Cruz has no path so it begs the question

Why is Cruz going on with the race-the same question could be asked of John Kasich.

The only purpose Cruz serves is stopping Trump.Cruz has no path to the nomination. Trump is almost there;that is,the required no of delegates.

So it comes down to this:Cruz has been promised SOME position if a nominee is picked by a  contested convention. The REAL problem is that were it to happen the Republican party would lose anyway and Cruz wouldn’t even get that position.Whatever it may be. He has NO  chance of being the nominee. NONE. NADA .ZIP.

The best scenario-short of Cruz actually caring about the country-would be for Cruz to get knocked out of the race by Trump once and for all.

Cruz isn’t backed by the establishment? Seriously? How about Romney? How about the Bush’s helping his campaign.How about Walker coming to his aide in Wisconsin.He may not be well liked by the establishment but he still plays their ball game.

BTW. I’m Catholic and in good conscience support Trump. I’ m convinced he will do as much as (if not more)any candidate has ever done for the pro life movement.Is he going to get Roe V Wade overturned? i don’t know but i doubt it. What i don’t like are the ppl that talk a good talk,  get elected  & nothing changes.   I’m holding his feet to the fire on de-funding Planned Parenthood;but I’d also like to remind folks the Rep signed a budget deal that STILL funds Planned Parenthood.It’s going to be a long battle folks and no one man is going to win the battle.

The R in front of a name doesn’t guarantee anything and people who call themselves conservative are sometimes full of hot air. The elites get to decide who is and isn’t a conservative. It’s bunk for the most part.

What they mean by conservative is ‘we are the people pulling the strings.’

So what about Wisconsin? What happened there? Cruz won Wisconsin. Every time Cruz wins a state(not so many)the supporters act like he’s won the nomination.Nope .He’s won A state. When Trump wins a state(2o some so far)he KNOWS the battle isn’t over yet.

What happened in Wisconsin? First of all,we KNEW it was going to be a tough state for Trump. Cruz got Walkers endorsement. The  polls consistently showed Cruz was ahead . I think we ALL got our hopes up for Trump when he hit the state and SOME polls were showing a surge. It went from a state that was going to be tough to win-to a state we thought Trump could win and it just wasn’t the case. i think we set ourselves up for a disappointment. It’s ok though. It turned out as expected.Now the Northeastern states are coming up.

We also have a huge problem in convincing the Cruz supporters plus some other voters that it’s really all about the party boss’s picking the nominee vs Trump.

I don’t know why they can’t see it.







#WisconsinPrimary #Wisconsin So what’s the REAL deal?

Wisconsin’s 42 delegates will be awarded on a winner-take-most basis. The winner of the statewide vote will receive 18 delegates, and then three delegates will be awarded to the winner of each of the state’s eight congressional districts. This system means Cruz will likely win all or almost all of the delegates. While winning a delegate majority is likely beyond reach for Cruz at this point, by winning Wisconsin he denies them to Trump, who needs to win about 500 of the remaining 924 delegates to carry the Republican nomination and avert a contested convention.

The real deal is this:
Trump can still pull it off and grab 500 of the remaining delegates.
Cruz is too far off in the delegate count to be the nominee. Neither he nor Kasich have a path and Kasich is just plain done. Although he may stay in the race anyway. Who knows?
The only purpose Cruz and Kasich serve are to bring the party to a contested convention.At that point someone without any skin in the game will jump in and the GOP elites will pick that winner. Most likely Paul Ryan. although they all keep lying about it. It could be a real food fight at that point with several people outside the race thinking it could be their shot.
So Cruz helped the establishment, even though he can’t win;chances are he’s already been promised something in return for his efforts. Romney didn’t go to UTAH to help him out for nothing.The Bush’s didn’t jump into help his campaign unless they have something up their sleeves too. Carly only got on board because her bill came due-she owed Cruz for a huge sum of money his pac donated to her.
Hang in Trump supporters. Remember the cabal’s home base IS Wisconsin. Ryan,Reince, and Walker are all buddies. How could he not win Wisconsin? It may have been the demographics out there too. They just don’t get the elite machinations that go on with the RNC. They think they voted Cruz. Some think they voted Kasich. They don’t get that their vote was never intended to do anything BUT force a brokered convention.Basically a wasted vote the GOP counted on. Sorry they fell for it but they fell for it.
Wisconsinites better HOPE Trump gets the delegates he needs in the rest of states-and he should-because if he doesn’t the American ppl will certainly look back to Wisconsin and say ,thanks heaps people.
As for Trump Supporters-hang in. Like Trump says,never give up. It’s one state. He gets some delegates and he’s really not that far off!! Of course we’re discouraged and a Wisconsin win would have slowed down the plans for a brokered convention but there is still a shot!!
We’ll come back stronger and fight harder. You know Trump will.
babe ruth