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Open Letter:A Reality Check 4 @Reince

Dear RNC Chairman Reince,

let’s take a time out and do a reality check.

We’ll begin with the Iowa  Caucus.

Consider the actions of one of the Republican candidates in Iowa,Ted Cruz.

The “Check” Mailer:

“The envelope appears to have come from Cruz’s Senate office and has his name printed the same way it often is for Senate business. In small type the mailer clarifies that it is for “personal” matters and was not sent at taxpayers’ expense. It also promises a check.

But the check inside — which is made out to the Cruz campaign, not to the voter — is fake. The accompanying letter promises that a “group of generous supporters” have promised to match donations received in response to the mailer.
Readers from about a dozen other states wrote in after this story was published to say they’d received the same mailer. It appears to have been sent out widely, to registered Democrats, Republicans and Independents.”

ted cruz mailer

Cruz doesn’t stop there. Let’s take a look at the other mailer he sent out:

“Ted Cruz sent out an unauthorized “election notice” to some Iowa voters prior to the caucus.

The Texas senator’s mailer was marked “voting violation.”

“You are receiving this election notice because of low expected voter turnout in your area. Your individual voting history as well as your neighbors’ are public record,” it said.

“Their scores are published below, and many of them will see your score as well. Caucus on Monday to improve your score and please encourage your neighbors to caucus as well.”

Lest anyone think i’m  deliberately grabbing these stories from anti Cruz  papers;take note.The  stories were common knowledge just about anywhere.

What about Cruz’s campaign claiming Dr Ben Carson had dropped out of the race, just as the folks were going to vote in Iowa-the call to vote for Cruz instead? Did you discipline Cruz? Nope. With all these shenanigans going on and no accountability,no wonder he continues with the same dirty tricks.He gets away with it. The RNC Chairman[Reince] speak up?


More recent shenanigans:

Revealed: Colorado Lawmakers Who Voted to Scrap Election Are Ted Cruz Delegates


How Ted Cruz won the tech war: His sleazy campaign manager is PROUD of how they get people to vote for Cruz. He’s not even hiding it.Check out how they found you,the voter.