Tweety Drama

Does anyone recall how they got sucked into twitter? What’s your story?Have no idea how/why i got there but never left. It’s like the Hotel California.

The first  tweety bird i ever met there was Jim Williams and we were supporting 
Herman Cain.We had phone conversations and he was one heck of a nice guy.


He showed me the ropes on Twitter and boy was he good at it.He was so nice to everyone.

All Jim ever cared about on Twitter was getting people to back Herman Cain but he never dissed a person if they didn’t . He just kept going! He’d invite you to support Cain but he’d end the tweet with “WELCOME EITHER WAY.”

Betcha Jim(“Windvane”)Williams didn’t have an enemy in the world. We had one disagreement the whole time we were in contact. It happened to be over Cain’s position on abortion. We didn’t settle it but it was because i was struggling with it.

Jim was sure where Cain stood.I had reservations at  the time.Then Jim passed away unexpectedly*.We were all shocked.His kids were devastated.I was sorry we had the disagreement.I wish he had gone to the hospital. He probably should have been re-admitted.If you knew Jim you were blessed.

Back then there wasn’t a lot of drama on Twitter either. Over time it’s become a great place to meet like minded people. Admittedly it’s like an echo chamber sometimes,but given how hostile the left is we have to have some place to go to share our pov without being attacked. It’s also become a great place to get info and news. Admittedly sometimes you can fall for a false story but you learn to sort through all that. Besides,it can’t be any worse than the garbage cable puts out as “news.”

Now we’ve had some drama creep into twitter.Someone is trying to get people  to take sides and it’s gotten ugly. They not only don’t care for this person;they want everyone else to join the club and not care for this person.Personally ,i find that childish and destructive.

It began with a person who got banned from an inaugural ball. I followed the people on both sides of it-their fall out had nothing to do with me.Then i did get wind of a video the banned person put out and it was nasty,vindictive and anti Semitic. It  made sense that the person would get banned. Sure he’s entitled to his opinion and free speech permits him to rant about it all he likes. I just don’t have to associate with the person and blocked him.Besides, it doesn’t reflect well on Mr Trump and that’s a good reason to disassociate. Now there’s people out there trying to get ppl to turn on each other-I know the person who got banned is the one who got it rolling. Ok,I get the party he is attacking could have an ego. It’s possible.How do i know? Never met either of these ppl. Neither of them ever did anything that personally wronged me. I would block anyone though that was anti semitic or actually racist.Not accused of being racist-someone who didn’t make any bones about being racist.There are people who make it obvious and have no problem doing so. 

Look,if you’re trying to get ppl turned against each other or cause drama we’re done.I’ll block right off the bat. I have been to social media outside Twitter and it came up there too. It’s getting out of hand.I’m not trying to see how many followers  i can get,so if anyone finds me offensive and/or crude,by all means,block. Twitter is not real life.It’s a means of communication and it’s terrific for being supportive of Trump but that’s it.Every now and then you bump into someone (like Jim)you really hit it off with & become friends.It can happen.[ was platonic.We were never planning to meet up,hook up or go past a phone call. That is NEVER going to happen. Married for 23 yrs and it matters.]There are some really terrific people on Twitter and if we met think we could be friends but it’s probably not going to happen either.This drama is not worth the angst it’s causing. The person it originated with should just get over being banned and move on like an adult before there’s any MORE division.It’s a fringe group. There are MILLIONS of Trump supporters.IF it happened to me sure i’d be hurt,even get a bruised ego,but that’s life.The world keeps spinning. 

It’s finding its way to  other social media -where the other media is TOTALLY unrelated. You get in a chat and it starts. The good news is that Trump will be inaugurated before we know it and so far it’s seemed like FOREVER.

How great is that? We’re finally there!! I know we’re going to have to support him even more AFTER he’s in office because he’s going to get it really hard from all sides.For now,let’s just bask in the victory  and celebrate,k?
We can count down the days together and thank God on Jan 20th.For those that don’t believe in God and support Trump-sorry you have  no one to thank but you can still feel incredibly proud,with us, that the country was spared thanks to an incredible man (Donald J.Trump) and one historic movement.

*Jim passed away before Herman Cain dropped out. He would have been heartbroken had he known.

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