Nope, I don’t speak Spanish (Chinese,Arabic or Indian)

As we’re rolling up on our move this week,i had to do the phone call tap dance.

Anyone who owns a company you may want to take heed.

The automated service was designed to cut down on time and make it convenient for the customer and company both.

Sometimes it does. Unfortunately much of the time, the system doesn’t cover the problem you’re calling about. By the time you decide which number best suits the problem, you’ve already wasted time.

I usually end up yelling AGENT! If it’s one of those really sensitive systems and the dog barks or you sneeze,good luck.

Now we’ve gotten to a live person, after i press  1 or 2 because i DON’T speak Spanish. Why would I speak Spanish? Check map. Yep,it’s the United States.


By the way, if automated was a time saver,why is it a lot of the companies have the option for a call back?
I don’t usually take the option. I’ve gotten in the queue and I’m sticking it out.

I pray for an American. Rarely happens. I can’t understand them. They can’t understand me. PLS hire someone from our own country or someone who is easier to communicate with.You’re an American company; here’s a great idea->hire American workers.When it come to utilities and other agencies we’re stuck.However,if it’s a company i’m placing an order with and i get the phone jive too many times-I will give up and find another.


Verizon has the best music. I broke into a cha cha in the living room.


‘Ferguson Effect’: Shooting Victim’s Family to De Blasio – ‘We Need Stop-and-Frisk – Breitbart

Democrat New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio rode into office by capturing the White House/Democrat/Media zeitgeist that involves a relentless and dishonest hate campaign against American law enforcement. De Blasio’s whipping boy was stop-and-frisk, a policing policy he shamelessly demagogued as a racist tool of racist cops who only want harass young black men. Now a black man is begging de Blasio to reinstate stop-and-frisk:

A surge in New York City murders — including four people slain in just five bloody hours as the weekend began — has grieving family members begging Mayor de Blasio to bring back the NYPD’s right to search for guns.

“We need stop-and-frisk,” Stacey Calhoun, the devastated uncle of one of the four fatalities, said Saturday afternoon, tears filling his eyes over the nephew he had just lost.

Jahhad Marshall — a charismatic 23-year-old with a promising future as a chef — had died of a stray bullet to his back early that morning outside the Queensbridge Houses in Long Island City, police said.

Stop-and-frisk was a policy that allowed the NYPD to stop, question, and if they deemed necessary, frisk a pedestrian. The obvious result of de Blasio ending stop-and-frisk is more thugs carrying guns, and other contraband.

via 'Ferguson Effect': Shooting Victim's Family to De Blasio – 'We Need Stop-and-Frisk – Breitbart.