This sounds like my hubby

appropriate for hubbyI kid him constantly about bringing along his cloud of doom.If there isn’t one he will find it.

For now,it really was raining and we really did need an umbrella.Fortunate though.Pls pray for the folks being hit by severe weahter and tornadoes. I hope everyone has taken precautions, got their plan in place and is prepared for the worst. Let’s pray for them.

We have to eat supper ..God wiling,catch ya’ll later this evening.Hubbs tells ppl we pray AFTER dinner. We’re thankful we survived. 


Are You Being Called? Continued.

sisters in chapelmother therese and the sisters of charityMother Therese (Sisters of Charity)

franciscan sisters of the renewal NYCFranciscan Sisters of the Renewal,NYC

Test Your Calling

cooltext117265018725111we are not called“We are not called upon to do all the good that is possible,but only that which we can do”

investitureInvestiture of Sr. Miriam Rose of the Holy Face. Poor Clare Colettines, Bethlehem Monastery The Poor Clares of Barhamsville, Virginia

cloistered nun(France)
A nun in the cloister of Canigou, Roussillon, France

Are you being called?

The year 2015 is dedicated to the consecrated life. Pope Francis  explained, “A radical approach is required of all Christians, but religious persons are called upon to follow the Lord in a special way: They are men and woman who can awaken the world,” the Pope said.   “Consecrated life is prophecy. God asks us to fly the nest and to be sent to the frontiers of the world, avoiding the temptation to ‘domesticate’ them. This is the most concrete way of imitating the Lord.” I know that many young people are not even considering the vocation of marriage-let alone the vocation of consecrated life. The secular culture has a huge influence on young people at a time when they are considering their future. I don’t see that they have many good role models. Further the Catholic Culture we knew grewing up has all but vanished. Saint Pope John Paul II reached out to youth  and encouraged both marriage and the consecrated life.He knew they were the future of the Church. While the world is calling you;we can ask. Is God calling you? If He is calling you to the consecrated life-to make the sacrifice-it is going to be joyful. The world can’t offer this kind of joy. Here is a test to see if a vocation in the consecrated life is for you. It can’t hurt to take it. Our Lady of the Angels monastery in Alabama has a website dedicated to vocations. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops also has a website dedicated to vocations in the consecrated life: Sarah Sarah at the enclosure doors. She said the formula: Reverend Mother Abbess and holy community, I humbly beg you to receive me into your community. Then she began to weep. Poor Clare Colettines Barhamsville, VA

OLAM Hanceville AlaOur Lady of the Angels Monastery Cloistered Nun in Hanceville Alabama



poor claresPoor Clares

benedictine Nun

Benedictine Nun of St. Cecilia’s Abbey

little sisters of the consolation

LIttle Sisters of the Consolation

entire life to Godthey give their entire life to God

adorers of the Royal Heart of JesusAdorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus

220px-Nun_and_novice_discalced_carmelites_in_Porto_Alegre_Brazil_20101129nun and novice,Discalced Carmelite

discalced Carmelite Nuns,monastery of the Holy CrossDiscalced Carmelite Monastery of the Holy Cross


The monstrance which is used to carry the Blessed Sacrament is one of six that were blessed by Pope John II before his death to mark the celebration of the Year of the Eucharist.