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After I became a Catholic, I waited 10 years before I finally received the gift of ordination. During my time as a layman I often wondered how I was supposed to serve the church. Then a visit from …

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#WisconsinPrimary Decided or Undecided?

Let’s talk facts.

Here’s the objections to Trump:

1.He’s not a conservative. Ok. who decided that? How have the people who call themselves conservative voted in Congress?

Who’s in the conservative tower that decides who’s conservative or ‘conservative enough’ to get elected. Romney? Was he a conservative? I voted for McCain and Romney both and now i’m getting lectured because Trump is my only vote.

2. He’s not presidential.You mean he doesn’t have a rehearsed set of responses that a consultant gave him, that he knows will get votes?  Wrong guy. Try Cruz and his data mining for that one.

VIDEO from the Cruz campaign:

If you want to hear a speech from Donald Trump that could  you put up there with Churchill or Reagan-pretty darned close. Very presidential & heartfelt. It still has that Trump stamp on it.Don’t miss this one,k?



3. Trump doesn’t have any ‘policies’ ? Seriously? Read his books, go to his website and look them up,listen to his speeches, pay attention to his endorsements.I’ve heard more policies from Trump than ALL the  other candidates put together. Does he talk like a polished politician? Nope, but that doesn’t mean they have policies and he doesn’t. I’ve heard some of the other candidates actually copy Trump.Some have even changed their tune and adopted his ideas. Unfortunately they wouldn’t know an original thought if they were paid a million to get one.Which leads me to the next point.

4.Follow the money. Who’s buying who? Cruz seldom attacks Trump .Doesn’t have to .He  has super pacs,pacs and surrogates do it for him-then he hides. When Trump hits back,Cruz makes the rounds on media and plays victim.Does the media call out Cruz on the crap he pulls?NOPE .They attack Trump .Isn’t Cruz the guy who lied about Dr Ben Carson to get votes? Yep. Isn’t Cruz the one that sends out VOTER VIOLATION MAILERS? Yep. Isn’t Cruz the one who put out the GQ photo shoot of Melania to Utah? Yep. Isn’t Cruz the one doing robo calls? Sure is. You wouldn’t know what a sleaze this guy is from listening to the media. It’s all, Trump is a really bad guy.He acts like a kid-he does this,he does that. BULL.He has to stick up for himself.The media won’t call out anyone else. He has no pacs or super pacs like the other candidates.Nobody’s buying him.Thank God!!

5. Trump isn’t perfect. Obama was a real winner wasn’t he? I had no idea perfection was a requirement to be the nominee or even the President. We should at least expect 1 thing;HONESTY. Trump’s got that in spades.

6. Isn’t Cruz the one saying Trump can’t beat Hillary? Excuse me. Cruz can’t even beat Trump and Trump has been the front runner for months against 17 other people.Cruz goes around proclaiming what a great Constitutional scholar he is.Good for him but when it came down to attacking Trump or defending free speech;he chose attacking Trump.So much for the Constitution.

7. That brings me to the final point. Why are the GOP,RNC and media beating up the front runner thus helping out the opposition? Do the folks understand that Cruz and Kasich are going to throw the race into a brokered convention where the establishment will see about pushing their own candidate; who may not even be Cruz or Kasich? It’s going to be a real mess(FOOD FIGHT)if you ask me. The outcome will be a Hillary win-and the Republicans will never see a win again for YEARS.

Question:how would you like to be Trump? Let this sink in.You’ve battled your way to the top of the heap among 17 candidates.You’ve invested your OWN money.You’ve lost businesses and given up a major business empire to run for President. Your OWN PARTY[btw,which expected you to sign a pledge],even though you’re now the front runner, is attacking you and letting other candidates actually use unethical practices to beat you.

They have to be letting Cruz get away with this stuff. There’s no other explanation.

Kasich is still in the race with no possible way (NONE)to get the delegates needed to win and you have to wonder why. If it weren’t for the Trump supporters and Trump’s tenacity,determination and love of country how on earth could he stand up through all the garbage?

Why would you even WANT to run knowing the party you represent is trying to destroy you? So think the vote over carefully. If Trump doesn’t win Wisconsin he can probably still get enough delegates to win-just that much harder. It’s also possible,very possible,that the GOP will get their wish for a brokered convention and take him out the only way they can,STEALING the election and disenfranchising millions.

Trust me,we WILL write him in. Please wrap this up and vote Trump. He’s not a perfect man but he’s a good man. He’ll make a terrific President. He can’t be worse than the last 8 yr we’ve had.

He’s got the country’s best interest at heart. That’s a good place to start.



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This ‘theology'(if you can call it that)is NOT compatible with Catholic doctrine. Sorry-not voting Cruz anyway and here is just another good reason. Cruz needs to be reminded that not everyone-not even non Catholics-will jump on board.

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#WisconsinPrimary counting on you!!

It’s been the worst of times and the best of times for Donald Trump this month.What else is new?

Trump’s campaign manager  Corey Lendowski is now charged with simple assault.He’s pleaded  not guilty. Cruz has made all kinds of false  accusations against Trump.Put another way, LIES. The media would have us believe he is one step away from going over the cliff. Of course,they’ve said that since day one.The up side is he is this side of winning the magic no and carrying most of the final states by leaps and bounds.That can only mean 1 thing;as brutal as it has  been, you ‘aint’ seen  nothing yet.

The media has enabled Cruz to play victim and painted Trump in every demeaning way possible.Now Reince Prebius’ old buddy (and always buddy)Scott Walker has endorsed Cruz.

For more background info: CONNECT THE DOTS

Kasich has no possible route to the nomination except for a contested(aka brokered)convention. Brokered sounds more accurate as in BROKE and can’t fix it.

He has no other route.Cruz has a very very slight chance at least but his best hope is also a contested convention.We know the establishment has all their hopes thrown into,not the front runner,but a contested convention where they fully intend to do their pick.There’s been a lot of speculation and 2nd guessing for that one.

So far we have: Kasich who is staying in for the sole purpose of taking votes from Trump and being around for the contested. Cruz is also staying in for the same purpose and hoping he and Kasich get enough votes to force a contested. Trust me,Scott Walker also has his sites on a contested convention now-and he has the backing of his old pal Prebius. You think his endorsement of Cruz would mean anything if he thought he might get a shot later?

Romney showed up to help the GOP with their plans and who knows-maybe he has an ulterior motive of his own.You now have the Bush’s heavily involved in the Cruz campaign.Carly jumped on board when the bill came due. You know-the Cruz pac that gave her campaign money.

Let’s surmise the outcome of this possible(but not likely)contested convention.


food fight.gif

Kasich,Walker,Cruz,Ryan,Romney,Bush…anyone else care to jump in?* Word is, Rubio is holding his delegates until the convention.Hmmm?

Pls,vote Trump.This race cannot go to a contest convention.The next few states-especially Wisconsin-are a key to  a straight clean win. I don’t know how on earth the man survived the incoming this long and stayed the front runner. The GOP,Romney,the Bush’s,the Super Pacs-he has NONE btw-the media,the Never Trump campaign,the riots(paid for by Soros)and we’re talking mostly from his own party. We haven’t even taken into consideration how the GOP could be colluding with the Democratic establishment to take him out.






A Tough Week

Mother Mary Angelica  passed away on Easter Sunday at 5:00 pm at the age of 92. She suffered a stroke approx 1 yr ago and her health was steadily declining. What better day for her to be called home.It reminded me of Saint John Paul II receiving his call on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday-the devotion he promulgated.

The Memorial Site for Mother Angelica.Please pay a visit. Mother Mary Angelica Memorial (EWTN)



EWTN-under Mother Angelica’s maternal care-showed the world(literally)a renewed Catholic faith. She taught what it meant to be truly Catholic and she wasn’t always gratefully lauded for it.The millions of viewers EWTN garnered  did, with their continued support of the network and her ministries. EWTN played a large role in my faith life when i returned to the Church. It still means a great deal to me ,as a shut in, who can’t always attend Mass.Life can be tough and there are times one devotion or another broadcast from the Eternal Word Television Network(hence EWTN)is a comfort. I have so many unanswered questions and it has  been Mother Angelica’s trust God that has helped me cope.  I learn so much from watching the excellent programming EWTN provides. Nothing like it anywhere.Good,solid Catholic teaching,liturgy and devotions.None of this dancing up the aisles Catholicism. You know what i mean by some of the liturgy people have experienced in various churches(small c).

I’d have been a basket case by now were it not for the Catholic faith i returned to.EWTN definitely played a part in its renewal.

I have many family problems.None resolved. I have health issues as does my husband.

Both my parents passed away.My mother’s death weighs on me in particular. Dad’s hits me at different moments in a different way.  I think attending his funeral helped.My failure to attend my mother’s just added more problems and an inability to really cope.






mother theres prayer


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