WATCH: Sen. Barbara Boxer Tries and Fails To Explain Catholicism To A Priest – Christine Rousselle

an article from the media that actually gets it right.I don’t usually ‘press’ an article from anti Trump Townhall  either but this brief commentary is worth reading.Especially since the media rarely (if ever)gets matters re the Catholic Church correct.

Source: WATCH: Sen. Barbara Boxer Tries and Fails To Explain Catholicism To A Priest – Christine Rousselle

Make Like A Tree

Trump Force One donald-trumps-boeing-757-airliner-2015-7


Maybe Trump could provide  a free ride-one way.

Or perhaps consider taking the train.


Here’s the blog entry i promised my husband. He hates politics so this is pretty political for him. Trust me,we probably won’t hear any political commentary from him again.

He was talking about the people saying they’d leave the country if Trump were elected. All celebrities-he has a few thoughts about them too.

First,why they would make statements at all.He believes they do it to convince other people they should follow their example. i think they do it to make themselves look bigger than they really are. Whatever the reason,my husband noted that if they would leave because Trump were elected how much could love of [their ]country could they have? We agreed they would never leave;at least NOT for this reason.Cyrus is a real winner anyway.I give the rest credit for having some brains.

Screenshot_42.pngJohn Stewart,Whoopie Goldberg,Miley Cyrus,? ,Al Sharpton,Samuel Jackson. Not pictured,Rosie O’ Donnel ,who is the most likely to make good on her word.

The list from INQUISITIR.COM

  • Rosie O’Donnell
  • Eddie Griffin
  • Cher
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Barry Diller
  • Katie Hopkins
  • Omari Hardwick

As they say

make like a tree.gif




The man behind the inspiration for the entry:



Love the comments at the WSJ

re the Trump article:LET ME ASK AMERICA A QUESTION

I tried logging in to leave a comment. After going around in circles and not receiving a single email,decided to leave my comments here.

The comments I wanted to reply TO:

“I wonder who actually wrote this for The Donald, because I know he couldn’t write this piece.”

Evidently this Trump hater doesn’t know that Donald Trump attended the New York Military Academy as well as the Wharton School of Finance. Nor does he/she know that Mr Trump has written several best sellers over the years. Mr.Trump has no problem reading or writing.You don’t have the kind of assets and profits  Mr. Trump has without reading/writing skills.

“I saw 15 minutes of Trump’s speech last night. Very engaging. He was unusually personable. But it was the kind of speech you’d make at a luncheon of some construction trade group…”

I saw the whole speech and Mr Trump admitted it was not political himself. However,he spent the first half of the speech talking about his business-the 15 min or so this guy caught-THEN Trump spent the last half speaking about policies.

If he would have bothered to watch the whole speech, he would have gotten some context & been able to make an informed comment.

There’s plenty more where this came from. Will be gathering em up tonight.

Meantime,here is my own blog entry on the Colorado situation:




Post Script:Message For Son

I want to thank “PC” for calling me about my brother. If he had not called, i would have had no idea my brother was ill. In fact there’s a lot of things I would never have known, if he had not called.I know it took a lot for him to do that. Am thankful.

He must have assumed brother and i were speaking. Barely, since mom died.When i did get an email from him, it would say one of 2 things,”I’m fine” or “I’m busy”. Seriously,that was it.

At least i knew he was still alive.

Kind of ironic-he was always informed of every little detail of my life.The good,the bad,the ugly.Anyway,i really appreciated the phone call “PC”.