We need a 25 hr day

I’ve been tweeting for Donald Trump. i’m also trying to get a few min to upload more info on my unofficial Trump board.

It’s not as if we don’t have somewhat of a life to live around here either.Tonight there is going to be a twitter storm and we’re going to get er trending. in the meantime have a blog entry on the back burner. It’s sitting in drafts-like to put more effort into it.

Sheesh. Head is spinning trying to keep up with everything.

Am anxious to see how the first primaries work out.Think the first is in Iowa. The first few states will be THE most important. It will tell us how the rest will go! Or at least give us a clue.

In politics 3-4 months can be a lifetime.

Extremely tired …and of course the twitter storm is tonight…so that means i have to pass up going through the reader and playing catch up on many of the blogs i follow. If this weren’t a political year i would spend more time here;but we have a nominee to get , a presidency to win and a country to take back.

one year to Trump