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Trump sent out a video statement and apologized. I didn’t know that i was supposed to be electing a perfect human being but then-according to some GOP cowards-that must be the case.

Let’s be honest here since we’re all being so honest;Speaker Ryan and others were members of the Never Trump club even when he solidly won his party’s nomination.

Then they stomped around for awhile. Ryan witheld his endorsement;meaning Trump

had to go crawl to a meeting with Ryan and other GOP leaders. Well, he did.

Some MONTHS later Ryan pretended he was kind of endorsing Trump. God only knows what these fools Ryan,Romney and Bush were doing behind the scenes, that we DIDN’T get wind of. Seriously.Even before the tape came out they were plotting,coniving against him rather than supporting him.Makes me VERY suspicous about the tape leak. Why woudn’t it?

Want some real truth. You think Ryan is pulling all his crap and getting people to kowtow to him for no reason? You can bet he thinks(no doubt some of the other Never Trumpers think they’re going to be the one too)he’s going to run for President someday. And who does he think will vote for him after he stabbed Trump in the back? Besides if they let Hillary win,it won’t matter who thinks they’re going to run. There won’t be a country left for them to save anyway.
So Trump had a PRIVATE conversation 11 yr ago that he apologized for .He didn’t have to apologize to me. He didn’t say it to me-and i would never have heard it at all except for the fact someone (probably the Bush-Clinton duo)ILLEGALLY leaked the conversation 11 yr after the fact. Just as Wikileaks dropped their docs on the Clinton’s.

Hillary Clinton is corrupt as hell;but never mind that. Of course we heard all the political granstanding in Congress that accomplished absolutely NOTHING.

The left is going around feigning righteous indignation while  some opportunists in the GOP are diserning their politicals futures-they’re good at that. When can i run next? While the rest are just plain cowards who let the media and the CORRUPT left run rip shod over them.

I’m not condoning what Mr Trump said but i also don’t need to know about someone’s PRIVATE CONVERSATION that has no real effect on me at all.Now that i do know i can say it’s horrible but he’s human. I am NOT voting for someone to walk on water and part the Red Sea.[i think that was supposed to be Obama.] He apologized. I think what he’s been through to run for the office of President makes him a bigger man than all these cowards and opportunists put together. It definitely makes  him a better person than Clinton.

I’m not voting for a Sunday School teacher or a Messiah. I’m voting for a person who i know will make a good President. Not unlike some of the IMPERFECT men that have come before him(Bill Clinton especially ).If he keeps it ETHICAL in the Oval office; good enough.Exactly what i expect. NO Speaker Ryan,Jeb Bush,Mitt Romney,Ted Cruz-we’re not going to vote for you. We won’t forget.BTW. Trump WILL win.

@SpeakerRyan @RealDonaldTrump @mike_pence Let’s Add It Up

Remember when Donald Trump won the nomination in the Republican primaries. We won’t replay the Cruz fiasco. I won’t go there at the moment(with good reason).We’ll get to that in a few weeks. Let’s consider where Speaker Paul Ryan stood at that time.He  refused to endorse Trump. Mr Trump just had to have a meeting with Ryan and that he did. The more i think about that one,wish Mr Trump had declined but he was fair and went. My question at this point is,who does Speaker Ryan think he is?

Let’s be honest (not much of that from the GOP);we knew the Clinton’s were going to throw everything AND the kitchen sink no matter who the Republican candidate was.Now this 11 yr old tape is all they’ve got on Trump and the cowards run for the hills?

The Democrats stood by the Come Back Kid Clinton when one woman after another was accusing Bill Clinton of everything from sexual assualt to rape.Trump does some gutter talk 11 yr ago and the GOP jumps ship.Really? No wonder the Dems always win and the Republicans always lose.  For all we know THEY-meaning the Never Trump Republicans- got the tape and leaked it.They gave Trump a half hearted endorsement. It was fake.Everyone knows it was fake. The Never Trump people never quit being Never Trump believe me.They’re phonies.

Mr Trump was  honest and apologized. So what does Speaker Ryan do? Calls off an invite to MrTrump for an event in Wisconsin.An event that Ryan made clear was just a “polite” invite to Trump;not an actual event to help the candidate.

Since when do we bow and kow tow to Ryan? Is he something special? Just because he’s part of the Wisconsin cabal doesn’t mean much to the rest of us.I’m sorry people but i smell a RAT  here.A big one.Maybe a whole bunch of em.

Want to talk honesty? THE GOP was never REALLY behind Trump;even from the beginning.I’ve heard of SOME local offices giving Trump supporters a hard time.Not everyone,ok?There are some good people out there. I wouldn’t be shocked if  eventually someone digs up some behind the curtain information that Speaker Ryan and his buddies(Jeb Bush,Mitt Romney) COLLLUDED with the Clinton campaign and they put it out on the same day as the WIKILEAKS for a reason.

Something is up here. We’ll find out eventually.For now,they just look like a bunch of cowards.

We have news for SpeakerRyan and his little cabal:Donald Trump is going to win.




It’s Complicated(and I’m tired)@realDonaldTrump @mike_pence #Podestagate

Donald Trump apologized for remarks he made at least 11 yr ago.They were ILLEGALLY released as far as I know.Keep in mind 2 facts:they’ve been in a vault somewhere and today Wikileaks dropped the Hillary bomb.The timing is impeccable. The question is;how and by whom was this recording obtained? I also suspect a collusion between some Never Trumpers,a backstabbing GOP cabal and the Clinton campaign. This is politics.It’s not that much of a stretch.Paul Ryan was a weasel from the beginning. Mitt Romney as well but that’s because of his jealousy of Trump. Jeb Bush figured he’d be crowned. Cruz also figured he’d be crowned.[They all think that way. ]Trump didn’t figure he’d be crowned. He KNEW he would have to bust his butt for it and EARN the vote.

I’m NOT defending the comments but I also KNEW i was not voting for a Sunday School teacher either(that was Jimmy Carter and according to Hillary Clinton she was too).

Trump put out his apology. It’s up to each person if they’re willing to accept it. I am, but knowing it was dirty politics in the first place, he really didn’t need to. He didn’t say it to me.What do I care? When the media cleans up their act let me know.

Speaking of which, didn’t they once call Bill Clinton “the come back kid” after his wife destroyed every woman Clinton dallied with,assualted or raped? Yep.She did. Why would she cover for him?  Political ambition.

I have a few things to say about Speaker Ryan, who thinks he’s something really special, but we’ll save that one for when i wake up. I’m incredibly tired.Twitter gave me the boot today-locked me out of my account-so i had to go into Plan C.No worry.Will try to get back into the account. It depends on what Twitter does when i send them our phone no.

Truthfully,I’m no saint myself so i  do believe that we are redeemable whether Hillary Clinton thinks so or not.I believe absolutely and without question that Mr Trump is very happy with Melania and faithful as all get out. I know that being married can do that to people. Maybe NOT  being a saint-or pretending to be one like Paul Ryan,Mitt Romney,Jeb Bush or Hillary  Clinton-gives me some insight into the flaws of other people.

It’s hard to even call them sanctimonius when you know it’s really ALL POLITICS. The high moral ground, my eye.

BTW. Trump is going to win. Why do you think they did this?

Dick Morris actually saw it coming @realDonaldTrump @mike_pence RT PLS

Dear Reader,

Despite hundreds of millions in negative attacks ads funded by the likes of George Soros – and a liberal media establishment totally out to destroy him – Donald Trump is not only standing – he is nearly tied with Hillary Clinton in major polls.

And in some key battleground state polls like Ohio – Trump is leading!

Dick Morris predicted Trump’s stunning comeback and rise in his runaway NY Times bestseller Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary.

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The fact so many voters remain undecided – is VERY BAD NEWS for Hillary.

This is why, Morris explains, Hillary will have to spring an October surprise against Trump.

And she will do it soon!

It won’t be nice, either.

The recent disclosure of Trump’s tax returns by the New York Times – an out-and-out illegal act – is just the beginning!

But Trump, Morris argues, can deflect this attack and turn the tables against her.

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