You will beat HRC & make America Gr8 Again Mr Trump

Dear Mr Trump,

Won’t lie to you(or to anyone). I started off with Ted Cruz at the top of my short list of people to support. I didn’t know a great deal about him but  i knew where he stood on a  very few issues. The rest of the field just didn’t look too great either.That was a factor. I also wanted someone who might beat Clinton.I wasn’t sure Cruz could do that at all but the rest of the field didn’t look formidable enough to take on Dems.

There were a few on the very bottom of my ‘who to vote 4 list’ as well as at the top. Very short list,believe me.You hadn’t entered the race,yet.

Don’t shoot me.I never watched the Apprentice. Not because of you by any means.Am not a big fan of tv.So i can’t say that my knowledge of you was based on a tv show.In fact my knowledge of you was about as good as it was of Cruz. You see, nobody really heard of Cruz until he did that crazy stunt in Congress.You know, the filibuster. A lot of people thought that was pretty gutsy of him. Actually if you figure Ted out, eventually you realize that was only an attention grabber for him.A way to make a name for himself .It did that. It didn’t accomplish anything else.

That said,you did enter the race and after hearing your announcement I had to do the homework. My husband’s ears perked up. He hates politics so to see him get interested was something else. I was really surprised.Then I did the homework,looked up anything & everything i could find out about you.Then I went to your website,followed your rallies,read one of your books.I haven’t missed watching a live rally yet. The debates are a waste of time but i watched most of them. Still believe they’re a huge waste of time.

I was impressed and got on board with my husband. Quite the switch. He usually just votes for whoever i vote for, leaving it to my best judgement.As i said,he hates politics (with  a passion).

The more i saw of what Ted Cruz did the more i opposed him and conversely the more i supported you.

Ted is the worst kind of politician and he definitely would lose to the Clinton machine. When you pit 2 rats against each other it doesn’t end  well.What I loathe most about Ted is his duping good people who mean well.

All that said,nobody could want you to become President more than most of the American people,including me.

Unfortunately you are just finding out how sleazy SOME of these politicians can be.

I have some suggestions to help you achieve your win. I have an uncanny talent for sizing things up in the political world,as well as being able to read people very well.

(Besides i had a 3.67 qpa in university and a 4.0 in  a graduate political science course. That doesn’t make me an expert though.It’s keeping an ear to the ground that helps.)

  1. I believe you will be a great President! You don’t have to convince me or your very loyal supporters.You have to convince the UNCONVINCED. They have to be able to picture you as their President. That’s very important. If they can’t picture it they will vote for someone they do. It may not even be a Ted Cruz,k? It could be anyone.
  2.  PLS get the ground game on in Florida,Ohio,Michigan. It’s crunch time Mr Trump.Cruz has convinced people he’s the people’s candidate but he’s not-he’s opening offices in critical spots and doing the ground game. He’s run campaigns before. It’s old hat to him. Of course his campaign is data mining too.The same thing Obama used to win. You’ve got it over on him in several ways but i’d amp the ground game as a PLUS to your other positives. Kasich will have a good ground game up in his area-Ohio and Michigan- because he’s the Gov of Ohio.That gives him some  advantage over you so be sure that’s covered.Again ground game and ads,in addition to the rallies! DO NOT LOSE THESE 3 STATES!!
  3. Your rallies are fantastic. You get a great crowd. Pivot a tad. I wouldn’t attack your GOP opponents.Stick to Hillary!! . Go for your strongest points:IMMIGRATION, ECONOMY,JOBS,TRADE AND SECURITY.When you talk about those you hit a home run.You’re just a breathe away from winning this thing.Take the fight to Hillary;not the other GOP opponents. When they bait you-which they’ve learned to do cos it works-don’ t take the bait. Put up TV ads. Let those ads speak to their lies. When people see you in person give them President Trump. Let Trump be Trump but let’s make that, let Trump be President Trump. We love you as our American hero. You’re a good man who’s been smeared and character assassinated by everyone and his brother and you’re still standing. Stand taller. I know that you’re nothing like they have made you out to be. The lies about you won’t hold up.I’ll give you this;Ted can hold up his Bible and lie but you have done so many true acts of kindness out of love of people and country he doesn’t hold a candle to you. Cruz has an act.You’re the real deal.
  4. Don’t worry about Cruz as much as Kasich. He hasn’t attacked you and won’t. If you get YOUR message out and you have a great ground game you won’t have to get into the weeds with him.
  5.  Cruz has one less advantage than you in the primary states. He can’t cheat.
  6.  However,he can pull dirty tricks. Get surrogates out there to call them out on it. You don’t have to fight back on your own.That’s what your surrogates are for. That way YOU stay on message;IMMIGRATION,JOBS,TRADE,SECURITY etc. Cruz knows he can get you off message. Don’t let ANYONE get you off message!!
  7. I know you’re trying to keep your budget low. We really appreciate your self funding and frugal use of money but these states-OHIO,FLORIDA and MICHIGAN are critical. You’re going to have to put some money into those states to get over the hump.Again,ground game. The people will work for you.They are anxious to.They’d walk through hot coals if that meant you would win.
  8. I would have your people research and research hard on what went wrong in the states you lost. Find out what went wrong and correct. There has to be a reason. I would look hard at those reasons and learn from them. You get that figured out and i KNOW you won’t make the same mistakes twice.

Truthfully ,Mr Trump, we do look up to you for self funding your campaign.Don’t ever get the impression that means nothing to us. It means a lot.You’re not owned,bought and paid for by anyone . You think it doesn’t matter to us.Yes,it does!!

I truly look forward to the day we can officially call you President Trump.Our country is in deep trouble and I’m absolutely convinced you’re the ONLY candidate who can,as President,get us out of this mess. We can’t afford to pick another politician. We have to get the right person this time and that’s you! You’re not perfect. I get that.However,you’re the perfect person at this time in our history. Your main message is it;Make America Great Again.
Thank you, Mr Trump, for thinking enough of our country to give up so much.Go after Hillary now!

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Donald Trump’s past catches up with him!!

peter tickin


Peter Ticktin
VOTE AS YOU WISH, AND LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT TRUMP – – A personal note from Peter Ticktin who knows the guy from high school:

As a law firm, we at The Ticktin Law Group do not like to get involved in politics. As soon as we endorse one side, we risk alienating everyone on the other side. Also, our lawyers and staff are, themselves, on both sides. Politics is not our game. However, Justice is!

If you saw a guy get publicly smeared, and you knew him well from the days you were friends and seniors together in high school, if you knew him to be a decent and honest man, would you want to say something? This is why I need to share what I know.

I was aghast at watching last night’s debate. It was a set-up. The moderators, Cruz, and Rubio were all like little alligators trying to take a bite out of Trump. Yes, Donald Trump has had some failures, but he has been exceedingly successful. None of this came out. Instead, there was a general attack. Rubio simply makes up lies. He pretends that Trump has small hands and makes fun of him for something which isn’t even real. He pretends that Donald wets his pants, and makes fun of him, as though it was true, and then he calls Donald Trump a “Bully.”

I am not suggesting that you should vote or not vote for anyone. I just need to defend a former friend who is being smeared.

Like Donald Trump, I attended New York Military Academy (“NYMA”) for high school. In fact, in our senior year, together, Donald was my captain, and I was his 1st Platoon Sergeant. I sometimes joke that I ran his first company for him, Company “A.”

People don’t really change much from the ages of 17 and 18, and I know this guy. I know him to be a good decent guy. We lived and breathed an Honor Code in those years. It wasn’t just a rule. It was our way of life. Neither Donald, nor any other cadet who graduated with us would ever lie, cheat, or steal from a fellow cadet. These values became irreversibly intertwined in the fabric of our personalities, of who we are.

Of the 99 guys (no girls in those days) in our class, there is not one who I know who has a bad word to say about Donald Trump. Think of it. With all the jealousies which arise in high school and thereafter, with all the potential envy, not one of us has anything other than positive memories of this man. How could we? He was an “A” student, a top athlete, and as a leader, he was highly respected. We never feared him, yet we never wanted to disappoint him. He had our respect. He was never a bigot in any way, shape or form. He only hates those who hate. Of course he denounces the KKK.

As to the discussion with the New York Times, it is his choice to release the ‘off the record’ remarks. However, if he does, it opens the door for all political opposition to make that demand for everyone, and that means that our press will never get those ‘off the record’ remarks which help them to understand the realities of the campaign. Moreover, the idea that Donald Trump confessed some alternate theory of his position is preposterous. Can anyone believe that all those NY Times reporters are walking around knowing some deep dark nasty secret about a guy who is seeking an endorsement?

The Republican establishment is afraid of Donald Trump. Why? They are afraid that he will lose to Hillary. They don’t hate Donald. They hate her. They are so fearful that they fail to see that by expanding the base of voters for Trump, he is more likely to win.

Watching the chorus of whiners, decriers, denigrators, and self-righteous put-down experts from so many directions, from Mit Romney, to Megyn Kelly, Little Mario, it has to make you wonder. Why? Why are so many people so angry with Donald Trump, that they are lying, name calling, ridiculing, and demeaning him as they do. Either they are afraid, or they know him to be evil.

This is why I feel the need to speak out at this time. I know this man. He is a lot of things, but he is not evil. He is a decent honest guy who loves this country, and who is willing to sacrifice so much of what is left of his life, because he knows that this country needs to be fixed, and that it is going to require someone who can do the job. He just doesn’t see anything around him other than political hacks, so he is willing to take this huge responsibility.

I’m not saying that he is the only one who can do the job. My point is simply as to his motivation and his goodness.

This next decade is going to be one of major changes. We all see the climate changing, and the world food supply is getting lower. Our fish stock around the world is running low. Oil prices will cause countries to fail. The Middle East is beyond repair, and we have become weak and ineffective around the world. Donald Trump sees the issues and knows that he can assemble leaders who would have the best chance of fixing things. This is why he is running. He does not need it for his own aggrandizement. He doesn’t need another big jet or to take up residence in the White House. He just wants things to be fixed, and he knows that the politicians won’t fix anything.

I knew Donald Trump and was close to him in our senior year in high school. I just want you to know that there is nothing to fear from him. His character is as good as it gets. He is a patriot, taking on a heroic task, and being thanked by massive abuse.

If you want to see a true reflection of a man, look at his children. Need I say more?

Sleazy Lawyer VS Successful Businessman

How Trump can beat the GOP establishment(that Cruz is helping)and the in the tank media and STILL win the nomination.
We feel like we’re getting pounded on from all sides.That’s because we ARE.

Remember Cruz is taking Pac money and Goldman Sachs donations and God knows how many other big donors are behind this guy. He’s playing by the rules of the establishment to beat the establishment. Remember Ted IS a lawyer. He  knows how to game the system.Trump is outside the establishment.PERIOD. Cruz is no dummy but smart people can do terrible things and look like saints. Trump is a successful businessman who lives in the real world of economic decisions.His whole reason for running in the election is to bring America back from the brink.He has no other motive.Cruz is a whole different story.Cruz has his own agenda. It has nothing to do with America even though he goes around convincing people he’s the only guy in the room who knows the Constitution. For Pete’s sake he should;he’s a Harvard School grad. Trust me,there are plenty of ppl who know the Constitution as good as or better than Ted.

You know,it is possible to KNOW our constitution well enough to actually subvert it. That’s Ted.

He  knows data very well too.Enough to know who to grab,what to say,what act to put on.

Trump has to up the game though. There’s too big a pile on happening here folks.Ted has cruised by all this and let Trump take the heat. Ted claims to BE non establishment but we didn’t hear Mitt getting on TV with the sole purpose of destroying him did we? Who’s Cruz got on his side? Glenn Beck wanting to stab Trump mercilessly with a knife.Jeff Sessions and Jerry Fallwell Jr both endorsed Trump.Speaks VOLUMES.

Trump is up against the GOPe,the Super Pacs, the MEDIA and GOP elites PLUS the Democrats.He’s stood tall and he’s getting there.Now up the game:

Florida and especially Ohio;GROUND GAME!!! ADS. Hit policy hard in the rallys.Forget calling Ted a liar.PROVE IT.Get some surrogates out there.Trump has carried a lot of the weight himself.Get ppl to carry his water for him.Every time Cruz does a sleazy hit job;have someone in the campaign get air time and hit back HARD.

Like the CPAC fiasco that Cruz set up. That was a trap either way.

Trump can take the high road now.Let the surrogates go out and do the in the trenches fight back on media. Obama was a pro at it. As soon as there was a negative slam on Obama one of his lap dogs were on the air somewhere and sometimes everywhere hitting back and defending him.All the while Obama was painting himself as the guy that could bring people together…yeah,right.

Let’s keep in mind that a lot of us Trump supporters fight the battle on Twitter but there are still a whole lot of people that watch the news on tv and figure it’s the gospel truth.

They don’t use Twitter. Social media means NOTHING to them.

I’m the opposite.I don’t watch the garbage on tv .I know how dishonest the media is and am a Twitter junkie using Twitter to get the word out. The general public is not like that though.You still have to reach people through that lying box called the media.

Hit the opponents in ads. That way you stay on the higher ground.

 Call them out on the LIES.PERIOD. You have the right to defend yourself. That’s not dirty politics.That’s self defense.The media isn’t going to defend you against the garbage. In fact they are probably going to perpetuate the false narratives.USE ADS. Defend yourself.

Cruz is a sleazy lawyer.I don’t care that he knows the Constitution.He also knows how to bamboozle people.

He’s smart and that’s dangerous. Trump is extremely smart too but he’s used that +talent to create jobs and build companies.HUGE difference.

We’ll win this folks. That’s what it’s about. A few losses here and there only makes you stronger. If anyone knows about that it’s Trump. IF he’s willing to take it on the chin as hard as he has-and have his whole character maligned-then we can get through it till we make it.Cruz would never have survived what Trump has been through. NEVER. We’re still standing.

The real story behind the Romney appearance: pls read and share!   



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