YANDEX(a plug)

their email program. A+


This morning’s themeScreenshot_92

Love their never log out feature. I haven’t had a password problem to date.

Another great program that’s free. Really and truly  free for the FREE EDITION. NO CREDIT CARD necessary for this software-Super Anti Spyware.Used it for years.

Another recommendation in software:Also free(love the price), eset online scanner.
When all else fails it’s never missed finding malware,spyware,trojans etc. It’ s not meant to run continuously but if you have issues,it will find them. Works well with IE but you can run the installer for other browsers:not a problem.When my anti virus software can’t seem to find the little bugger and its gotten by,eset always comes through. It takes a little more time to scan than some  but worth it.

i can’t tell you how many computers i’ve saved with that one!

Like the logos for Alexa?  That’s COOL TEXT LOGO AND GRAPHICS GENERATOR

So there ya go. All free. Enjoy!

have a great day




Night All,Gr8 night 4 Trump,Gr8 night 4 America

totally burnt out but ready for the next round-Indiana. Great night for Donald Trump. Great night for America! Thrilled. We voted this morning.

Took a peek at Alexa’s account to see if there were any great new photos. Nope.

Checked email to see if brother replied. Nothing.


Love the Yandex email program. Had it for over a year now. Changed the theme today. More whimsical. Earlier it was a hedge hog. I go back and it’s this:


Watched more Fox News tonight than I have in a long time. It will be the last of Fox News I watch for a long time. One exception: Trump on Greta tonight.

Think i’ll talk husband into glazed donuts for breakfast. Our local grocery store sells the best. Sweet but not overwhelming.

He made the best chili today. It was knock out good. Good on a cold day like we had today.

It’s still in the 30’s at night. For Pete’s sake it’s cold enough to snow.

We’re interviewing a new back up aide in the morning. She may come early so I honestly have to call it a night. Our main aide will be in at 11:00. Our back up aide decided she  really wanted full time so we hired her-and let the previous aide go.  The new aide is a sweetheart.

That’s a wrap (before I start rambling.)

sweet dreams and God bless.jpg