@realDonaldTrump how @mike_pence won and Kaine Lost

As i made the rounds voting in various polls ater the VP debate read some of the comments.What came up most frequently about Kaine that people found disconcerting was his constant interruption.

The one thing the American ppl don’t like is someone who interrupts. They find it rude and sometimes obnoxious .The bottom line is,they don’t like it.

They don’t mind the other person defending themselves or even interjections but they don’t like it when people interrupt.It was the comment i read most frequently about the debate. The American people are fair minded.

The American people can tell when someone is speaking from conviction or when someone has simply rehearsed. Hands down the person speaking with conviction was Pence and Kaine was rehearsed. You can study before these debate but unless you have conviction and really believe in what you’re doing, it comes off too well rehearsed.It lacks heart .People don’t connect.Put another way they know b.s.when they see it.

Now this was a VP debate-not JUST a debate. The Vice President is one heart beat away from the office of POTUS. What both these candidates had the job of doing was to convince the American people in case of the worst happening(President dies in office)they would want them to step into the oval office.Pence came off as being that person.Cool,calm,collected but prepared. Kaine came off as,holy cow we’d be in trouble.

So Pence taking the shots from the moderator and Kaine  without ‘losing it’ was a plus.

Pence had every right to be angry;but being both tough and calm won the night. One last plus for Pence came at the very end.He looked straight into the camera to the American people and without being preachy or self righteous, he convinced them he was sincere and passionate about  his running mate. You can’t fake that.If you’re not sincere,honest and passionate no amount of rehearsing or study will help.


Mike Pence recieves call from Donald Trump  congratulating him after the debate.

This is a great team!