Day before the end of 2016. Yes it is! Countdown to Jan 20

A  Wrap Up,like an egg roll:

Anyone read the DHS report on Russian hacking? Garbage.

It basically tells how hacking is done with some bogus aliases thrown in and this  diagram a teen could dream up-but ZERO evidence Russia hacked the election.How did they supposedly hack? Someone tell me how you hack an election? Hello….the machines are not connected to the internet. The only thing you could actually do is put a glitch in the software-where it’s USED- for the vote to turn over.Now as i understand it,from the left,Hillary won the popular vote so that means Putin had it hacked for her.

It’s all bogus.Now Obama got slammed hard,even from some Democrats,over the U.N. vote against Israel PLUS the Kerry speech. Need a distraction? You come up with something huge that will take the headline. Voila-Russia hacked the election.

Assange said flat out it wasn’t the Russians. He HAD the documents. He got them from someone.
Earth calling people. Assange knew the source. He says it wasn’t the Russians-and he HAS the documents in hand-BINGO! It’s not the Russians ppl.That’s not to say they didn’t hack anything but they definitely didn’t throw the election, because WIKILEAKS had the documents. DUH.

It gets even better because Sen John McCain and his sidekick Lindsey Graham(the Bobbsey Twins)want an investigation.These 2 have a bowl of stupid as a steady diet.



Why do  people keep sending them back? They’re the poster boys for Term Limits.For crying out loud they’re joined at the hip,vote with the Democrats every chance they get and you KNOW they’re going to give Pres Trump a rough time.Ditto Speaker Ryan,Mitch  McConnel and Susan Collins.They always cave. Time to put em on notice.

Alan Dershowitz says if the DNC elects Ellison as DNC Chair he’ll leave the Democrat party.I’d be leaving the party over the fact that they are even CONSIDERING him.

Wayne Dupree had a great show tonight on RSBN.More  on that later today.Wayne and Hutch are the best.

INTELLECTUAL FROGLEGS with Joe Dan Gorman is primo; Diamond and Silk are right up there too.They are all HUGE Trump supporters. My kind of people. 

I then watched Mike  Cernovich on Periscope.  I wasn’t taking sides in the Baked Alaska/Cernovich  cage match but after listening to Alaska on Twitter, ended up blocking him.

I was following both but i got to see a side of Baked,i didn’t like,in this video he had up.Now i see why Cernovich banned him.He had no choice. I was shocked to hear Baked Alaska talk about Jews the way he did. He’s an anti Semite;there is no doubt in my mind. He was totally unhinged in his rant;very hateful in general.Regardless of what Cernovich did or the ban from the Inaugural Ball  he’s not someone i want to associate with anyway. The Deploraball is meant to be a fun event. Why would the people going there to celebrate Trump’s Inauguration  want this hanging over their heads? Cernovich did the right thing.I’m just  not going to get involved.Blocked Alaska,Following Cernovich.It’s only Twitter folks and Baked was only talking some ‘smack’ in the video.
Sorry that he honestly believes a lot of what he says.

I don’t know either man personally so it’s not worth the drama.I will follow Cernovich on Twitter and can say that he SEEMS like a very nice person.I think i’ll buy  a couple of his books eventually and read them. They look interesting.Someone in his persicope chat mentioned Carl Jung several times. Carl Jung is one of the founders of the New Age movement.

I have a blog post on the topic

Catholic? Stay away from New Age no matter how it’s dressed up. 

The Inauguration can’t come soon enough! The end of Obama’s 2 term presidency is finally coming to an end and we managed to escape the election of the Clinton Crime Family.Thank God!If the media would get off their crap and the left would act like human beings we might actually be able to celebrate this incredible victory with Trump. We will have to celebrate in spite of them. I won’t forget what they did either.I’m NOT a vindictive person but one day-if i live that long of course-they honestly do need a good dose of their own medicine.

Assange needs freed and Soros needs arrested and/or  deported.


Dept of Veteran’s Affairs,Trump Administration.EZ choice


He’s an outsider,he’s a vet and he’s got an incredible resume.Who better than a man like West? His best characteristics are the virtues of  integrity,loyalty and love of country.

New Years Resolution? Don’t know. I haven’t decided which bad habit to work on yet.



coollogo_com-18638326.pngBest vote I ever cast was in 2016 for Donald Trump.Husband did too-and our cousin and  his family back in the old hometown.

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Exclusive — Behind Scenes at Presidential Inaugural Committee: Trump Inauguration to Have Less Pomp, Circumstance So He Can Get Right to Work – Breitbart

Exclusive — Behind Scenes at Presidential Inaugural Committee: Trump Inauguration to Have Less Pomp, Circumstance So He Can Get Right to Work

Source: Exclusive — Behind Scenes at Presidential Inaugural Committee: Trump Inauguration to Have Less Pomp, Circumstance So He Can Get Right to Work – Breitbart

Report on ‘Russian hacking’ offers disclaimers, barely mentions Russia — RT America

As the White House and Treasury Department announced new sanctions against Russia over the alleged hacking of US elections, the FBI and Homeland Security released a report that offered supposed proof amid an abundance of disclaimers.

Source: Report on ‘Russian hacking’ offers disclaimers, barely mentions Russia — RT America