Pope Francis on Sickness and Suffering

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images (1)On June 10th, the Pope’s Wednesday general audience continued his catecheses on the family, focusing on the theme of sickness and suffering. Man experiences his own fragility primarily in the family, first as a child and, then, as an elderly person.While family sickness presents obvious challenges, it can also be a source of quiet strength and deepening faith.

. Pope Francis stresses that we must ” educate children as little ones to solidarity in the time of sickness because,

The sickness of persons we love is endured with ‘more’ suffering and anguish. It is love that makes us feel this ‘more’. So often it is more difficult for a father and a mother to endure the sickness of a son, of a daughter than their own. The family, we can say, has always been the closest “hospital.” Even today, in many parts of the world, the hospital is a privilege for a…

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