Slow Start …the beginning of a new day, a new week & a new life

Let’s start this one off by wishing everyone

all u needAs the crazy world goes on we’ve been trying to get our own life in order here. It’s been  a very rough go.

I’m going to call St Gregory’s today and at least make arrangements to attend Mass. We’re going to try.

I’ve given up trying to unpack everything at once and shoved what’s left of it in our ‘storage’ room. Another way of saying, this is where the accumulated ‘stuff’ goes.

We have most of what we need sorted through. The rest can be done later. It’s too big a job to do now.

Hubbs has to go back to the ‘home base’  (where we used to live)for a doctor appointment and since groceries are too expensive up here he’s going to make a pit stop where we used to shop. I hate to say it but food prices are astronomical everywhere. I can’t see the difference it will make, but he thinks so. ( I have been known to be wrong too.)

I still love the beautiful breezes off the lake here.I still love watching the storms roll in from the lake and roll out while they’re at it.I very much love sitting on our porch feeling the breeze,relaxing with coffee and listening to the birds chirp about our large tree.I still love how quiet the neighborhood is. Unfortunately i don’t like how horribly wrong everything else has gone for us.

What’s funny about starting a new life too is that  you begin to think back about your past life. You size it up. You face the good,the bad and the ugly. You wish things had been different. You wish you had made better choices.

You REALLY wish you hadn’t been a stupid teenager. and  appreciated what you had,when you had it.

I remember my baby,my parents, my teachers in Catholic school .We’ll talk about that in the near future. i’d also like to get up to speed on current events in the big world out there. I definitely need to find time to go through the reader for good articles. I suppose i’d better roll for now and get something done.Coffee first.

angels good morning

Pope Francis on Sickness and Suffering

joy of nine9

images (1)On June 10th, the Pope’s Wednesday general audience continued his catecheses on the family, focusing on the theme of sickness and suffering. Man experiences his own fragility primarily in the family, first as a child and, then, as an elderly person.While family sickness presents obvious challenges, it can also be a source of quiet strength and deepening faith.

. Pope Francis stresses that we must ” educate children as little ones to solidarity in the time of sickness because,

The sickness of persons we love is endured with ‘more’ suffering and anguish. It is love that makes us feel this ‘more’. So often it is more difficult for a father and a mother to endure the sickness of a son, of a daughter than their own. The family, we can say, has always been the closest “hospital.” Even today, in many parts of the world, the hospital is a privilege for a…

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