Al Jazeera Journalist Blames Network For His Arrest In Egypt, Says It Is “Sponsor Of The Muslim Brotherhood” « Pat Dollard

Excerpted from The Star: Mohamed Fahmy, the Canadian journalist on trial in Egypt on terror-related charges, has filed a lawsuit in Canadian court against his employer Al Jazeera for $100 million, accusing the Qatari news network of negligence and breach of contract.

In a case that sparked worldwide condemnation of Egypt’s government, Fahmy was jailed for more than 400 days with his two Al Jazeera English colleagues, Egyptian producer Baher Mohamed and Australian correspondent Peter Greste.

Egyptian prosecutors accused the three of spreading false news harmful to national security and of belonging to or aiding the Muslim Brotherhood, which authorities designated a terrorist group in December 2013, six months after Muslim Brotherhood-aligned president Mohammed Morsi, was overthrown.

In January, an appeals court threw out their convictions — they had been sentenced to between seven and 10 years — and ordered retrials, which are still ongoing.

At a press conference Monday in the Cairo Four Seasons hotel, Fahmy, who has been out on bail since February, accused his employer of taking actions that helped land him in jail.

Fahmy said Al Jazeera acted as “an arm of Qatar’s foreign policy” and “was not only biased towards the Muslim Brotherhood — they were sponsors of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“This is not journalism, this is propaganda and it is dangerous. Our time in prison is proof of that,” Fahmy said.

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A Revealing Look at Obama’s Propaganda Machinery

The Obama White House has embraced digital communication like none before it.

According to The Washington Post, the White House Office of Public Engagement has no less than 14 employees whose job it is to push the President’s message out on new media and social Web sites.

After all, this is a president who was elected to office on the strength of Internet-based fundraising and the enthusiasm of Generation Xers.

Digital communication and interviews with alternative news websites come easily to this president, whose ready smile and sometimes self-deprecating sense of humor plays well with younger audiences and who is entirely at ease on offbeat talk shows like Between Two Ferns.

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Look What’s Happening To The Five Terrorists Obama Traded For Bergdahl – Chicks on the Right

Last year, the Obama administration idiotically traded five Taliban commanders for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was charged with “desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.”

*slow claps for the Obama administration*

And guess what? Those five fine individuals will be able to move freely soon. Their year long travel ban expires. See, the Gitmo detainees were sent to Qatar where the government officials “agreed to monitor their activities and prevent them from traveling out of the country under the terms of the May 2014 exchange.”

But honestly, who really knows if the Qataris were holding up their end of the deal.

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AnonOps Communications: #OpISIS: Anonymous hacked two websites and released personal informations

#OpISIS: Anonymous hacked two websites and released personal informations

2 supporters ISIS sites was hacked and 6,000 emails, 200 and 100 IP’s addresses and phone numbers were leaked. Anonymous remains in the campaign against ISIS. Follow the hashtag

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The Evil Homophobic Grandmother

That’s me.A qualifier;There is no such thing as a homophobe or same sex ‘marriage.’ We’ll be getting to that. For now, I’m going to talk about the evil grandmother part. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. Things i terribly regret now.

I should have been a better daughter growing up. We had terrific parents.No excuse for me.Then we lost both our parents. I made my dad’s funeral. Unfortunately i did not make my mothers. I was blessed though to have the opportunity to be with both of them in their time of need. I was there every single day with them  but that was because i was afforded the opportunity. Not everyone in the family had that opportunity. They would have,if they could have. When i didn’t make mom’s funeral-a horrible mistake-i made a lot of people angry. People who were ALREADY angry anyway. They had every right to be. I can’t take it back.It can’t be undone.I am not going to get into the details of what happened. It’s done,did and over. I remember the time i spent with mom and dad while we had them. Good enough. I beat myself over the head about it long enough. If people are angry they have to live with it. My parents were blessed in being able to see their own children grow up;then their grandson and they did get to spend time with their 2 great grandchildren.Not everyone is given that chance.For some reason it was made known to me that i was not included in mom’s will. It wasn’t necessary.Mom and i had that discussion while she was alive and we were BOTH fine with her decision. It wasn’t a great shock and it was not a big deal. The one item i did hope for was the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary they had for years. I repainted that statue for dad then we moved it from the backyard to the front porch. I heard it ended up at our local Catholic Church but we were not able to find it there. I remember that statue because it was in the backyard from the time we were kids.Our parents were devout Catholics. They would be floored, just like i am now.

I do totally regret the life i lived for a long time. It had to hurt my parents.I let no grass grow under my feet as the expression goes. Now though i have nothing to be ashamed of. My husband and i have been married for 23yrs. Not without difficulties but we’re still hanging in.I returned to the Church after some 20 plus years. I live with regrets but a clear conscience;it’s possible to have both.

One thing parents can take heart in. If you’ve given your kids a solid background and they lose their way; they will come back.

Unfortunately something has happened that is disturbing to me.I can live with my grand children disowning me.I get that.My granddaughter is one beautiful young lady inside and out. However, i am floored that she is so accepting of the ‘gay’ lifestyle.Not that she is herself;but i see her tweeting support for same sex marriage and relationships. She’s written things such as ‘love is love.’ I feel that she is too naive when it comes to the homosexual lifestyle.

Marriage is between one man/one woman for life.

We don’t have to be religious people to know that; natural law makes it clear. Marriage is unity.No unity-no marriage.

Consummation or consummation of a marriage,is  the first  act of sexual intercourse between two people.Once you redefine marriage, marriage has no meaning at all. How does that affect my marriage personally? It doesn’t but that’s not the point. It has a detrimental affect on society as a WHOLE.It is also true that in a marriage that is not consummated,by law,  it can be used as grounds for divorce.

Two people of the same gender cannot consummate their relationship. Some of the practices of homosexuals are sodomy which is still against the law in many states,”fisting”,oral sex and nothing more than mutual masturbation.NAMBLA has been hoping for years that homosexual marriage would be made ‘legal’ so they can get a foot in the door. While we can feel for people with the DISORDERED attraction i honestly feel that the push for acceptance of ‘gay’ practices is nothing short of diabolical. It’s a mockery of love.

Rarely are two people of the same gender exclusive in their relationships even after a so called marriage.

I’ve seen tweets that have nothing to do with ‘love is love.’ If you can’t tell the difference between love and lust there’s a problem. I definitely know the difference and definitely know how you can end up having a dark and blinded intellect. You can’t see the truth when it’s right in front of you.
Does this look like love?


Screenshot_16Bisexual? Indiscriminate casual sex.We have a very confused self indulgent generation on the horizon.




Screenshot_11Followed by an example. The answer is yes they are and that’s the point. ALL  these acts inflict damage on the sanctity of marriage.When you redefine marriage it has no meaning at all and that is incredibly destructive. It will do more harm to marriage than most of the things that inflict damdage. Screenshot_12Any of this match up with ‘love is love’ ?

Screenshot_18I’m sorry but same sex ‘marriage’ makes a mockery of everything that marriage is. I’m sorry but children need a mother and father. I know that there are situations where children end up with a single parent .the question about the role of the male or female in a same sex relationship points out the fatal flaw. The best 2 people of the same gender can do is mimic the relationship between husband and wife or mother and father. The homosexual lifestyle is fraught with hyper-sexuality,confused gender roles and exhibitionism.

How can anyone make the argument that children don’t need a mother and father?

How can anyone make the argument that gender roles aren’t crucial to the development of a child?

Screenshot_15I’m sorry but that’s just nonsense. If a child-not fully developed on several levels-expresses the wish to be both a boy and girl then the obligation of the parent or parents is to explain to them that you can’t be both. That is the reality.

Part of being a child is magical or wishful thinking.

Magical thinking is the attribution of causal relationships between actions and events which cannot be justified by reason and observation.
Magical thinking may lead people to believe that their thoughts by themselves can bring about effects in the world or that thinking something corresponds with doing it.

Part of growing up,over time, is learning to cope with reality and it’s up to parents to help their children develop those skills.Our parents would never have indulged our wishful thinking.Sometimes we were simply told no.

As a Catholic i can feel empathy for people with the disordered attraction;

The Catechism states:

Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience sexual attraction to others of the same sex. Although homosexuality has taken many forms, its psychological source remains largely unexplained. Catholic Tradition (based on biblical texts) has always taught that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered” (Congregation for Doctrine of Faith). They are against the natural law, are closed to the gift of life, and do not proceed from a genuine sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.
Homosexual persons are called to chastity and to a self-mastery to gain inner freedom. If supported by disinterested friendship, prayer, and the sacraments they can approach Christian perfection.

evil and ambiguityUnderstand that saying ‘love is love’ when what you’re really talking about is lust doesn’t help one single person struggling with the disorder or sinking into the gay lifestyle. Sorry to say I’m not homophobe. Nobody is afraid of ‘gay’ people.It’s nonsense. I know what is morally right and wrong. I know,if nothing else, that you don’t have to be a religious person to grasp what is natural or disordered. I know that ANYONE can make mistakes-even grave ones-and get a new start.

I know that most of these people going into the gay lifestyle are going to be anything BUT happy. I’m certain that people who accept the gay lifestyle and so called marriage have no idea what’s really going on.

When you say ‘love is love’ it’s like saying ‘rain is rain.’ It’s a meaningless statement.

wisdomI know someone was praying for me. Maybe it was all those rosaries grandma offered every day.


Everyone has hope. The trick is to start living as if life is short. (It is).Bishop Fulton J Sheen understood love:

fulton j sheenEventually we will all have to give an account of our life. That was my wake up call-once you realize that you’d be amazed at how quickly you get your life in order. I don’t care what my son said-he’s entitled to the feelings he has. He has a right to be angry.When feelings run that deep it’s a waste of time and energy to try and change them. Better to accept. Our lives go on. I’m too old to worry about things that i can’t change. However, i do think very highly of him. Always have,always will. No matter what gets taken away from me-by design or otherwise-that goes with me no matter what.Two things i remember from years ago. “Haunted” by them. Son always had a canary about coffee stains on spoons. NOW when i do dishes i have to make absolutely certain there are none. Mom had a thing about corners on the bed, a wrinkle free sheet , a well made bed.Yep,i’ve gotten that fussy. She had a thing about you picking up your clothes. i can’t stand having clothes laying around. For that matter,anything laying around.

judgeI’m not judging anyone. I certainly don’t have the right to do that-and given where i’ve been i have no room to talk. What I am saying is that we have to see things for what they are-at least admit they’re immoral if not disordered and unnatural. I think the greatest mistake our generation made was confusing love with self indulgence and hedonism.

the divine element

do not be afraid

divine mercyDivine Mercy Stained Glass Window

Reflection on the Readings for Trinity Sunday

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Catholic Working Mom

Readings for Sunday, May 31, 2015

This Sunday is the feast of the Most Holy Trinity – one of the greatest mysteries of our faith.  We say that our faith is Trinitarian – everything we believe hinges upon this reality.  While we know that it is a reality – one God in three divine persons – it is indeed very difficult to wrap our human minds around.  This is because we live on earth and have limited vision and understanding.  We do not see with the eyes of heaven yet.

Think about it this way.  Let’s say a  color blind person cannot distinguish between red and green but sees brown instead.  Does that mean that red and green don’t exist just because he/she can’t distinguish between the two?  No.  Our vision on earth is somewhat hindered in this way.  We will not fully understand the relationship of the Trinity until…

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Joe Biden’s son Beau dies of brain cancer – Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, son of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, died on Saturday after battling brain cancer, the vice president said. He was 46.

“The entire Biden family is saddened beyond words,” Vice President Biden said in a statement released by the White House.

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