


You might ask,who is this and why is he relevant?Well,that’s James Clapper.

It was Clapper’s DNI that failed to detect an impending attack on Benghazi and then excised all mention of al Qaeda and terrorism from Susan Rice’s infamous talking points. Any demurral Clapper had about the Obama administration’s Arab Spring disaster was well hidden. Clapper’s DNI was, to all appearances, blind-sided by ISIS and intelligence estimates were apparently cooked in order to let the White House pat itself on the back for the kick-ass job it was doing. Most shameful,though, was Clapper’s deliberately lying to Congress over the extent of NSA’s eavesdropping on US citizens:

On March 12, 2013, Clapper appeared before the U.S. Select Committee on Intelligence in his role as national intelligence director, a position created in 2004 to oversee foreign, military and domestic intelligence for national defense. The committee’s role is to oversee intelligence operations of the executive branch, and its members have special access to classified intelligence briefings, sources and budgets.


Before we get too butt ugly on Mr Clapper(though he deserves some of it);remember it was his boss Obama that sent him out there along with Susan Rice.
While there are good foot soldiers in the intelligence community and I’m NOT disparaging them;we know,especially after Benghazi, that the agency has become politicized.Many government agencies under Obama have been politicized.He’s been there for 8 yrs.He’s had ample time to do it and ample power accumulated in the executive office over those 8 yrs. 


There has to be a lot of pressure on these agencies to toe the mark. There are probably also SOME Obama loyalists in there who don’t need pressured. There’s  Obama himself appointing and sending out certain lackeys to do his bidding. A combination of all 3 make it difficult for ANY agency to get the truth out there and disseminated enough for impact on the public, try as they may. Were it not for Wikileaks we wouldn’t know a damned thing.

So we’re supposed to believe the intelligence community under Obama?

It makes it even more difficult for the honest and trustworthy when the media is in the tank for Obama-and yes, i have to bring her up,for Clinton.

See this:


He’s spinning in his grave.

Why Obama needs to go quietly into the night | Washington Examiner

SUNDAY | JANUARY 8, 2017 With two weeks left in his term, President Obama is signaling that he intends to do anything but go quietly. Why Obama needs to go quietly into the night By SCOTT JENNINGS • 1/7/17 With two weeks left in his term, President Obama is signaling that he intends to do anything but go quietly once President-elect Trump takes office, rejecting the example set by most every other president.

Obama’s failure to emulate the class and deference shown him by President George W. Bush — allowing his successor to lead without interference from the previous occupant — will not work to the Democratic Party’s advantage, nor will it be good for our divided nation.

The moral impact of Obama’s refusal to recede cannot be understated as he’s leaving the nation more politically divided than when he took office, according to polling done by the Pew Research Center. Any post-presidential meddling would undermine Trump’s efforts to unify a country sorely in need of healing.

Obama has announced he’s going to live in Washington after leaving office and caused eye rolls when he said that he would have won a third term if permitted to run again (despite recent polling showing otherwise).

It’s Alexander Hamilton’s warning against presidential term limits come to life.”Would it promote the peace of the community, or the stability of the government to have half a dozen men who had had credit enough to be raised to the seat of the supreme magistracy, wandering among the people like discontented ghosts, and sighing for a place which they were destined never more to possess?” Hamilton wrote in Federalist 72. At the time, average life expectancy was just 36. Obama, just 55 years old, could be the nation’s Discontented Ghost-in-Chief for decades, haunting Trump and the next three presidents.

Obama has already presided over what Sam Stein, the senior politics editor of the Huffington Post, called “the destruction of the Democratic Party” since 2009, leaving them “in a much worse position.” On Obama’s watch, Republicans won control of both chambers of Congress, won a record number of state legislative chambers (67 of 98), and control 33 governorships.

The liberal site Daily Kos admitted Republicans won more political power in 2016 than in any election since 1928.Finally, a chance for conservatives to mean it when we say “Thanks, Obama!”While Obama possessed political skills beyond his opponents in 2008 and 2012, he has since presided over electoral calamities that clearly show voters, however fond they might be of Obama as a person, did not ultimately approve of his policy agenda, or of the general direction of the country under Democratic leadership.

The election results, combined with pre- and post-election polling, tell the tale. Huge swaths of voters that previously supported Obama, especially in the midwest, flipped to Trump in 2016, handing the GOP the election. In an October NBC News/Wall St. Journal national survey, 65 percent said the nation was on the wrong track. But in the same poll taken in December, with an Obama successor elected who will take the country in a decidedly different direction, just 54 percent said the country was on the wrong track.

Source: Why Obama needs to go quietly into the night | Washington Examiner

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