Cruz keeps saying Trump supporters will vote for him once he gets his final lies and underhanded deceitful voter fraud completed.  That has to be the biggest lie of all.  Or is he just preparing fo…


#WisconsinPrimary counting on you!!

It’s been the worst of times and the best of times for Donald Trump this month.What else is new?

Trump’s campaign manager  Corey Lendowski is now charged with simple assault.He’s pleaded  not guilty. Cruz has made all kinds of false  accusations against Trump.Put another way, LIES. The media would have us believe he is one step away from going over the cliff. Of course,they’ve said that since day one.The up side is he is this side of winning the magic no and carrying most of the final states by leaps and bounds.That can only mean 1 thing;as brutal as it has  been, you ‘aint’ seen  nothing yet.

The media has enabled Cruz to play victim and painted Trump in every demeaning way possible.Now Reince Prebius’ old buddy (and always buddy)Scott Walker has endorsed Cruz.

For more background info: CONNECT THE DOTS

Kasich has no possible route to the nomination except for a contested(aka brokered)convention. Brokered sounds more accurate as in BROKE and can’t fix it.

He has no other route.Cruz has a very very slight chance at least but his best hope is also a contested convention.We know the establishment has all their hopes thrown into,not the front runner,but a contested convention where they fully intend to do their pick.There’s been a lot of speculation and 2nd guessing for that one.

So far we have: Kasich who is staying in for the sole purpose of taking votes from Trump and being around for the contested. Cruz is also staying in for the same purpose and hoping he and Kasich get enough votes to force a contested. Trust me,Scott Walker also has his sites on a contested convention now-and he has the backing of his old pal Prebius. You think his endorsement of Cruz would mean anything if he thought he might get a shot later?

Romney showed up to help the GOP with their plans and who knows-maybe he has an ulterior motive of his own.You now have the Bush’s heavily involved in the Cruz campaign.Carly jumped on board when the bill came due. You know-the Cruz pac that gave her campaign money.

Let’s surmise the outcome of this possible(but not likely)contested convention.


food fight.gif

Kasich,Walker,Cruz,Ryan,Romney,Bush…anyone else care to jump in?* Word is, Rubio is holding his delegates until the convention.Hmmm?

Pls,vote Trump.This race cannot go to a contest convention.The next few states-especially Wisconsin-are a key to  a straight clean win. I don’t know how on earth the man survived the incoming this long and stayed the front runner. The GOP,Romney,the Bush’s,the Super Pacs-he has NONE btw-the media,the Never Trump campaign,the riots(paid for by Soros)and we’re talking mostly from his own party. We haven’t even taken into consideration how the GOP could be colluding with the Democratic establishment to take him out.






A Tough Week

Mother Mary Angelica  passed away on Easter Sunday at 5:00 pm at the age of 92. She suffered a stroke approx 1 yr ago and her health was steadily declining. What better day for her to be called home.It reminded me of Saint John Paul II receiving his call on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday-the devotion he promulgated.

The Memorial Site for Mother Angelica.Please pay a visit. Mother Mary Angelica Memorial (EWTN)



EWTN-under Mother Angelica’s maternal care-showed the world(literally)a renewed Catholic faith. She taught what it meant to be truly Catholic and she wasn’t always gratefully lauded for it.The millions of viewers EWTN garnered  did, with their continued support of the network and her ministries. EWTN played a large role in my faith life when i returned to the Church. It still means a great deal to me ,as a shut in, who can’t always attend Mass.Life can be tough and there are times one devotion or another broadcast from the Eternal Word Television Network(hence EWTN)is a comfort. I have so many unanswered questions and it has  been Mother Angelica’s trust God that has helped me cope.  I learn so much from watching the excellent programming EWTN provides. Nothing like it anywhere.Good,solid Catholic teaching,liturgy and devotions.None of this dancing up the aisles Catholicism. You know what i mean by some of the liturgy people have experienced in various churches(small c).

I’d have been a basket case by now were it not for the Catholic faith i returned to.EWTN definitely played a part in its renewal.

I have many family problems.None resolved. I have health issues as does my husband.

Both my parents passed away.My mother’s death weighs on me in particular. Dad’s hits me at different moments in a different way.  I think attending his funeral helped.My failure to attend my mother’s just added more problems and an inability to really cope.






mother theres prayer


MOTHER ANGELICA: FROM THE VATICAN Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI knows that Mother Angelica died. We learned through his secretary, Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, that he said “it’s a giftR…


GroundZero #Wisconsin #VOTETRUMP is imperative!

Here’s why. First we’ll take a look at the opposing candidates.

Cruz is attacking Trump and taking up far too much time out of the Trump campaign. Mr Trump put out a statement hoping it would be an end to the food fight. Meantime it seems Sen Cruz is lapping up the air time for himself continuing the Trump attacks.He must ride off Trump coat tails to get air time. He has become obsessed with Trump.

It’s the least of my worries about Sen Cruz. More to the problems re Cruz is that he is now grabbing the delegates from Louisiana and claiming that Donald Trump resorts to suing.

I’m sorry but there is no alternative at this point. Trump was the winner in the Louisiana primary. Cruz came in 2nd. The delegates were divided up between them-18 for Trump and 18 for Cruz.Now Cruz claims he is entitled to an extra 10.How does this work.The candidate who comes in 2nd is now ENTITLED to the extra 10 delegates?

Young Conservative.com writes,

“GOP front runner Donald Trump won the state of Louisiana earlier this month.

However, because politics are a crazy game, Sen. Ted Cruz stands to earn more delegates even though he came in second place.

As you’d expect, Trump isn’t thrilled.”

Quoted from: http://www.youngcons.com/cruz-lost-louisiana-but-earned-more-delegates-trump-says-hell-sue/

So they say this is perfectly fine because politics is a crazy game? What kind of excuse is that? You mean politics is a fraud controlled by people who have their own agenda.

Of course Trump is going to sue.Is there another road to take when the 2nd place candidate basically STEALS  delegates with the co-operation of party operatives?

How honest is Cruz? Let’s see.



Cruz said it was done by his Pac and he had no knowledge of it. What was the picture used for? They targeted voters in Utah(Mormon women specifically)with the intent to drive voters away from Trump.

Does it end there? Or is there a pattern? For that we’ll go to the Trailblazer report from Dallas,Texas.HEADLINE:

FEC complaints filed against Ted Cruz for undisclosed loans in 2012 Senate campaign

“…Cruz had failed to report loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank to the Federal Election Commission, as required under federal campaign law.

“It is a big deal,” said Craig McDonald of Texans for Public Justice. “He left the voters of Texas in the dark as to who was underwriting this campaign.”

“Cruz is railing against the big banks and Wall Street, and yet he hid the fact that CitiBank and Goldman were actually providing him the money to run the campaign,” he said.

The FEC confirmed Wednesday afternoon that it had received the complaint. The commission has five days to evaluate it and decide whether it was filed properly and has merit.

On Wednesday, Democracy 21 and the Campaign Legal Center — two campaign watchdog groups — announced their own joint complaint filed with the FEC.

Cruz has already asked the FEC for guidance in how to properly amend campaign reports going back to 2012.

His defense has been that while he neglected to disclose the loans on campaign reports, he did report them on personal financial disclosure forms on file with the U.S. Senate, as required of candidates and senators.

Rick Tyler, a Cruz spokesman, emphasized that the loans were taken against Cruz family assets, and that under federal campaign law, the Cruzes can never recoup the money, effectively making it an out-of-pocket expense.

In total, Cruz put $1.2 million in personal funds toward the 2012 Senate race, some of which was borrowed. “No donor paid off his loans,” Tyler said.

And the amount that Cruz put into the campaign from personal funds was disclosed to the FEC in a timely manner, Tyler said; the error came from omitting the fact that some of those personal funds started as loans.

“This is not a serious violation,” he said.

A personal financial disclosure form that Cruz filed with the Senate on July 12, 2012 – three weeks before the runoff with Dewhurst – shows a margin loan from Goldman Sachs valued at $100,000 to $250,000, carrying 3 percent interest. It also shows two Citibank loans, totaling $500,000 to $1 million. None of these is described as a loan to the Senate campaign.

Separately, under assets, Cruz listed a loan he made to his Senate campaign worth $500,000 to $1 million.

Put together, this suggests that Cruz took out loans which he then shifted into his campaign in the form of a loan. But this is not how the loans were described on his Senate campaign filings with the FEC.”


Sen Cruz’s response to the media;he basically forgot.Now Sen Cruz is a lawyer and a Senator. He forgot?
Last but not least was Cruz’s denial that he had anything to do with the out and out lie about Dr Ben Carson’s campaign.

“The Cruz  campaign appeared to put out emails and phone calls claiming that rival Ben Carson was no longer in the campaign and that all Carson caucusers should vote for him, instead, which they denied.”

Nice try but the article also put up the voice mails that prove otherwise.Cruz knew very well what was going on.Like his campaign in Utah;it was win by any means possible in Iowa.
Full article here,including the evidence, http://www.mediaite.com/online/breitbart-releases-the-voicemails-of-cruzs-campaign-saying-carson-dropped-out-on-caucus-night/

Conclude what you like about Cruz.
Let’s take a look at the Kasich campaign next.

You have to wonder why Gov John Kasich is still in the race.Yes,he’s entitled to run but given the circumstances what is his reasoning? He also said himself if he did not win in Michigan he would drop out.He didn’t.I can understand his wanting to win his home state. It makes sense if you want to save yourself for  a future career there. Let’s see where he’s at in the race en toto  though and his chances for the nomination.

First let’s not forget there was an effort to get the Cruz and Kasich campaigns to co-ordinate efforts to stop Trump from getting delegates.No shock there.


“John Kasich’s campaign is looking to coordinate behind the scenes with Ted Cruz’s in a mutual effort to deny Donald Trump enough delegates to win the Republican presidential nomination. They even tried to get 2012 nominee Mitt Romney to help broker it.”

Source: http://www.wgal.com/politics/top-kasich-aide-we-enlisted-romney-to-help-coordinate-with-cruz/38737246

Kasich has only one path.

 “John Kasich Releases Plan on How to Win Nomination …(Steal It At Convention)

Kasich has no chance of winning enough delegates in the remaining states to win the nomination. There aren’t enough delegates left.”

Source: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/03/john-kasich-releases-plan-on-how-to-win-nomination-steal-it-at-convention/

With the GOP establishment anxious to take out Trump, every candidate is hell bent on a contested convention and that INCLUDES those who have dropped out.They’re no longer in the race but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be open to a position in an administration.You know-you scratch my back,I’ll scratch yours.

The GOP establishment seems to think this is  a great idea…i can  just picture the food  fight. Pray  Trump makes the required delegates.VOTE TRUMP WISCONSIN. The remaining large states seem to be lining up for him. We should be able to wrap it up soon and take on the Democratic candidate.Time is running out!!