An Open Letter to @realDonaldTrump(our 45th)

Learned that your choice for VP-Mike Pence-was a terrific choice. We really do like Mike.

I watched 2 of his Az rallies today (town halls)and he did a terrific job supporting you and your vision for America.

The one most important question i asked was; will your VP pick be ready to serve, should God forbid, something happened to you. The answer was yes.

Once i answered that question,got to know Mike,realized i should have trusted your judgement. You 2 will be a Dynamic Duo. Can’t wait!!

I see our illustrious golf enthusiast, so called President, attacked you today. Of course he did. The economic news was devastating,his foreign policy is in shambles and we just learned about the illegitimate Iran payment. He’s going to keep focusing on you. Hit him hard on his failures. He owns them and he can’t use you to distract from reality.

Suggestion though: forget the primaries,polls and you NEVER  have to remind us you don’t need this. We know. I get you’re saying it out of frustration and it IS true but it sometimes comes across as you wanting to be somewhere else. Your die hard supporters know that’s not true. However,if you want to reach the unconvinced-you need em-and convince them i think they’re more apt to take that the wrong way.Look at it this way Mr Trump.We’re ALMOST there. All you have to do for the next 99 days is hit Obama’s legacy(it stinks),Hillary Clinton who isn’t fit to be President and YOUR VISION for America and that’s it. You’ll win.We only have 99 days to go. WOW!

JOBS,SECURITY,IMMIGRATION,TRADE. Those are you strongest points and that’s where the American people are. Just think, 67% of the American people believe the country is going on the wrong direction. All you have to do is let ppl know you’re going to take it in a different direction and it’s not the failed policies of the status quo; which Clinton is totally a part of.

Those really are  your strongest points and that’s what got you here!! Focus like a laser beam as they used to say and you got this.

Of course,we know it’s still going to be an uphill battle. The media is as corrupt as the Clintons are. Some Republicans are idiots.We’ll take care of them. You don’t have to worry about that. We’re taking names and we’ll vote them out.

We’ll put them on notice. Watch.

You have our 100% support and we’ll do all we can to be sure we get to what we  envision. Donald J. Trump putting his hand on his mother’s Bible and taking the oath of office.The first day, of the next part of the journey, where we Make America Great Again.I really believe that.

he will be called


The Pope and Politics; a difficult topic

I’m (obviously) a huge Trump supporter.Now we all know his position on Syrian refugees and illegals. If you don’t,you are living in a cave.

Pope Francis has made some statements lately, that while i highly respect him,they have made me cringe. I’ve run into people on twitter who are not only cringing,but are downright hostile about it. Truth is,most of those people are probably anti Catholic anyway and very little our Pope says or does is going to make them happy.

While some of Pope Francis comments  make me cringe,i have taken some steps back to examine why he might be

taking the positions he is and issuing the statements he has.We have to give people the benefit of the doubt if we’re not sure,until we are SURE.

Some examples. He seems to be lenient toward Muslims even after one of our priests was brutally murdered in France. Many Catholics in the Middle East are under greater persecution now than they have ever been.

Let’s recall a talk by Pope Benedict the XVI several years ago during his(wonderful)Pontificate, known as the Regensburg lecture; after the University of Regensburg in Bavaria [where he gave the lecture.]In the lecture Our Holy Father included a quote-it wasn’t his own words-and set off a firestorm. ISIS was not even on the horizon at the time.There were churches attacked  in the West Bank, an Italian nun killed in Somalia, a priest murdered in Iraq.
Let’s go back even further in Church history to the time of  Nazism/Hitler in Germany &  the genocide committed against Jews.

the Archbishop of Utrecht was warned by the Nazis not to protest the deportation of Dutch Jews. He spoke out anyway and in retaliation the Catholic Jews of Holland were sent to their death. One of them was the Carmelite philosopher, Edith Stein.”[10]

While the armchair quarterbacks of anti-Catholic circles may have wished the Pope to issue, in Axis territory and during wartime, ringing, propagandistic statements against the Nazis, the Pope realized that such was not an option if he were actually to save Jewish lives rather than simply mug for the cameras.

The desire to keep a low profile was expressed by the people Pius XII helped. A Jewish couple from Berlin who had been held in concentration camps but escaped to Spain with the help of Pius XII, stated: “None of us wanted the Pope to take an open stand. We were all fugitives, and fugitives do not wish to be pointed at. The Gestapo would have become more excited and would have intensified its inquisitions. If the Pope had protested, Rome would have become the center of attention. It was better that the Pope said nothing. We all shared this opinion at the time, and this is still our conviction today.”[11]


I have concluded that Pope Francis is in a precarious situation. His words do matter.He has a role as peacemaker. He cannot enforce the peace with a military. He has the faithful to look out for. Trust me,he’s doing everything he possibly can to help persecuted Catholics in the Middle East and has been very concerned about attacks on our brothers/sisters in the Orthodox Church.

However,i think i understand how people are taking issue with his stand on Syrian refugees and illegal immigrants in the United States.

Here’s where i respectfully disagree with him. Keep in mind i said respectfully disagree..Also keep in mind he’s not speaking INFALLIBLY when he makes these particular statements.

There are other issues upon which i remain totally obedient to the Church. I WILL NOT support a candidate who supports what are considered intrinsic evils. These are INFALLIBLE teachings. The non negotiable issues are abortion,euthanasia,same sex marriage,cloning and EMBRYONIC stem cell research.


No,the Catholic Church is not telling YOU what to do. The Church is providing moral guidance to what Catholics may and may not support; may and may not do.The group, Catholics for Choice, is a scandal. It’s not even about choice. It’s about abortion.

Any questions or comments,feel free.Have at it.

No one could be more concerned with the persecution of Christians than our Holy Father,Pope Francis. I am free to disagree with him on our country taking in Syrian refugees,illegal migrants and the role of Muslims here.I will simply not tolerate anyone attacking him or the Church.Whether it’s a Catholic or anti Catholic(sometimes one and the same).Please,let’s not use  disagreement as a  cover for Anti Catholic bigotry.
I just wish he were as strong as Saint John Paul II was in confronting Communism, in confronting terrorism and the ideology. However,i do cut him some slack because he may not be able to do too much more PUBLICLY. He may be speaking cautiously in public  because of those affected directly. Does that make sense? i say MAY. He has made other comments i’ve cringed at but he still deserves my respect.Fr. Z points out; This pontificate-like all pontificates-is just a parentheses in the history of the Church. Good point!

doctors of the church




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