It’s Obvious,Am Back(kind of)

lovely friendsThe closer we get to having the house set up and things in order here;the more time I will have to spend at the palace.

Unfortunately we’re not there YET. We obviously got our internet connection going and the computers set up.

Hubbs picked out the rooms by carpet color. The blue room is the computer room.Nice.One of my favorite colors(the other is lavender).

He didn’t pick it for color though.He picked it for the size.We just call each room by its color.Red is the storage room(we hate red) and green is the bedroom. The color idea was a good way to keep track of where everything has to go.

The living room is also carpeted. I noticed the front hallway has hardwood and that’s where they began to lay carpet. Why did anyone put carpet over the hardwood floor? It’s in good shape.

What i enjoy most here is the front porch.There is a breeze every day off the lake.There are days  it’s stronger than others but there is always at least a faint breeze.I’ve  watched the storms come in from the lake. They’re furious but also fast. They move in and blow over very quickly.St. Gregory’s  church is about 2 miles from where we live.I have to call them Monday.

I wish i had more time to go through the reader and reblog some good articles.I grabbed one from Catholic glasses.

The day will come eventually. I keep thinking it will be Christmas by then and kid that we found the Christmas tree so we’re all ready.

When you move and unpack you will find everything you’re not looking for and never find what you need.

At some point you’ll come across those items and forget where you saw them at.

I swore never again(moving).I’m afraid to say never again this time.

Good rule of thumb; NEVER say NEVER.

I have to take off again but i wanted to wish ya’ll a good morning and touch bases. Hope to be back soon!

Hope everyone is doing well too. Feel free to leave comments,k? Love to hear from you.