#CruzCrew straight talk ppl re @tedcruz

Let’s start here.Ted Cruz won Iowa, so his campaign manager is more than glad to give us an inside look at how the campaign operates and helped them win.

(I see they use Tweet Deck.Loved the older version.Not to keen on the new one).

No wonder his supporters are as die hard as they are. They  do a data search for people they can be almost 100% certain will support Ted.

Of course what is NOT covered in Stossel’s program-the focus is technology-is that Ted said Carson was dropping out.The goal-> to get his votes.What they also don’t mention in the Stossel coverage is the voter violation mailers they were sending out to scare/shame ppl into voting for Ted.  Truth: Ted will use any tactic he can come up with to win, regardless of the lack of ethics involved.

Now before the Cruz Crew gets too crazy(and threatens to stab me along with Trump)let me explain something to you.When the race for nominee first started Cruz was my main choice. There were other ppl on my short list but he was at the top. Numero Uno as it were.

Some were way at the bottom.Cruz was way at the top.

I defended the positions i could agree with and much i admired. Then Donald Trump entered the race and of course i gave him a look and consideration.Same as i did Cruz (and the rest of the field). i was NOT on the Trump Train at the time. Eventually, Trump ended up on the same list,at the top. Finally i ended up on the Trump Train. I won’t go into the reasons here because i’ve spelled it out clearly so many times on my blog already.

I will give you the reasons i am so adamantly opposed to Cruz now.

 Trump’s no saint. I get that.However,he’s always been honest about it.

There’s nothing in Trump’s past i don’t know about.Like any candidate-or person for that matter-if they’ve changed over time I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. We’re fair people after all,right?

Cruz on the other hand stabbed Dr Ben Carson in the back to benefit his own ambitions.

That wasn’t in Ted’s past.It was only a few weeks ago.One thing i will NOT tolerate is a back stabber that lies and back stabbers always lie.They have to. I didn’t like the Mail Fraud they used to scare/shame people into voting.

Cruz also always claims he’s the ONLY one in the room that knows the Constitution.

He should.He’s a Constitutional Lawyer for Pete’s sake.This thing where nobody BUT Ted gets it is not a plus believe me. It’s annoying and condescending. Besides, there are plenty of folks who probably know as much (or more)than Ted does.

 I want to elect someone,who at this point in our history, can lead our country in the right direction.That’s Trump. Ted talked for hours on the floor of Congress. Sorry folks. It doesn’t make you presidential material.I could do that and read Green Eggs and Ham too.

I’m also sick of the lies that his campaign and supporters spread. They think it’s ok.Ted believes whatever you do to win-honest or not-is ok.

Some of these lies and whisper campaigns are down right nasty. There’s a reason Sen Jeff Sessions didn’t endorse Cruz and instead chose Trump. You see, i got to that point too.

So please go on your merry way and stay out of my twitter feed . We’re only at part I here.
Part II is coming in the near future.