Avoiding the articles re Pope Francis(sorry) @alexa_wotus

I am not going to regurgitate any media coverage of Pope Francis meeting with anyone. Sorry. The media is not to be trusted.They have their own agenda.Count me out on promoting it.

They have a real problem with honesty in coverage.

I know this first hand with their coverage of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Hillary is a criminal She is still a candidate.WTH?

Trump is not a criminal and he’s being treated like one.I won’t even help spread some of the terrible rumors about Trump;when you refute them you also put the false story out there.I rest my case.

I should post some of his rallies with the folks.There’s nothing like unfiltered.

As for Pope Francis;anti Catholicism raises it’s ugly head from time to time.It’s still a part of our American fabric.

Christians suffer enough persecution but are willing to accept persecution of the Catholic Church in general and our Popes in particular. They just don’t get it.


Meantime ,my cousin called from our old hometown and it seems they’re having a lot of difficulties financially.I wish we were in a position to help them. He actually had to drop  their internet service and cable tv. They can’t swing some of their bills.We’re just making it-which I am so grateful for-but that doesn’t put us in a position to give them a hand either. Had we not moved his wife would still have her job. We had no choice.

It’s become bitterly cold up here.We have to talk to the landlord and see how we get our heat going. It’s hard to stay up;i would much rather be bundled up under all our blankets. Our poor aide froze along with us today.

She’s in for another day of it tomorrow. Hubbs MUST call the landlord!!

Mace had to go to the vet. He has a disorder that is common among larger breeds.I had no idea. He suddenly exhibited hip dysplasia.He’d gotten so bad we had to take him. He now has 2 meds and one is a pain med. The other option is surgery but he’s just too old.We’ll see how well  he does after a few weeks on this medication.We help him get up on the sofa where he is more comfortable.It was always his spot anyway.The dogs own the sofa.He sleeps by the bed now.He can’t get up there. He does get down the steps well;but we have to help him up the steps slowly. I do hope eventually he will die in his sleep from natural causes. He’s at least 15 yr old and in pretty good shape for his age except for the dysplasia.It’s funny how suddenly it came on unless it was coming on slowly and we just didn’t notice.

I also should explain the obsession with Alexa Marie. I had a horrible nightmare before i got on the computer. It was disturbing. In this ‘dream’ i talked with my mother  by phone and heard both my father and brothers voice.It was one of those dreams you can recall only in bits and pieces;not very cohesive.

Son and grandchildren-Alexa is one of them-were flying into town. Mom and i were on the phone and she told me.

She said they were coming home(meaning w/ her and dad). I took offense at that and asked why they didn’t try to work things out for us? She replied back;”you don’t know how we tried” or something like that.

Next i called the plane(bizarre) and rather than getting the plane i heard dad’s voice off in the distance talking to my brother.Something about they hadn’t heard from them,meaning son and family. I go into a panic though dad’s voice seemed matter of fact.It was good to hear his voice again,even in a dream. I don’t know how they got on the phone line if i was calling the plane but this is a dream.

I remember seeing my husband in the front room talking to an old friend of his.

I went in and said to him,point blank,i have nothing to live for anymore.

In the dream i actually meant it. There is no way on earth I would even consider it. No matter what the circumstances in life we are meant to live through it.

We have no right to take the life of another and none to take our own either.

We have to face adversity and sometimes calamity and heartache in life with faith.We surely have to face our past mistakes and accept responsibility.

We also have to understand that sometimes the consequences we suffer are the result of our OWN behavior True in this case.Then we get on and straighten out what we have left.

The young lady,Alexa Marie(named after my wonderful mother)is the obsession i have.

She is in some way my grand-daughter.i say in some way because i hardly know her.I try to surmise how i THINK she is doing. One thing i do recall from the past that is so odd.It was Alexa’s birthday. Can’t recall which one(it’s been too long)but she was very young. I wanted to get her something and send it out to the state they were in at the time.They were in the middle of moving & that may have caused a problem.I found a siamese cat and pug dog figurine from a collection she had at the time. Can’t recall the collection either. I gave mom the money,we ordered it from Amazon on her card and had it sent to the one address. It never made it there.Somewhere out in the postal service is a siamese cat and pug dog meant for Alexa.

From time to time i was given the privilege of seeing the kids. Thanks in part to my mother and sometimes my son.

It never felt like a privilege-it was always uncomfortable because it felt more like a scrap i had no right to have but they were good enough to give.Does that make sense?

Bitter? Nope.

Reality can slap you upside the head.The other party has their story too.

reality2Besides,looking back,I can say God has given me a very good life even when i was not a particularly good person.


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27th Sunday of the Year – The Beauty of Marriage and The Pain of Divorce

Three Great Things


Study:  Reflect on the strongest marriages you know.  What are the qualities and behaviors that you see in these couples?

Pray:  Who do you know is struggling with divorce?  Ask the Lord to give them guidance and strength.

Serve:  Are there couples you can support in their marriage?  Are there people wounded by divorce in your life?  How can you help them today?

27th Sunday of the Year Readings

Fr. Andrew’s Homily Podcast

In our current culture you would be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t been touched by the reality of divorce in either family or friendship.  Divorce is part of the landscape of our lives, and we find ourselves confronted by a real challenge:

  • We want to promote marriage in a strong, healthy, and wholesome way
  • We acknowledge those who are wounded and struggling from divorce

The sacrament of Marriage proclaims a fundamental reality that has both…

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