Such A Great Man (Edited)



  1. wet work(Noun)

    Covert assassination performed by government operatives.

    It’s not a statement.It’s a question. I can’t find the email where wetworks is mentioned FIRST .The reply is about wet works(at least that part)& he’s obviously being sarcastic or tongue and cheek about it.He KNOWS what it means.

  2. That’s all you can ascertain here.He is clear it doesn’t mean these pool parties they probably  attend at a location  or maybe  a specific resort called the Vineyard.I was thinking Martha’s Vineyard but it could mean just about any place.”I’m all in” and “it could be a bad night” has no context at all.There is no way of telling here what he means,but that’s  the part that bothers me most.There is no context. Nothing to refer to. I’ve never been into conspiracy theories.All I’m saying here is that the email is so cryptic it’s annoying.There is an email re Justice Scalia’s death written 3 days from the time this email was written. I would consider that mere coincidence. There’s really no way to conclude otherwise(for now).

I’m not going to jump to conclusions here. On the other hand i don’t put ANYTHING past this crew either.We’ll leave it at that.I just wish we could find out why they even mentioned wet works.Who brings it up in general conversation?