Twitter “Theology”

Love the folks on Twitter but i’ve come across some good ppl who are getting bad info about the Catholic Church.Not sure where-and not so sure they aren’t actually looking for it. In some cases i think it’s probably what they’ve been told. I wish they would go to a better source.

Let’s go through these assertions, as in what they heard the Catholic Church teaches:

Mary ascended into heaven.Nope. Mary was ASSUMED into heaven.Jesus is the ONLY one who has ever ascended into heaven.

Mary is Queen of Heaven.They ask;where is THAT in scripture? Well the Trinity isn’t exactly spelled out but it’s there.BTW.The word bible is not in scripture either.
That said,Catholic answers has a whole thread on the topic and points out the scriptural references,particularly from the Book of Revelation:

Pope Francis is not a communist,socialist,liberal or conservative. He’s not running for office and wasn’t here to get involved in our political process. 

Unfortunately this year we see everything through our American political lens.If Pope Francis is anything at all he is Catholic. He came here to edify the faithful. There is a Catholic population in the United States and he visits countries that have Catholics. Cuba is another such country. Just as Poland was when John Paul II went there- even when it was under Soviet control.They go for the faithful.

He was invited to speak before Congress and accepted. He met with Obama because Obama is the US president.We may not be crazy about that but it is what it is. Pope John Paul II met with Reagan and Benedict XVI with Bush.

Every Pope since I can remember has been accused of being the anti christ. I always have to ask, which one.Long after Obama is gone Pope Francis will still be Pope,unless he were to pass away (or steps down)and THEN there would be another Pope anyway.

Catholic teaching on end times: Sums it up nicely.
A few points of my own which i believe are solidly based on Catholic teaching:We have been in the end times since Jesus ascended into heaven.At Mass we pray;as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior,Jesus Christ.

Scripture tells us some things about the end times:No one knows the date,not even Jesus. He said this.

Jesus also said,ALWAYS be prepared. Forget the Second Coming. Jesus can come for each of us anytime.Our end could be tonight or tomorrow.

Scripture doesn’t promise Christians will escape suffering and/or persecution. 

It could be just as bad(or worse)for us than anyone else.

Scripture tells us that the anti christ denies Jesus is God. The Catholic Church would never do such a thing. Our beliefs summed in Creed(Credo;We believe)

Finally, the Vatican is a city state.It is the smallest in the DOES NOT sit on 7 hills.The book of Revelation refers to mountains-not hills-but even then the Vatican only sits on ONE hill.The Catholic Church IS one.We do not need a New World or one world order. Not necessary and nobody’s trying.We are called to go into all nations and baptize in the name of the Father,Son and Holy Spirit. 
Yes,we do call priests father but Jesus never changed the 4th commandment to my knowledge.

(Let’s recall the same passage says call no man teacher but something tells me a lot of these people had a Sunday School teacher and never gave it any thought).

In order to interpret this passage you have to read it in context. What IS Jesus referring to?

We call our mom’s,mother and our dad’s, father.  Peculiar,n’est ce pas? 

It’s late folks and for now that’s all i can remember about some of the tweets.

We’ll take it up again another day. Husband has doctor appointment out of town and i have to be sure I’m up.

BTW.I have a Catholic message board and if you have any concerns at all you are welcome to bring them up there.

If i have misrepresented any Catholic teachings and you are Catholic then i stand corrected. Let me know,K? I believe that everything posted here is entirely accurate(tried to be) but i can make mistakes.



Can we talk turkey for a few? @realDonaldTrump no other choice

How do i open this? Pretty simple works. I’m voting Donald Trump.Husband is voting Donald Trump. It’s a no brainer.

Trump is the President we need at this time in history given the tremendous damage our country has suffered for the last 2 terms of Obama.Absolutely destructive. Caron’s a brilliant doctor but he doesn’t have what it takes.

Fioriana took down, not one but 2, Major companies never to be hired again;until John McCain’s failed campaign.She’s DEFINITELY not the one. Add to her resume being clobbered by Boxer in California and thus losing the seat to a very liberal Democrat.She’s well scripted and has Fox news behind her but that’s about it They want her to be the one to take out Trump. They’ll play up her gender because Hillary is running on the Democratic side. I’m not going to play gender politics.I want the best candidate male or female. 

What about the low tier candidates? I don’t think they even have a remote chance at this point. We all know-or at least many of us know-that Trump is up against formidable opponents.I don’t mean just the candidates. The media-both Fox news and other cable outlets (CNN is protecting Hillary),the Koch brothers,Robert Murdoch.You’re talking big money here.

The media is another story .Up till now they have swayed the masses in these elections.We’ve wised up.We have their number and it’s not going to happen this time. Trump is no dummy and he’s not one to back down.They’re met their match. It has to be done.They MUST be beat.

They’re shocked but guess what. They are being beat!!

We’re inspired by the leader we have and we’ve found our voice.

Now for a few words about Dr Ben Carson.I’m not disparaging anything the man has accomplished. I have no ill feelings toward the man at all.

I don’t like when the media unfairly attacks him either and i agree with some of his statements from time to time.

Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist. For those who don’t know much about Adventism here are some facts:

They are Christian,meaning they accept the basic tenets of Christianity;in particular the Trinity.

You don’t accept the Trinity there is a problem.They were founded by a woman that they consider a prophet,Ellen White.On 2 occasions she announced the end of the world and the Second Coming. The first time she proposed a specific date it didn’t happen-so she gave it a second shot .That date also came and went.

They also propose that Saturday is the Sabbath.It’s fundamental to their beliefs. For that reason they accuse the Catholic Church of being apostate and the Protestant churches as falling in line with Catholicism.

If the SDA ceased to BE anti Catholic they would cease to be, period.

Now that doesn’t speak for Dr Carson. He’s running for President and he understands what the Constitution means by Freedom of Religion. 

I can put that aside and say this with certainty.Carson is pro life. We’re on the same side there. He also gets Islam.I give him tremendous credit for that.However,he reminds me of the Republican President Carter.A nice man. A man who valued his beliefs. On the other hand he was a weak President who couldn’t get our house in order.It was a disaster,only to be eclipsed by the Anti American we have in there now. Carter wasn’t anti American, at least.I’ll give him that.The Camp David Peace Accords were an accomplishment he could be proud of. Can give him that too.

It took a Ronald Reagan to bring us around from Carter. It’s going to take a Donald Trump to bring us back from Obama. Obama makes Carter look good and that’s saying a lot. This is serious business though. Our country is headed in the worst direction and if we don’t get the ship turned around they’re may be no turning it around again.

You want me to explain all that? You need details? Sure-be glad to spell it out for you.

I know Trump is on top but the powers that be are as DETERMINED to take him out as we are to get him to the White House. Hang in folks! They have the money. They have the power. We get that-but there’s more of us than there are of them and if we’re not hoodwinked we can do this! Remember,the powers that be will use the other candidates to get to him.

Remember those other candidates will be willing partners because they want him out too. Hang tough! Those candidates are going to get desperate and do whatever it takes. Trump can handle but he does need our support.

The main thing is going to be voter turn out and our vote.We do that,we win.Donald Trump was meant for this moment!

The Calling.Pls watch and share with all your friends and family.