Connect the Dots:Ted Cruz,Rubio,Bush,Romney

UNFORTUNATELY THE DOMAIN NAME [IN THE  LINKS POSTED HERE]IS EITHER BEING RENEWED OR HAS BEEN DELETED. I will have to contact the lady who was writing these articles. She lives in Wisconsin and has associations with  many of the key players. She had ties to the Wisconsin GOP. I HOPE i can find her. She would shed a great deal of light on what is going on with Paul Ryan,Reince Prebius and Mitt Romney. They are ALL associated,including Ted Cruz. If you could read her articles everything that doesn’t make sense would fall into place and much of what you long suspected would be brought to light. It’s not good.It was no shock that Paul Ryan won his re-election in Wisconsin but i was very HOPEFUL that Paul Nehlen would have beat the rigged system. He was a good candidate-at  the least a much better candidate than Paul Ryan.
Be patient.I’ll locate her and perhaps she will have some updates too.

I apologize for not having known the site no longer existed.

The story begins here:
After Romney’s so called expose of Trump-or put another way,his opening strike to get the nomination at a Brokered Convention

A die-hard  Ted Cruz fan connects more dots

We’re going further down the rabbit hole now


THE RAT PACK FROM WISCONSIN. Ted Cruz eventually enters this ‘picture’

Who Am I To Say,But

I want Donald Trump to win because he  is the best choice for President.

He’s run a remarkable campaign and now it’s crunch time;especially with the hurricane blowing against him.



FOCUS: ECONOMY,SECURITY, HILLARY.PERIOD. forget the other candidates .Slay them with ads and surrogates.

Forget the polls.They don’t count.Votes do.The topics:ECONOMY,SECURITY,HILLARY. Those are home runs. We don’t have time to spare now.

You could even tie Hillary to Obama,the way Obama tied McCain to Bush.

We’re ALMOST there. GO TRUMP!  Thanks for all you have given up to run for President and to take the heat you have taken. 




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