UN says more than 3 million Iraqis displaced by IS, fighting

In this Sunday, June 21, 2015 photo, returning refugees pass by a checkpoint of the Iraqi security forces and allied Shiite militia in Tikrit, 80 miles (130 kilometers) north of Baghdad, Iraq. The number of people displaced within Iraq due to violence and fighting by the Islamic State group has exceeded 3 million, the United Nations said Tuesday, June 23, a grim milestone for the war-battered country. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)

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How Long Does It Take?

we woke up to one beautiful breezy day up here reaching a high of 68 degrees. We enjoy the breeze every day. NO regrets moving here.

I just read another story from the warmer region of the country,in fact an incredibly hot region and it wasn’t a good story. I’ve read it too often. Someone left a child in a car and they died of the heat. Unfortunately,not a first by a long shot.


When my son was little i took him out of the car no matter where we went. Even the grocery store. He got a kick out of it. The question is then; how long does it take to get a child out of the car? Just a few minutes.Is it that difficult? Nope.

The few minutes it takes is worth not losing your child. PLS. Heed the warning. I don’t want to read any more of child died in hot car stories when these tragic deaths are easily prevented.

Ted Cruz gets specific on ‘abolishing the IRS’ | WashingtonExaminer.com

Sen. Ted Cruz has been gunning to abolish the Internal Revenue Service since coming to Washington two years ago.

To critics of the Texas Republican in Democratic and GOP circles, it sounds like bluster. The fiery rhetoric garners hearty applause from conservative audiences, particularly since revelations in 2013 that the IRS targeted Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny. But some federal agency is going to have to collect taxes, so Cruz’s vow to shutter the IRS smacks of a politically motivated campaign promise rather than serious policy — at least to some.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner on Friday, the 2016 presidential candidate began to put some meat on the bones. Cruz, 44, explained how “abolishing the IRS” fits into his proposal, still being crafted by his team of economic advisors, for wholesale tax reform. This proposal, which Cruz plans to unveil later this year, is a key plank in his domestic agenda for economic growth that he would pursue as president.

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A Few Words (very few)Re the Confederate Flag in S Carolina

i don’t have a problem with the Confederate Flag per se.

It’s part of our history. I do have a problem with the Confederate flag flying over a state building.

Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America.

The Union defeated the Confederacy in the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was the legitimate President. The flag that represents our country is the flag of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA aka the American flag.

I understand to some the Confederate flag represents those who fought and died for the Confederacy in the Civil War.

Fine-this flag belongs in a historic museum. For the black community of S Carolina that flag represents the Confederate States that wanted to maintain slavery (let’s remember that) and had seceded from the Union over it. For that reason alone the flag should be removed and put in its proper place.Some will say it’s a matter of free speech. Actually it’s a matter of common sense given the historical background of the flag.You want to fly this flag in your own home or on your own property-more power to you. There’s no law against it. It simply doesn’t belong in a public place.

The flag we have every right to be proud of.It represents the UNITED States of America.


usa lion

PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Rights Cannot Contradict Each Other


It is a fundamental principle of Natural Law that rights can intersect, but they cannot contradict each other.  Our society no longer understands this, and it has lead people to claim rights that do not exist while denying rights that are fundamental to the being of every human being.

First, rights can intersect.  My right to exercise my free will can overlap with your right to exercise your free will.  It is from this area — where our Natural Rights overlap — that morality is derived.  I have explained it here.  But this is the part where most people get confused.  Just because our rights overlap, this does not mean that they can negate the rights of another person.  The homosexual agenda is a perfect example of what I mean.

So long as we do not cause physical harm to another person, or trample on their ability to exercise…

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