We Pause Now in these lyin and tryin times

I wish i had written it but credit for this gem goes totally to Screenshot_369

You, have seen all the political pundits on TV. You, have seen them throwing around their opinions and using different kinds of props while making their point. Have, you, ever wished you were a part of this cabal? Have, you, ever wished to scream and flail about on TV just like the political pundits. Well now, you, can!

From the Ronco Political Prop Division, introducing the Karl Rove White Board! That’s right folks, an authentic Karl Rove White Board is now available to the public. Imagine yourself making outrageous statements while holding up your White Board just like Karl Rove on TV. Impress your friends, make You Tube videos, post yourself on your never visited Blog Site. You, will now be able to share your unintelligible insane rants with the general public while holding your authentic Karl Rove White Board next to your head.

And as a bonus offer, we will also throw in a Glenn Beck Chalkboard at no extra charge. That’s right friends, you can now go loony toons batshit crazy just like Glenn Beck does on the Blaze. Whether or not you decide to do it while wearing a Bikini with spinning tassels, just like Glenn Beck, is up to you.

All this can be yours for only sixty easy payments of $19.99 plus $5000.00 for shipping and handling. And it comes with a money back 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied, we will give you back any payments you have made. Just send another $5000.00 for shipping and handling and we will return your payments, guaranteed!

Plus as a bonus offer, at no extra charge, we will throw in this working replica of Rush Limbaugh’s EIB Golden Microphone. Plated with five carat gold, this replica EIB microphone will make you the envy of all your establishment friends. Just like El Rushbo, you will be able to your express your never ending love for Marco “Tiny Bubbles” Rubio. Make false innuendos about candidates, make jokes about Bubba and Hitlary, say just like Rush, that you are almost always right.

And if you act within the next thirty days, you will also receive the Chris Mathew’s Leg Tingler! This voice activated product of modern technology can now be yours. Experience the same thrill up your leg, just like Chris Mathews. Simply attach the wired Velcro straps to the top and bottom of your leg. Plug the Tingler into a 50 amp 240 volt outlet and you’re ready to go! Every time the Tingler detects Barack Obama’s voice, fifty million volts will shoot through your leg, giving you the thrill of a lifetime!

Don’t delay, act now! You, get the Karl Rove White Board, the Glenn Beck Chalkboard, the replica Golden EIB Microphone, plus the Chris Mathew’s Leg Tingler for only sixty easy payments of $19.99 plus $5000.00 for shipping and handling. You will be sorry if you don’t act on this amazing offer.

The Ronco Political Prop Division is not responsible for any injuries or deaths caused by the Tingler. Bikini with spinning tassels not included. END

Now that the pause is over, be sure to vote Trump and we’ll see what other products Ronco can offer us . Maybe some Mittens that we simply don’t want, or for that matter,don’t  need. Isn’t that what Ronco is all about ? Create a necessity , then provide the product.


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