Night Peeps

Sorry i didn’t get the chance to update the blog for the day other than a few memes and a couple photos.

Busy day. The landlord put up a fence for the dogs today-of course,the little ‘weenie’ dog just had to escape. He’s going to fix the gate as soon as he gets the time. Imagine tomorrow.

We’re STILL unpacking. We’re still figuring out what should go where. Were STILL hunting for missing items.

My back has gone out and it’s gotten to be a slow go. My left foot has started to swell too. I have to take frequent breaks.It had to happen at the wrong time but we’re ever so slowly getting there.Maybe by the end of the month I can kick back.I also have to break down and find a good dr here.
Love the area more each day. The cool breezes,the shady tree,watching the storms come in from the lake.
The people are very friendly but the area is very quiet. And clean. I noticed how clean they keep the streets and sidewalks here. They have garbage collection twice a week and you are only allowed to put it out after 6:00 pm.
We also had a bear in town. They closed off the streets. The baby black bear was on top of people’s homes and finally ended up a tree. They called in the game commission and tranquilized it.Good thing momma bear wasn’t in the vicinity.Will scan off a picture from the local news.
Rule of thumb: Bears,even cute black bears,are very dangerous. Stay as far away as possible. If you accidentally end up in close proximity:
1. do NOT run. It will be the first instinct. You run, it’s your doom. You cannot outrun a bear. An Olympic runner cannot outrun a bear. Yes,they look big and clumsy but they can out run you. If you run,you are prey.
2. Make noise,find something to make as much racket as possible(banging pots and pans actually works really well)throw rocks or whatever you can get your hands on. SCARE the bear off. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY IN BEAR’S EYES. Sounds strange but they will take that as a challenge.
3. Do not climb a tree. Bears are great tree climbers.
4. If the bear attacks you FIGHT BACK. if you don’t you’re as good as dead. If you fight back you may be injured and yes, you could be killed but you stand a better chance of survival if you fight.
That’s a wrap and it’s time to roll.
I’ll see if I can get more time to spend here tomorrow. Like to think i can.