Drudge Report Tweet,Prince Dead


I was on Twitter when the Drudge Report Tweet came by,Prince dead.

I was taken aback.It is not a headline you expect to read.

A tweet that followed was the usual,the rock band in heaven is giving quite the concert.
How do we know that Prince is in heaven and that there is a rock band providing a concert.? I’m not sure sure on the former,but positive on the latter. PLS,do not read a eulogy at my funeral. Please pray for me and leave me to the mercy of God.Do not proclaim a canonization.

Yes,his death was a shock.Who wakes up and expects to read this headline? It’s not that it’s unexpected. It’s not expected this soon-or we have some unrealistic expectation that people in the realm of Prince cannot possibly die so soon;if at all.

I’m not saying Prince did not go to heaven.I’m only saying we don’t know.

His death at the age of 57 with all his wealth and fame is a reminder to ALL of us that earth is not our home.We are meant for life eternal and our decisions will determine where we will spend that eternity. We cannot imagine what eternity is-the human mind isn’t capable of envisioning forever.We just can’t do it. All the more reason to be prepared. Rock Star or not we leave this world and take none of it with us.Our culture has given us the mistaken belief that everyone goes to heaven and hell does not exist(that is,sin does not exist).Pray for his soul.




With Uncertainty at Top of Ticket, Republicans Back Off in Some States

The Republican National Committee’s decision to hold off on some spending in hotly contested states is evidence of how a divisive presidential race is threatening the entire ticket.

Source: With Uncertainty at Top of Ticket, Republicans Back Off in Some States

Now here’s the REAL story. It’s because we-Trump supporters-have quit donating to the RNC. We’re not stupid.

I keep getting these emails from the RNC and GOP for donations.They now get a message back;not one dime until they get off their secret meetings and never trump campaign. Anyone else quit donating?

It’s simple.Own up to the fact that Trump is the front runner. Discipline Cruz for his dirty tricks and quit the old mantra;it’s just politics.

Don’t try to steal the nomination from Trump.We know you’re trying.You’re not really hiding it. You’re shooting yourselves in the foot. You wake up. You get honest. Then we can talk about donations.

Porn and The Curse of Total Sexual Freedom

The most recent issue of Time Magazine features a fascinating and deeply troubling article on the prevalence of pornography in our culture. The focus of the piece is on the generation of young men now coming of age, the first generation who grew up with unlimited access to hardcore pornography on the Internet. The statistics […]

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