#UTAH open letter to @realDonaldTrump @DanScavino @CLewandowski_

I would put an ad out with both these videos in Utah.Utah is Mormon country.I have no idea how much sway Romney and Beck have over the LDS constituency but i definitely wouldn’t chance it.Put these 2 together with his recent attack stressing how the GOPe intends to steal the nomination.Powerful if done right.

BTW.Get a good ground game going out there.Seems the snake Cruz is having people go out with LIES about you -even door to door. I have a link with a testimony you MUST get out there to counter attack the LIES.

This will definitely counter any garbage Cruz puts out there:  https://therasberrypalace.wordpress.com/2016/03/06/donald-trumps-past-catches-up-with-him/

UTAH is ground zero. If you can shut out Cruz there he has absolutely no chance at the nomination. It’s WINNER TAKE ALL.He won’t be able to claim even 2nd place. That should wrap it up for you!!

I’m going to be working our little area to get you votes in Pa.

Can’t wait to vote for you and we can refer to you as President-Elect Trump. I know a lot of people feel the same way.You handled Bill O Reilly very well the other night.He’s from Fox.He tried to corner you. We have no friends in the media. Remember that!

God bless and thank you for all you have done and your family for making such an enormous sacrifice.