doesn’t wining feel great?

thank you Mississippi,Michigan,Hawaii.Thank you Donald J.Trump.thank you good people of the United States for voting Trump.Doesn’t winning,for a change,feel great?!

It’s not over yet though.The little cabal is still having meetings.You can read about the cabal here

They’re still hatching up  plans to stop the American people. The media is still giving them aide and comfort.They’re not going to stop. Don’t think for a second they will.They’ll use anyone who is willing to put their plan into place. Carly signed up today.No surprise at all.

The goal;BROKERED CONVENTION.Its hard to figure out who they intend to nominate.The person most likely put in place for their  nominee is Mitt Romney. It’s not as if the rest don’t have their own ambitions-count on a food fight. They all want the spot.This is what they’re about;getting elected and getting re-elected.Our only goal is to get Trump elected  and we’re united in that effort.There’s more of us than there are of them COMBINED.

The sole purpose of any one of these people staying in the race is not to win-they can’t because there is no path-but to stop Trump.How rotten is that? Think about it.

So the question is;how does Trump go about this.A win in Florida and Ohio would do it.The next question is.How does he go about doing that?


Kasich is the quiet noise on the screen. He’s a good guy.  He hasn’t kissed up to anyone and he hasn’t-to date-attacked Trump.He’s stayed away from using the lies,fraud and cheating Cruz has used & unlike Rubio he’s not part of the club. As far as we KNOW.Nothing surprises me anymore. I’m only speaking from what i know and i don’t want to malign a candidate  who doesn’t deserve it.

The rest of them are there JUST  to take votes away from Trump and head for a contested convention. They have no  path to winning.What they don’t seem to grasp is that means they’re trying to take away our votes from us.Not that they care.Were any of these establishment candidates-Bush included-in the front runner spot Trump is,it would be all over by now.They’d be calling for unity around the front runner wouldn’t they?

Kasich on the other hand is  in the Holy Grail of Ohio and he knows it. His policies are similar to the people in the cabal.He’s just not as ruthless.

I doubt he’s a fighter.I get the impression he would go along to get along.Kasich would not be a strong leader. He’d be easily manipulated.

The strategy for Mr Trump going forward:

i watched the news conference after Trump’s win last night. He’s got to stay out of the weeds. What i mean by that is forget Trump U and all these other silly accusations.The more he pushes back ,the more it’s a story.Someone in the media referred to the conference as part QVC commercial. This is reason enough for Trump to stay away from it-they’re trying to get him off message.Romney is irrelevant.Who would vote for him now? [He couldn’t get the votes last time and this time he’d be toast.]I wouldn’t keep that going either. Waste of time.FOCUS. If Trump wins Ohio and Florida the party is over. They can’t stop squid. I’d really FOCUS on Ohio.Kasich does have some support there. He might sneak up behind Trump. Ground game and Ads are REALLY critical in Ohio.

All this other stuff is just garbage served on a plate.Don’t bite.


1.Ground game is a must. Cruz does that well. He’s good at lying,fraud and when possible cheating but he’s been in politics for some time.He’s got  a ground game.

2.Ads. Trump has to have some to defend himself but let’s keep the majority POSITIVE.After all the slogan is Make America Great Again.

3.stay on message. Do not go into the weeds.All these suggestions would work well in the debate too. What got Trump where he is in the race is IMMIGRATION,SECURITY,JOBS,TRADE. Talk policy. Ed Rollins pointed something out last night that was right. He (Trump)needs to tighten it up. Trump doesn’t have a coach. i get that. Trump obviously  could care less about political correctness or pandering-let Trump be Trump. On  the other hand get the message disciplined a tad. He’s got the message. Spell it out. You don’t have to be pc or pander to do that. The rallies are fun. We don’t want the tired old scripted policy speak;but to grab the voters Kasich,Cruz or Rubio could get they need to be convinced they could be comfortable with Trump being President.You don’t have to convince the convinced(Trump supporters are loyal.)You have to reach the unconvinced.[Some you will never convince.That’s life ]
BTW.Carly owes  owes Cruz big time. Follow the $.

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