Open Letter To @realDonaldTrump (and supporters)

You grabbed some delegates in Iowa-time to move on to Victory.

If history repeats itself-and it does-you have gone the path Ronald Reagan took.

He skipped the last debate-didn’t win Iowa-then went onto a huge landslide.

So for those of us who were a little disappointed in Iowa we are not wasting time.We

know the race is REALLY on now. We’ve done step 1. I think at first we had our hopes up too high and maybe got the wind knocked out of us, for all of 2 seconds.We’re trumplicans and we’re ready to march on.You’re unstoppable.So are we. Now that we’ve gathered our wits  and realized you picked up delegates we’re ready for Feb 9th!!

We’ll talk about Iowa another day.(Sounds like a plan to me and we certainly will).

I would love to work on the ground game in our state if that were possible.

I would work my butt off to make sure you won here.

There is one small drawback. I have menniere’s disorder. It’s called menneire’s disease but i hate that word disease.It makes it sound contagious and it’s not.Disorder just sounds

more accurate. Were it not for that Mr Trump  I would gladly volunteer my time. However, it would be doing your campaign a disservice.I would not be able to do the things i would need to do. If i could do those things I would deliver 100%.
If there is anything i could do to help you win-be glad to do it.

For the most part am homebound. I make it to Sunday Mass when I’m able and take

Holy Communion at home when I’m not. Thank God for EWTN.I more ofen than not watch Mass on EWTN.

So you see, i would not be able to go door to door or travel if it were necessary and it surely would be.If there’s anything else i could do short of those things;count on me.

Word up though Mr Trump;you were talking about how you and Fox News Network had patched things up. Forget them. Call me unchristian for saying this,but they are a bunch of a…hats.

They are not your friends. They are a detriment to your campaign.They will use you for ratings and go out of their way to take you out at the same time.

This is politics. Sorry.Someone said it well,” when you’re in politics, if you want a friend,get a dog.” Not sure i got that quoted verbatim but you get the point. It’s 5:46 a.m. I’m brain dead enough not to recall who said it. Sharp enough to know that those are words to the wise.

I wish dirty politics weren’t part of the game but they are. I wish the media were truly fair and balanced but they’re  not.The bigger league the network,the worse it is.Fox News being a good example. It’s big money and that big money carries a lot of weight.When they’re being honest it’s to the good. When they’re being dishonest it’s extremely damaging.My advice.Stay away from them as much as possible. I would also like to know who the genius was at the RNC who thought 9 debates was a great idea.

The Democrats had 3 and they’re done.

Why are the Republicans having 9(total)? The debates have become a reality tv episode.If i wanted to watch reality tv there’s plenty already.Not Interested.Anyway,keep the media at arms length ESPECIALLY Fox news.

I think with your being in the race and having to speak to the media it’s harder to see what they’re actually doing.When you’re out here as an observor it’s very obvious. Fox is determined to get you out. Maybe more so than some of the liberal media;for now,at least.

The rest will get ugly later but,for now, Fox is public enemy no 1 to us and even more so to you.You will soon notice that Rubio is their sweetie for the month.

I won’t get into why here(at 6:00 in the morning).Suffice it to say they’ve used everyone else to try and take you down and failed. They’ve moved onto Rubio.

I can tell you exactly why Rubio is a poor candidate. He’s for amnesty.He can deny all he likes but he was part of the gang of 8. He’s like Obama in one respect. Skip the Senate and go out to campaign. Finally,he’s just wet behind the ears. He doesn’t even have the business experience you do. In that respect he also reminds me of Obama.

Let me tell you a little bit about my own background and voting record. I WAS a Democrat.

I was 14 when Kennedy was shot, so when it came time to vote at 18, the one real memory i had of any president was Kennedy.

Our parents were Democrat, although they impressed on us you vote for the person, not the party. They did a lot of work for the Democratic party locally though. They voted Eisenhower. Know that for a fact.

They probably voted Reagan but i can’t be sure. They never said who they voted for except for their Eisenhower vote. Not sure why they made that exception.They always believed the vote was between you and God;which is true.

I wasn’t all that interested in politics per se at 18. In fact,i wasn’t that interested for most of my youth.History-forget it.

I voted for a candidate that was a Sunday School teacher and a devout Southern Baptist.

I figured that you couldn’t go wrong with that kind of person.

That person won the election(JIMMY CARTER) and turned out to be the worst President;at least  until Obama.
Learned a few things:

  1. Be skeptical of candidates who wear their religion on their sleeve. They’re probably  using it for political points.

  2.  Sunday School teacher doesn’t necessarily translate into good person for President.

  3. The letter in front of the name doesn’t amount to squid.

There are people going around with their  own conservative litmus test. If you don’t pass THEIR test ,they have given themselves the right to say so and so isn’t a real conservative.

Who put them in charge & made them the gods of the conservative test? It wasn’t us.


Defund Planned Parenthood->CHECK

Defend religious liberty->CHECK.

Look out for our vets->CHECK

Build up our military->CHECK

Look out for AMERICAN business->CHECK.

End MALAISE in Washington->CHECK

You passed our test.

Now onto VICTORY Mr Trump.

You grabbed the Iowa delegates. Now we roll!!reagan and trump.jpg


Trump and West the dream team


voting Trump


make america great again trump bk


trump is smart