WINNING! @realDonaldTrump

  1. learn from the Kaine debate what NOT to do-interrupting is a no no. People find that rude and goes over like a fart in church regardless of party.
  2. open respectfully .call her Sec Clinton.when she gets into her snarky gutter politics (you’ll know)slip down to Hillary. Who cares? She calls you Donald. It’s not by accident.
  3. call out the media this time around. Point out how they report inane little comments you made as a privat citizen but none of the CORRUPTION commited by Hillary Clinton.COMMITTED(important.she actually did it.) Such as Benghazi,Haiti,Pay for Play, destroying evidence, the meeting between Lynch and Bill,.LIES under oath.
  4. You respect all women.Mention that the women who know you personally came out to defend you. Ignore the stupid comments she’ll make-Gov Pence did. He got points for it-it made Kaine look stupid. If you give ppl enough rope they’ll hang themselves. The trick you have is knowing when to let them have the rope and when to hang them yourself. Do your best. I would go after the media. They deserve it.Maybe you can you get them off THEIR game.Ask them why they cover every tweet you send out but NONE of the scandals rocking our government and destroying the faith of the American ppl. Touche!



Your chance to move into your policies. If the American ppl hear you talking POLICIES and her talking crap-you win.

6. I would do that most frequently .If you keep mentioning what’s being done to the American ppl and what the Clintons did to Haiti-the IGNORED topic-that gets the point home!



@newtgingrich *BREAKING NEWS*

Former House Speaker Newt  Gingrich recent tweet:


My point in bringing it up is not to argue about the NY times article but to point out the level of vitriol Speaker Gingrich endured after the tweet. They began by attacking his character,his morality,his marriage and his personal life.Nothing to do with the NY times article.It’s how they roll. “They” being liberals and haters. They didn’t have the same righteous indignation when Bill Clinton was President.They don’t really seem to have the same righteous indignation (aka fake outrage)re ANY liberal.

So,let’s put the Newt trash talk to rest once and for all.

IMHO we can see right before our eyes the culmination of the kind of intolerance the left has for  conservatives.

How so? Simple.Take the Clinton’s and the scandals that have followed them throughout their 30 yr of seeking higher office. Now,with their corruption and the corruption of Obama running rampant through our whole government it can’t get any worse.It has even tainted one of the most respected agencies in our history-the FBI.It’s a shame. Nixon should have been so lucky. It’s a collusion between all media and a corrupt government that has brought us to where we are today.(The Republicans are not going to escape either-i have a few things to say about some of them in the near future).

We watched the VP debate last night too between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence.Right there were the 2 representatives of exactly what i’m talking about.Consider Kaine and you’re looking at the liberal pov rolled into one.Look at Pence and you can see everything that is right about the majority of good decent American people.Andrew Breitbart pointed out the intolerant left frequently and one of his final words was #WAR.

Ok,i get that Donald Trump is a flawed man who isn’t perfect. If we had to elect perfect,we wouldn’t be able to hold elections. Ok,i get that Speaker Gingrich is a flawed man who isn’t perfect.

Hillary Clinton (and the Clinton’s together)are more than just flawed. They’re corrupt to the core. She holds the voters in utter contempt and believes that her little circle of political hacks is just too smart for the rest of us.

The turning point for Andrew Breitbart was the televised lynching of Justice Clarance Thomas. It was despicable. He and has wife had people rifling through their garbage-LITERALLY not metaphorically-to find something to use against  him.I remember. Sat through that whole circus they had on tv.

In Vince Foster’s own words,destroying ppl was sport to the Clinton’s. He later committed suicide.Deputy White House counsel Vince Foster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park off the George Washington Parkway in Virginia, outside Washington, D.C., on July 20, 1993. His death was ruled a suicide…


 You can also read about Hillary Clinton(and Vince Foster)  in the book HELL TO PAY by Barbara Foster.It’s an older book but a great read;it takes you back to the Clinton’s early years in Arkansas.

Someone on the Twitter Time line even  told Newt he ought to go to confession. [Love when they ‘get religion.’]

No kidding.Talk to FATHER Z His most frequent admonition is for ALL of us to go to confession.

 What’s really a riot about the left is that from time to time they’ll start throwing down verses from scripture  or  Church(meaning Catholic)teaching to attack conservatives.

When they actually venture out into these deep waters  they always selectively pull something out (usually something they don’t understand themselves)and IGNORE moral teachings any other time. They’re nailing Newt to the wall for divorce yet it’s the secular progressive culture that enshrined no fault divorce. All you have to do is take note of the celebrities they admire and realize some of them have had 4,5 (or more)divorces.[Of course,none of this had anything to do with the NYT article.]

Whatever they attack you with;rule of thumb. Hold a mirror up to them.

As for Trump’s taxes